How ( & Why) To Use Tags With Mailchimp

You do know how irritating it can be when you already purchased something online and you continue to get emails to buy, upgrade, or to subscribe?

When businesses do this, it shows that they don’t care.

They don’t respect you enough.

That they didn’t bother to do certain simple things (such as using tags) or to segment or group their email subscribers.

It’s not rocket science, this tags thing. It baffles me as to why a business wouldn’t care enough to use simple things like managing their lists properly, use conditional rules to send out more relevant emails or to differentiate their email marketing lists based on user behavior.

You can be a much smarter (and more responsible) email marketer by using the tools and features that ESPs like MailChimp, Drip, and Convertkit provide.

Think of Tags as labels that you can apply to your email subscribers. When you use tags with Mailchimp or Drip are essentially applying labels to each of your subscribers based on their behavior on your site, the source of your sign ups (such as landing pages), or based on any criteria that you set up for your subscribers.

Tags help you send highly-relevant, precise, and targeted emails to your subscribers. In essence, you’ll be able to:

  • Clearly “not” send “Buy Buy” emails to customers who already purchased from you.
  • Use smart rule-based conditions to deliver only those emails that you should be sending
  • Identify subscribers within your email lists based on their behavior or the criteria you set for them.
  • Pamper your loyal customers while you try to send emails to turn your subscribers into customers.
    Always know who signed up for what exactly.

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The tags feature has been missing from MailChimp for a long time, until now. Learn how to use it and send email marketing messages like a pro.

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