Shopify Booster Theme: The Best Shopify Theme, Ever?

The best Shopify theme ever? Yup, the hunt won’t ever stop.

I’ll cut down the chase for you: If you don’t ever want to deal with messy Shopify themes, deal with expensive Shopify experts, or using several apps to do several things, try the Booster Theme

Want to read on? You just made my day.

If you’ve ever been inspired by any of the best Shopify-based eCommerce brands or any of the best eCommerce web design examples, you are just browsing through that list. Wanted to build your store like that? It’s hard.

Yes, there are some amazing Shopify themes out there. Gorgias also has a helpful list of themes for Shopify, handpicked after analyzing some 13,000+ themes (saves you time).

For the average business owner, eCommerce brand, and a Shopify store merchant — Shopify themes do take some work (unless you are good to start the way the theme dictates, which is also fine by me)

I focus on getting results and not so much on endless designs and never-ending tweaks.

If anything, you’d want a way to control the Shopify theme design (at least as long as these design changes meet marketing needs for your brand). You’d have to use apps to optimize Shopify theme design or take the help of Shopify experts.

Wish there was a better way? Yes. 

Say hello to Booster Theme — the best Shopify theme I found which is a highly-customizable Shopify theme (without the need for multiple apps or Shopify experts).

On a consulting call with a client, I realized that they’d have lots of issues with their current theme choice.

Not that their existing theme was bad, but it’s just that doing changes to the theme and customization (without breaking the bank) were a wee bit harder than we thought.

That’s when we came across the Booster theme for Shopify, which we should talk about.

Booster Theme: What’s The Big Deal?

Booster theme allows you complete control over your eCommerce store design while removing any restrictions that you’d normally find with existing Shopify themes.

Take control of your brand’s appearance, eCommerce website functionalities, and the user experience that your potential customers get.

Booster theme is a full-fledged Shopify theme — it’s a sleek, user-friendly, and fast-loading Shopify theme. What this means for you is that your store loads fast, allows for customization, and helps you boost your eCommerce conversion rate.

Fastest Shopify Theme? Design & Speed: This is It 

Unlike WordPress, you have no control over page speeds. Depending on the theme, is the answer. 

Thankfully, the Booster theme has this covered. 

Boasting of zero-dependency, image management (serving optimized image quality, based on screen size), and CSS to trigger interactions (thereby avoiding JavaScript), the theme holds promise. 

The Booster theme boasts 96% desktop speed, 91% mobile speed, and Grade A on GTmetrix. 

Booster theme also comes with: Modular JavaScript — which only loads what’s important (if ever), ignores the rest, and removes code bloat. 

Since 72% of all traffic to Shopify stores comes from mobile devices, the theme is optimized for mobile as well. Plus, you also get to show different content to mobile users (as compared to Desktop users). 


Sell, while others are still “loading”

…as the folks at Booster Theme love to say. 

Booster Theme Presets (Pick & Use) 

Speed is the name of the game? How about adding sections of your store, the homepage of your store, or any other part of your store design with one click? 

Booster theme presets — or templates or blocks, however you call it — let you load pre-designed sections, entire pages, or parts of pages.

Along with other features such as Mega Menu, Unicons (add icons to Shopify stores), and flexible Headers and Footers, you have what you need. 

Moving on to the hard part… 

Booster Theme: “Money-making” Shopify Booster Theme Features

The Booster theme helps you save money on several other apps (saving you around $428 per month, according to the folks at Booster).

Some of the features you get with Booster theme as are follows:

  • Smart search: Helps customers find what they want to buy)
  • People Watching: Add some social proof by showing customers how many others are watching the product (you do know that sites like do this too?)
  • Sales notification: Let people see how many sales happened on that product.
  • Frequently Bought Together and Upsell Popup: A simple way to upsell and cross sell other products to interested customers. Use Frequently Bought Together along with the Upsell PopUp. The Upsell Popup, well “pops up”, to show different products related to the products customers are considering. Learn more about how to Upsell and Cross sell for eCommerce brands.
  • Sticky Add to Cart: Show the “add to cart” button above the fold.
  • Stock Left Bar: Create an effect of Scarcity on each Shopping session.
  • Delivery Estimator: Remove friction and let customers know exactly when their products are going to be delivered.
  • Dynamic Checkout: On top of some awesome checkout features that Shopify already has, Dynamic Checkout allows your customers to pay using their favorite method (anywhere they are located in the world)
  • Review Integrated: Positive reviews can charge up conversions. Intuitively, we know it. You don’t have to bench press 140 lbs for this though. Booster themes Review Integrated makes displaying reviews easy. 
  • Currency Converter: Use Currency converter to show product prices in currencies that your customers love to see. No one wants to calculate. Period. 
  • Description Tab: Put the power of copywriting to work for your products (because they won’t just sell by themselves). Use the description tab feature to make benefits clear and persuasive. 
  • Smart Variants: Show product variants the way you want to. By default, this feature is inspired by Amazon and Aliexpress. 
  • Promotion Timer: Show urgency and boost conversions by displaying the promotion timer. 

There are separate apps on the Shopify App store for doing each of the above. 

Skip those and just use one single theme to do it all. 

Winner, winner brings you dinner (if you ask me). 

All of the above nifty Booster theme features help you save money while optimizing your Shopify store like a pro. 

Party ain’t over. There’s more. 

SEO-Optimized Shopify Theme

Most brands make the mistake of thinking of SEO as marketing gobbledegook. It’s not.

SEO will be responsible for at least 86% of your incoming traffic (forever), if you do it right. 

Don’t stress too much about the hacks and tricks for SEO (that’s overrated). Instead, strive to use the power of content marketing to grow your eCommerce business. 

Having said that, the Booster theme comes ready with an SEO-optimized theme architecture — blazing speeds, best Google Scores, expanded rich snippet support, semantic usage of HTML tags, and more. 

This is on top of other SEO-ready features that Shopify has to offer (not to forget the Shopify Blogging feature). 

  • Facebook Messenger Chat 
  • Recently Bought Notifications
  • Shopping Cart Options 
  • Booster Theme Quick Buy 
  • GDPR Cookies
  • Infinite Scroll 
  • Video, Video Everywhere 
  • HP Featured Product 
  • Geo tags, Blocks, & Events 
  • Copycats Stopper (protect Shopify Store) 

Get the booster theme now. Thank me later. 

Are you using Shopify and the Booster theme? What do you think about it? 

Tell me all about it on Twitter, LinkedIn, or my LinkedIn Brand page.

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