How to Add Favicon To Unbounce: For A little Oomph

This little guide will show you how to add a favicon to Unbounce and what the benefits are.

A favicon is an icon that appears on your browser tab, bookmark menu or bookmarks bar.

This can be helpful for people who have multiple tabs open at once and want to distinguish which tab they’re looking at by quickly glancing at the favicon.

A favicon is also often small enough that it doesn’t get in the way of browsing around but still provides a clear visual distinction between tabs.

It also adds that little oomph for your branding, allows your users to see “your” branded Favicon instead of the Unbounce favicon (which is the default),

Step 1. Look for your favicon at or manually upload your favicon to your CMS (such as WordPress).

Step 2. Edit Your Unbounce Page, add the Javascript below (In the Javascript tab), name the tab as “favicon” and save. Place the script in the HEAD section.

Get the code here. on this page: 👉

Step 3. Replace the default URL with the actual URL your favicon lives at.

Step 4. Save and republish the page.

Step 5. To enable favicons on ALL the pages, use the script editor, add the code to the HEAD section, and save. Choose “all” for the option “Included in…”.

Want to watch a video?

How to Add Favicon To Unbounce With Script Manager

Now, doing this process repeatedly can be time consuming. If you wish, you can add the Javascript to the Script Manager within Unbounce account so that all your landing pages will have your favicon.

To make it happen with the Unbounce Script Manager, just do the following:

  1. In the left side panel, Go to settings > Script Manager
  2. Give your Script a name (like: Favicon)
  3. Add the Javascript (be sure to replace the favicon URL to the one that’s unique to your website), and place the code in the head section. Also, choose “all” for the “Include in” option.
  4. Click “done” and you are good to go.
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