7 WordPress Plugins You Can’t Do Without

If you are reading this, chances are that you use WordPress plugins. I am just taking a random guess since more than 25% of all websites in the world are running on WordPress.

But then, your WordPress website can do a lot more than you thought it can. With the right WordPress plugins and others, you could possibly do anything you want with WordPress.

As 2018 begins, and you go about hustling for another year (and then forever), here are a few WordPress plugins for 2018 that you should be using this year:

Divi Builder

Regardless of the WordPress theme you use, Divi builder allows you to practically tweak, design, edit, and make changes to your WordPress website as it were. Upload the plugin, use the visual builder (or the native Divi builder) and add any kind of a module, section, or build complete web pages from scratch.

At the time of writing this, Divi builder is super fast & has a huge library of templates (from single pages all the way to complete websites, and more will be added each week).

Instead of waiting on developers or looking for help to customize your WordPress website, just use Divi to build complete WordPress websites or make specific changes to any of your WordPress pages (theme independent).

OptinMonster For WordPress

Have a WordPress site? Getting traffic (regardless of the number of people visiting), you’d need to have a way to generate leads from the existing traffic you get to your site. Like today.

OptinMonster is a powerful suite of tools you can get access to and it changes the way you generate leads. The stronger and more relevant your offers are and the more efficiently you use OptinMonsterr the more you generate leads.

Make use of OptinMonster’s easy design canvas, and create fully-customizable lead generation elements such as welcome mats, full-page opt-ins, forms between your blog posts, click trigger forms, discounts, coupons, in-built autoresponders (or welcome messages), and more.


Without forms, your WordPress website is just as good as a wall. It’s dead meat. Forms are a must for you to collect data from your visitors (and the use cases can be as varied as your needs can be).

While there are several tools you can use to help build forms for WordPress, WPForms is a fantastic choice since it’s incredibly easy to use (a drag and drop builder, anyone?) and fits right into your WordPress site (it’s made only for WordPress, see?).

With various Integrations and add-ons, WPforms can virtually do anything you want it to, including collecting payments; connect with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, or use Zapier to connect with Drip; use the cart abandonment add-on (if you are into e-commerce), and more.

Impact Page Builder

I wouldn’t even start a list like this without some sort of a mention of a plugin that can help build landing pages. Landing pages help you generate leads and if you aren’t focusing on building your list and generating leads for your business, you are leaving money on the table.

Impact Page Builder from WPeka allows you to bypass the restrictions of whatever WordPress theme you use and build landing pages directly inside of your WordPress. Using Impact Hooks, you also have the freedom to place additional HTMl codes, Javascripts, and anything else you might need.

Or maybe you want to grab the WPeka membership at a flat 55% off, exclusive to you.


More than 87% of all websites on the Internet are doing a big mistake: not having a set of legal documents makes you just as vulnerable as a sitting duck in the middle of a war zone.

If you have a website up, you’d need a set of documents. If you have e-commerce enabled, you’ll need more documents. If you do affiliate marketing, you’ll have to abide by (and disclose) information.

As such, you’d need:

  • Privacy policy
  • Terms and conditions
  • Affiliate Disclosure policies
  • Linking policy
  • Refund policy
  • Earnings, Antispam, and FTC disclosure templates

…and many more. Normally, most people just copy and paste legal documents from the web. That’s a disaster since when shit hits the fan, you’d never be able to protect yourself.

The WpLegal Plugin helps you stay compliant, separates the men from the boys, and allows you to generate unique Legal pages for WordPress website in a few minutes.


I can’t even begin to count the number of websites (our own, our clients, and some friends) that went down for some reason but they could never come back up (at least not the way they were) just because those websites weren’t backed up often and well enough.

WordPress website backups don’t have to be hard at all. If you are technically savvy, you could it from within your hosting cPanel. Some WordPress managed hosting solutions such as WPEngine and Flywheel provide you with free, daily backups automatically.

For everyone else, use BackupBreeze  — a one-click WordPress Backup plugin that helps you backup any WordPress website, anytime, with a single click. You can also setup AutoSchedule for your WordPress backups while also giving you the ability to push backups to Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP, or Google Drive.


With Google Analytics, all you get is the numbers. How many people visit your website (or individual pages), how long they spend on the site, and the different sources of traffic that are working for you.

Truly, there’s nothing better than Google Analytics when it comes to that.

But what if you want more? What if you want to see your visitors’ complete experience on your site? What do they click on? How well are individual pages on your site performing? Which of those annoying pop-ups do people sign up on and what are some of those web elements that ruin your UX/UI?

While it’s not technically a dedicated WordPress Plugin (but there is a plugin and you’ll need it), Mouseflow helps you get recorded sessions of your visitors on your site, along with form analytics, heat maps, geolocation data, feedback, scroll maps, and more.

What are other plugins missing from this list? Tell me about it.

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