MonsterInsights: Most Powerful Google Analytics Plugin For Woocommerce

Before you get to understand anything about MonsterInsights — a powerful Google Analytics plugin for Woocommerce — you should take a few steps back.

We’ve already established that if you have a website, it should be connected to Google Analytics. Running Google Ads? Then you’d better connect Google Ads to Google Analytics.

But it’s truly a world of hurt when it comes to connecting your ecommerce store with Google Analytics. The setup isn’t as straight-forward as dropping Google Analytics code on every page of your website or using a simple plugin for Google Analytics.

Meanwhile, e-commerce gets bigger and more important worldwide. See the stats below, thanks to the team at Cloudways which published a handy Infographic on Ecommerce Trends & Insights (2018)

 Image Credits: Cloudways

Setting up Google Analytics for e-commerce is slightly more involved. Sure, there are a few free plugins available to help but I see that they don’t help as much.

For instance, I used a free Plugin from the ever-growing repository of plugins from the WordPress directory but I don’t think the plugin was able to make my life any easier (or maybe I missed setting up the plugin the right way).

But this is the point: I don’t want to spend a day dealing with plugins to help deal with my e-commerce store front. Plus, as with most free plugins, you take the risk of plugin creators not even updating their respective plugins to keep up with the newer versions of WordPress).

I don’t want to stare at this kind of a screen when I do know that there are visitors to my shop pages, service pages, or individual product (services packaged as products or productized services).

So, I was on the lookout for a much better plugin (and even paid plugins for ecommerce analytics are fine).

I’ve always known that MonsterInsights was a capable e-commerce analytics plugin.

MonsterInsights Overview

When you set up the plugin, let loose its wings, and allow MonsterInsights to do what it does best, this is how your MonsterInsights Dashboard will look like:

You can see total transactions, conversion rates of your product pages, average order values, and the total revenue your ecommerce store makes. For an e-commerce store owner, this is heaven.

If you dig deeper, you’ll be able to  understand just where your traffic is coming from, with your top referral sources and the exact conversions and revenue attributed to your traffic sources.

This way, you’ll know precisely which referral sources to maximize, and what doesn’t work for your store.

Shopper behavior in WordPress

The best part about MonsterInsights is that it presents your e-commerce data in a way that’s clear and easy to understand (this will help you understand your customers and optimize your store for more sales).

As is a must for every e-commerce business, MonsterInsights will also be able to track the following:

  • A full list of traffic sources that bring you the most revenue (along with average order values, total orders, etc.).
  • The most popular products on your store
  • The Average order value of total transactions.
  • Ecommerce conversion rates

…and more.

Why MonsterInsights Just Works?

Imagine having to set up e-commerce store on WordPress using WooCommerce and then sitting down to twiddle, tweak, and break your head over trying to figure out how to ensure that you are setting up Google Analytics for your e-commerce store.

For a typical business owner, this is a complete waste of time (unless you don’t mind taking Google Analytics for Advanced Learners and then implementing everything you need to, and you know there are no guarantees).

With MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plugin for Woocommerce plugin, you’d just need to install the plugin, work with your basic settings, connect your Google Analytics account, and you are good to go.

MonsterInsights does everything you need to connect your Woocommerce-driven, WordPress e-commerce store to Google Analytics, like magic.

If you still need help or if you want to quickly get an overview, Syed Balkhi of MonsterInsights has a detailed guide on how to add Google Analytics to a WordPress website the right way.

There are several other hidden MonsterInsights Features & add-ons you should know about such as ads tracking, custom dimensions, file download tracking, and enhanced link attribution.

Read :Beginner’s Guide to Custom Dimensions In Google Analytics.

MonsterInsights doesn’t just stop there, of course. Recently, the team at MonsterInsights announced Scroll Tracking and insights on the front end of your site.

If you’ve been looking for a quick, easy, and a truly powerful plugin for your e-commerce store, check out what MonsterInsights can do for your business.

You can thank me later.

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