Is WPEngine Worth It? [Wrong Question]

If you’re looking for the best WordPress hosting, WPEngine might be worth checking out. Is WP Engine worth it? Is it worth paying more for a premium hosting service? Is their customer support any good? Is WPEngine Good for marketing?

Is it the best managed WordPress hosting in the business?

It’s the wrong question.

There’s more to the story, and there are a lot more factors involved before you go asking “Is WP Engine Worth It” or something similar.

In this blog post, I’ll answer these questions, point you in the right direction, and talk about web hosting from a marketing perspective 👇

What Is WP Engine?

WPEngine is a leading Managed WordPress hosting provider. With more than 1.2 million customers across 150 countries, it’s one of the biggest, baddest, meanest monster of a WordPress managed hosting service you’d get.

By using WP Engine hosting, you get this:

  • Instant speed boost by at least 40% when you switch
  • Handy features such as daily WordPress backups, WordPress-optimized Infrastructure,
  • Accelerated WordPress business & Development to help build websites faster thanks to WordPress design tools, and customizable WordPress development workflows. You get effortless Local WordPress development to beautiful StudioPress themes to a vast ecosystem of optimized WordPress plugins, and more.
  • Stay safe. More than 109 million+ attacks are blocked on the platform alone
  • WP Engine handles automatic updates, managed upgrades, and uses continuous website monitoring so you can focus on your business.
  • 24 x7, Award-winning support available to you anytime.

Negative Reviews on WP Engine? What about them?

You’ll see lots of reviews for WP Engine (they have a generous affiliate program, so why not?).

Some are negative. Most of them are positive.

Some of the negative points mentioned are as follows:

  • WP Engine price: Starting at $30 per month (this is actually the industry average for premium WordPress hosting). Ridiculous? Too high? I ask: Compared to what? What’s the price of “downtime” for your site? What’s the actual cost of using Cheap web hosting? Answer that first.
  • No other fancy bells and whistles: Yes, WP Engine doesn’t do email. Guess what? Kinsta doesn’t do email. Flywheel doesn’t do email either. Premium WordPress hosts don’t bulk sell everything under the sun. They focus on what they do best.
  • Traffic gating & costs for overages: Again, maybe many people don’t get the memo: Everyone charges for excess traffic, bandwidth use, and for traffic spikes (more than what your plan allows). Unbounce does it with landing pages and Kinsta charges for traffic excess too.

Hosting for Marketing

Ideally, if you are a self-employed, blogger, affiliate marketer, or anyone with a need for a robust, high-performance website optimized for marketing, managed WordPress hosting is the basic foundation that you should have.

Instead of asking “Is WPEngine Good For Hosting? or “Is WordPress hosting worth it?”…

You should ideally be asking this: “How Do I multiple results for marketing efforts?”

That’s where WP Engine shines:

Less time with Design & Hosting (More time for marketing

It’s appalling that this in this day and age, several thousand startups and traditional businesses still go hunting for “WordPress site development”, “WordPress Design” on sites like Fiverr.

At least for the initial stages, you don’t really need to waste time with any of that. You don’t need fancy logos and spend all that time on design (Show me a dollar earned first? Eh?)

With various WordPress design tools and development workflows built right into WP Engine design experience platform, bypass these time suckers and get ready to do some real work.

Which leads us to..

Go to market faster

No searching for days on end to find the right WordPress theme. Just pick from one of the many StudioPress themes available for free and go. Eliminate all the technology, setup, and design hurdles. Get right to marketing in less than a day.

Scale flawlessly. If you are doing everything right with digital marketing, chances are that you’d have to scale up, fast.

With WP Engine hosting, you could handle zero to several million concurrent hits to your websites without blinking your eye.

Boost your SEO with Fast Hosting & Infrastructure

Remember that a large part of your SEO growth and success comes from simple aspects (often overlooked) such as an established Publishing velocity and a decent content strategy (not half-baked attempts).

Add a hosting service such as WP Engine to the backend of your site and get instant speed boosts (great for SEO), a way to focus on content marketing strategies (and not servers, downtimes, or website management).

Thanks to WP Engine speed boosts and reliable infrastructure, you also get better bounce rates and higher conversions.

Personalize Digital Experiences

You’d do well if you don’t obsess too much about the “non-essentials” an d focus only on what matters: building relevant digital experiences (including design, copy, content, engagement, and more) that you can tie-in directly with your business ROI.

With WPEngine, you also get features such as ways to create engaging and personalized experiences with focused, customized content, delivered to the right audiences, at the right time.

With WP Engine’s GeoTarget feature, you can personalize your site content based on each consumer’s location.

How cool is that, eh?

Learn more about Geolocation.

Analyze and optimize WordPress performance

WP Engine also comes with Performance Intelligence suite of analytics products, you’ll gain valuable insights about your site’s front-end, back-end, and content.

As you publish content assets, grow your blog, and deliver engaging experiences to your visitors (and potential customers), you can consistently hone your digital experience, improve SEO, grow traffic, reduce bounce rates, increase conversion rates, and boost brand loyalty.

WP Engine 24 x7 Support, anytime you need help

WP Engine might have its pros and cons, but one thing it really does well is the customer support. WP Engine support is instant, helpful, and it’s like a team of WordPress experts on standby for you anytime you need them.

Syed Balkhi, founder of OptinMonster, MonsterInsights, WPForms, and WPBeginner, puts it this way:

It’s literally like having an army of WordPress experts on your side.

No, you don’t have to take my word for it. Just head over to WP Engine, use the live chat, and ask a question and see for yourself.

You need Managed WordPress hosting because there’s a need for speed, a raging requirement to focus on the hard and ongoing work (such as content marketing, email marketing, social management, running paid ads, building landing pages, and more).

You can’t spend your time managing servers, dealing with plugins or themes that break your site, or worrying about hacking and vulnerable scripts.

Focus on marketing. Leave things like WordPress hosting to experts.

Choose WP Engine or any other platform such as Kinsta, Flywheel (also owned by WP Engine but separately), 10 Web, or Pressidium.

The point is this: Marketing is what matters.

What do you think?

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