Kinsta Review: Best Managed Wordpress Hosting Today -

Kinsta Review: Best Managed WordPress Hosting Today

Disclaimer: This Kinsta review is based on our actual experiences after purchasing a plan, launching a website, and actually using Kinsta. I have affiliate links in this post. Reading and clicking this means that you accept the terms and conditions.

Your website hosting choice lays the foundation for your website. You’d want your website to be built, managed, and run on a web host who is solid, reliable, fast, secure, and a dependable hosting provider.

You can’t ask for all that paying $1 (or $6?) per month for a hosting provider. Since more than 60% of websites are on WordPress (including this one), you’d probably be using WordPress already.

It’s usually rare to find good managed WordPress hosting solutions (we only know of 3 such providers), and Kinsta is one of them.

Kinsta WordPress Hosting: This is How You Should Be Hosting

In a previous blog post on Managed WordPress hosting, I wrote:

“The hosting service you choose will determine just how successful your digital marketing efforts are going to be.”

When you want to start a blog or set up a website on WordPress, you’d normally think of trying to spend as less as possible and get up and running as soon as possible”

Normally, when you look at your options for web hosting, most people only look at the price (we are all so used to it, aren’t we?) and don’t consider absolutely anything else beyond those $$$ signs.

For a moment, stop obsessing about the price. Instead, look at it this way: Your Managed WordPress hosting provider is directly responsible to just how much money your business makes.

Plus, not all WordPress hosting solutions are built the same.

In a nutshell (we’ll get into specifics below), this is what Kinsta gets to the table:

  • The architecture: This isn’t the same as Godaddy’s with its traditional “We’ll host any site” architecture which is now also used for “Wordpress hosting”.
  • Speed: Is it fast enough or not? Recently, Kinsta did the unthinkable.  Kinsta is moving to Google Cloud’s new compute-optimized VMs. Performance gains so fast you’re going to feel them! 🚀 . The new C2 Machines over at Kinsta will give you the following:  Simply moving your sites to the new architecture is going to result in faster load times, without any work or testing required on your part. Due to the way the C2 machines work, heavier sites will see greater performance increases than those of already optimized sites. But as we saw above, even optimized sites are noticing a difference. This change doesn’t only impact the frontend of your sites. You’ll see faster load times on the backend, when working in your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Security: DDoS protection? Proactive prevention from Malware and Hacking?
  • SSL certificates: No site without SSL? Don’t even get online.
  • CDN: Making what’s fast, even faster (also helps greatly with Image rendering)
  • Staging features: You don’t want to mess with your live website, do you?
  • Migrating your site: Who wants to DIY migrate when experienced folks behind managed WordPress hosting can do it for you? The new Compute-optimized C2 Machines are now available to every customer who migrates to Kinsta. As of January 13th, 2020, all client sites have been successfully migrated to the new compute-optimized C2 instances. As Google makes them available in more regions, Kinsta is going to make them available in those regions too.
  • Uptime checks: If a site is down, it doesn’t make money. Websites on shared hosts are down, down, down some more.
  • Automated, Daily Backups (You can never be too sure. Just as my clients who had start from scratch)
  • Scalability (If your site starts to get popular and when you need more, you don’t want a way to scale up automatically).
  • Optimized Costing for Multiple WordPress or Multi-site WordPress Installs (the more WordPress installs you make, the lower it should cost you per site install — not more).

Kinsta gives you all this, and much more.

Even the WordPress managed hosting providers who you (and I) thought were awesome aren’t always up to mark.

They miss the boat somewhere. The actual experience with a web host always comes to play much after you stay hosted with them.

Say Hello to Kinsta

Kinsta is powered by The Google Cloud Platform and its 15 global data centers. Everything is interconnected over their premium tier network, designed to minimize distance and hops, resulting in fast and secure transport of your data.

Kinsta is obsessed with speed, security, and support. They feature We use state-of-the-art technology like Nginx, PHP 7, LXD containers and MariaDB to make sure your website loads fast. I mean it when I say “fast”.

They also feature complete resource isolation, automatic scalability, and high availability.

What I really like about Kinsta is their attention to detail with speed and security. Featuring active and passive measures to stop attacks and malicious intent in its tracks.

All hosting plans on Kinsta also come with continuous monitoring for uptime, DDoS attack detection, malware scanning, SSL support, hardware firewalls. Bottom line: your site is monitored and secured 24/7.

Further, Kinsta has a lot more for you when you come in (but still has everything you are used to).

Kinsta Vs cPanel Vs Plesk

Kinsta Vs WPEngine

WPEngine is a popular and well-known WordPress Hosting solution. That’s right.

Kinsta, however, is a lot more. Without talking (and boring you to death), learn how about the key differences between Kinsta Vs WPEngine — watch this video now:

Kinsta’s Architecture & Technology

Kinsta’s main USP is the infrastructure and the technology stack it uses on the backend to make your site perform the way it does.

Kinsta predominantly uses Nginx, PHP 7, LXD containers and MariaDB to make sure your website loads fast. Really, astonishingly fast.

Now, let’s take all that apart without getting too technical. Nginx is way faster than traditional core server applications do (and it can scale up or down as required too).

PHP 7 is the helping the entire web faster and heralds a new shift in how processor memory is consumed leading to drastic improvements in performance.

The LXD containers are, by design, more secure. LXD containers are scalable, intuitive, image-based, and feature advanced resource control, and much more.

MariaDB is next-gen database management that large companies and organizations like Google (obviously), Wikipedia, RedHat, CentOS, and others use ( now, you get to use it with Kinsta too).

Hosting With Kinsta: The Need for Speed

Thanks to the infrastructure & technology stack that Kinsta uses (and they are fanatical about keeping it that way), WordPress websites hosted on Kinsta are outrageously fast.

That’s pretty darned good considering we added tons of images to the site already. If you take nothing else from this Kinsta review, just take this.

Moving to Kinsta alone can help speed up your website by 200% or so.

Kinsta Hosting With Automatic Scaling

The way Kinsta’s architecture is (thanks to nginx, LXD containers, etc), scaling is a part of the design.

Instead of you having to upgrade to larger servers to handle increasing bandwidth or space, every hosting plan on Kinsta is designed to grow with each of your WordPress websites.

Active Plugin Management

Normally, you’d have to manage plugins from inside your WordPress dashboard. With Kinsta, you can actually opt-in to upload a few plugins (like Yoast SEO, for instance) right at the time of installing WordPress.

Then, each of your uploaded plugins are monitored and the information is displayed for you to see.

Kinsta plugin management

If and when there are issues with any of the plugins, or if an update is die, you’ll know soon enough.

More Benefits Of Kinsta Hosting

When you are hosting your WordPress site, the last thing you want is to deal with issues if and when they pop up. Kinsta has everything to help you (some of it when you ask, and some of it without you even asking)

Backups (and Additional Backups)

Kinsta does backup for your sites at least once every day. Should the worst happen you’ll be able to reinstate a backup of your site with the push of a button.

Kinsta does separate backups on all environments – live and staging – so your development efforts are never wasted.

Uptime Checks With Kinsta

You and I know that WordPress websites need care, maintenance, and attention. But hello? Weren’t you supposed to run your business? Who has the time to keep checking on your website, right?
Imagine this: Kinsta checks and monitors your websites every 60 seconds That translates to 1,440 checks for each of your sites every day. Go figure.

Outstanding reaction time

If you have an issue, how fast do you want to resolve it? I want resolutions yes’ day.

Traditionally, you’ll write out to customer support (or open a ticket and then wait). Not with Kinsta.

For one, their uptime checks allow Kinsta staff react to issues before they affect your site or your visitors. Kinsta is proactive in support (and not reactive).

Kinsta’s Hack Guarantee

Thanks to Kinsta’s proactive protection, they don’t just wait for shit to hit the fan and then for you to start writing to them. They keep their server software up to date, constantly monitor events network-wide, and any suspicious activity is investigated and dealt with even before you wake up to it.

Just in case your website is hacked (damn, I lost 3 websites 4 times only because I didn’t have this then), Kinsta has a guarantee that they’ll fix it with immediate priority. Kinsta’s staff has years of experience dealing with all sorts of WordPress related issues. Just saying.

Deal with Experts (not outsourced support staff)

At Kinsta, WordPress is a priority. As such, everything they learn and execute is backed by years of experience. The support staff you’ll end up talking to is experienced in troubleshooting, server maintenance, theme and plugin building and maintenance, contributing to WordPress core, and much more.

You don’t have to grab a separate membership for WPMUDEV, look for help on Fiverr, or even bother with WP Curve (If you know what I am saying?).

Just in case you are the DIY type, Kinsta keeps a record of what they’ve learned in their knowledge base to help you get things done on your own.

Superfast Response times (No waiting necessary)

kinsta support

Kinsta, at the time of writing this, has clients from all over the world which means that they’re available 24/7 no matter where you are. They get to your issue as soon as they can, giving you feedback and clear communication along the way.

The fact that they use intercom should put you at ease because their support staff — even when moving between shifts — will always be up-to-date on your issue, so you never have to repeat yourself.

Kinsta’s Dashboard, Platform, & MyKinsta

The Dashingly handsome Kinsta MyAdmin (Dashboard)

For all the years, in the beginning, there was only the plain old cPanel. Now, of all the managed WordPress hosting solutions we’ve used, I am yet to see something more beautiful, elegant, and so inviting as the Kinsta Dashboard (they call it Myadmin).

kinsta review

The best part is that it’s not just astonishingly beautiful to look at but it’s functional and uncluttered.

You get to see an overview of your sites on your dashboard including unique visits, resource usage, invoices, data transfers, and more.

To the left, you have a menu with all the necessary links to help you manage your WordPress website(s).

Some of them, you’ll probably only use when you first set up the site (such as Kinsta DNS and Migrations) and you’ll use some more frequently (such as analytics, billing, sites, and Dashboard).

Choosing your data center

While the other Managed WordPress hosting platforms that I am a huge fan of (like WPEngine and Flywheel) allow you to choose only from a restricted pool of servers (mostly located in the United States, United Kingdom, and some parts of Europe).

Kinsta works with Google Cloud Computing with about 15 data centers located around the globe.

If your WordPress website is heavily biased for a particular location, you’ll do very well to choose a data center that’s closer to that location when setting up your WordPress site.

The critical Staging Area

One of the best, most valuable, and really life-saving features that come with most modern managed WordPress hosts is the “staging” functionality. (WPengine and Flywheel also provide you with this feature).

With Kinsta, however, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how it’s done.

Go to Sites > Choose the site you want to work on > Manage

Then, use the toggle option to send a site to the “Staging Environment” and start making changes to your WordPress website.

kinsta staging

When you are done, all you have to do is to push your WordPress site back to “live Environment”.

From live to staging and back to live, it’s just one-click and really quick.

Kinsta is Developer Friendly too.

Other Fantastic Features

When you host your website with Kinsta, you get a lot more than the standard features above. For instance, you also get:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Google Cloud managed hosting
  • MyKinsta dashboard
  • Geographic content delivery
  • Ability to change PHP versions
  • A way to restart your PHP engine
  • Cache & response analysis
  • Error log viewer
  • Ability to manage multiple companies
  • Resource and visitor analysis
  • Activity log
  • Cloning your sites and installs
  • A redirect Manager
  • “Search and replace” feature
  • Easy way to manage DNS records, and more…

Kinsta WordPress Add-ons (If & When You Want More)

Just in case you need to, for your WordPress website, Kinsta has add-ons such as Cloudflare Railgun, Redis, Elasticsearch, Nginx reverse proxy that you could deploy.

If you need something more specific, all you have to do is to reach out to them with an email or chat with them live on their website.

Migrate your site to Kinsta (With White Glove Migration)

Do you want to migrate your WordPress site to Kinsta? You don’t even have to deal with it (because you have choices). Kinsta does Whiteglove Migrations for free

If you want to migrate to Kinsta, it’s just a matter of letting them know and they bring their “White glove Migration” to do it all for you. Moving your site to Kinsta won’t incur any downtime as their expert migration team will take care of everything for you.

They’ll assign a temporary domain to your migrated site and check everything before going live.
Migrate your site now


When it looks like most Managed WordPress hosting options were looking similar, Kinsta truly has fast, secure, and scalable WordPress hosting.

With its beautiful dashboard and a ton of features, it’s the best WordPress hosting you could invest in.

Even better is the fact that they have tiers of plans that make their hosting accessible to everyone — from bloggers to enterprises.

Check out Kinsta and change the way you host your WordPress website.

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