Kinsta Review (2024): Best Managed WordPress, Apps, Database & Free Static Site Hosting

Kinsta Review

Disclaimer: This Kinsta review is based on our actual experiences after purchasing a plan, launching a website, and actually using Kinsta (which now extends to web applications, databases, and static sites – not an expert on that.) I have affiliate links in this post. Reading and clicking on links within means that you accept the … Read more

Cloudways Vs WPEngine: Make The Right Choice

Cloudways Vs WPEngine

Cloudways Vs WPEngine — not that’s a comparison that worth making. I’ll tell you why. Make the right decision here and you’ll potential save hundreds or thousands of dollars in a few years. (you do the math). You’ll save yourself from heartache (if any, and that’s rare for either of the platforms), and just make … Read more

Is WPEngine Worth It? [Wrong Question]

If you’re looking for the best WordPress hosting, WPEngine might be worth checking out. Is WP Engine worth it? Is it worth paying more for a premium hosting service? Is their customer support any good? Is WPEngine Good for marketing? Is it the best managed WordPress hosting in the business? It’s the wrong question. There’s … Read more

How to Efficiently Upload Media (Save Bandwidth & Improve Performance)

This post titled “How to Efficiently Upload Media….”is a guest post from Gilad Maayan — founder and CEO of Agile SEO and a developer community advisor for SAP, NetApp, Cloudinary, Imperva, Incapsula and many innovative startups. He’s been writing about developer tools for almost 20 years and is deeply familiar with the burning topics in … Read more

How to Increase Website Speed (+12 Proven Platforms For WordPress)

Tools for Web Speed

Learn how to increase website speed (WordPress or others). You owe it to your website and to your business. We all know websites are mandatory but just “any” site won’t do. While websites need a design that converts for business goals, customers of almost all profiles and personas now live on the web — they … Read more

Flywheel Hosting: 4 Stand Out Features

Flywheel has been our preferred WordPress Managed Hosting solution for several years now. The one huge benefit we get right off the bat by choosing specialty WordPress hosting solutions such as Flywheel is that our involvement with anything to do with hosting, WordPress upgrades, and managing WordPress security is absolute hands off. Flywheel keeps me … Read more

How Studiopress and WPEngine Solve Hosting Nightmares

Over the years, I’ve always struggled with our network of websites. Fetchprofits and Groovywebapps have been around for about 9 years now. In that time, each of the sites (yes, including this site you are at) have been compromised, hacked, screwed with, and taken down for a total of 4 times. I can still remember … Read more

FlyWheel Review: Hosting Gone WorldClass, Have You?

They say that web hosting is akin to dating: it all looks awesome when it first begins but begins to turn sour as time goes by. This Flywheel review is about to show you how an ordinary host screws up your business:Things start creeping up on you slowly and then, it’s crash and burn. You’ll … Read more

Pressidium Review: How to Make Your WordPress Website SuperFast & Secure

Pressidium Review

Your WordPress website is vulnerable, subject to being dragged down by numerous images and a hundred other things you put on your site and is also susceptible to breaking down or getting hacked. Shared Hosting is a good start when you are just starting out but it cannot handle your website after a certain point. … Read more