Website Copywriting: 9 Examples of Powerful Copy

Website copywriting is the reason behind multi-million dollar businesses. Copy is everywhere — on every website you visit, every landing page you land on, every ad you see, and on every product you touch.

You see copy in those ads on the newspaper you sat down with this morning, on the outdoor hoardings you saw on your way to work, and everyone else you see advertising spreading its tentacles.

Effective copywriting bring in trillions of dollars and counting to businesses that know how to use it.

Yet, most businesses don’t use this power at all.

But then, the most powerful copywriting in the world is often the simplest: You’d never find fancy word play, manipulative gimmicks, or lines shrouded in secrecy. It’s because simplicity in copy is so rare (and effective), it’s also hard to find.

We went out looking for some of the simplest copywriting on website home pages and this is what we found:

Litmus App Home Page

Website Copywriting

Litmus is a tool that helps you test your emails for compatibility across email clients and browsers. It allows for simple automated checks to see if critical elements of your email — links, campaign load time, images, and more — remain intact on all email clients (such as Outlook, Gmail, etc).

Their homepage has no fancy jargon, though. They get right to the point in the simplest possible way and very quickly at that.

A headline and a paragraph underneath it already tells you what Litmus app is all about.


Website Copywriting

A typical web hosting companies normally have a lot going on their website homepages — traditionally, it’s always been a busy place, that home page. Further, with most hosting companies, the deciding factors are usually supported.

Kinsta is a WordPress hosting solution that places your websites on Google Cloud platform and is a little paranoid when it comes to support. As far as WordPress managed hosting is concerned, Kinsta has the simplest of all homepages ever, maybe only comparable to Flywheel 


Website Copywriting

Think about this: I don’t know about you but I get enraged if someone steals my time, in any way possible.

Enraged isn’t even the word. I could kill if someone were to make me wait for anything. True that sometimes time slips away. Most times, others just take time right from underneath your feet.

That’s why this line:

“Ever feel like someone else is stealing your time?”

…got my attention. It evoked those emotions. I couldn’t help but nod my head in agreement.

That’s powerful shit, by itself.

It’s another thing that Toggl uses this line on their homepage, and the tool helps you track your time well.

Note: I love those animated illustrations on the homepage, too. I wish I could get someone to do that for us.


Website Copywriting

You know what? Given just how big Shopify is, they could get away with anything. But, they don’t.

Simplicity comes to rule again with some of the simplest language ever used on a major eCommerce platform’s homepage.

Shopify is the world’s best, easiest, and the most robust eCommerce platform that enables to set up your e-commerce real fast.

First, there’s that “you” in the heading. Do we have a winner here?

Next, the sub-heading helps you understand what Shopify can do (including help you sell from the trunk of your car).

Timely App

Website Copywriting

Apologies for another time tracker making its way to this list, but here’s not only an example of really simple copywriting but also an excellent product which makes its value evident instantly.

Beautiful use of colors, illustrations, copy, and an enticing Call to action are all winners on an already minimalistic layout.

If there could be elevator pitches for copywriting headlines, this would be it:

“Fully Automated Time Tracking”

Yup, that does it for the Timely App which now comes with Artificial Intelligence.

Py For Work

Website Copywriting

If you were a technology company looking for talent, how easy is it for you to understand this:

“Hire Better Engineers, Faster”

That’s all that goes on the homepage of Py For Work.

Here’s an amazing example of an app that caters to a very particular audience (technology companies) who are looking for something very specific (suite of tools to source and hire engineers and tech talent).


Website Copywriting

What happens when you use a simple headline, a paragraph below that headline that packs a punch, a call to action (or a form), and social proof all above the fold on a website?

You get unimaginable conversions, that’s what.

The headline goes: Design and Develop at the same time.

Webflow is a new-age tool used to build and develop websites without using code. While it’s not exactly like Weebly, Simvoly or Wix — where those are pure DIY website builders — Webflow is more like “you can drag and drop while the code is automatically produced”.

Webflow is incredibly flexible, powerful, and allows you to create the kind of websites you don’t ever get with WordPress or other DIY website builders.


Website Copywriting

The homepage on Monsterinsights goes something like “The Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress”.

Can it get any simpler than that? Plus, there’s that counter and some social proof thrown in for good measure.

MonsterInsights is a WordPress plugin that helps you make sense of your analytics. While Google Analytics is certainly a must, using Google analytics directly calls for a bit of technical savvy. Plus, most of the data in there goes above the head of most business owners.

For that reason, MonsterInsights makes it easy for you to make sense of only those numbers that matter.


You cannot “not” talk about copywriting, leads, conversions, and results without mentioning OptinMonster.

OptinMonster is an excellent and a must-have tool to start generating leads for your business. Regardless of the volume of traffic you get, you’ll be able to start generating leads with their exit-intent popups, lightbox pop-ups, lead generating wheels, welcome mat, pop-ups, forms in blog posts (like the one below), autoresponders, and more.

Their homepage is a fantastic example that employs brevity, clarity, simplicity, and communicates a solution to a problem every business has: generating leads.

What some of those examples of great copy on websites? Show them to me.

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