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Top WordPress Plugins You Need For that Marketing Push

Top WordPress Plugins You Need For that Marketing Push

The WordPress universe is gigantic. It powers more than 60% of the sites on the web. The community reeks of love, the support is always there, and there’s a never-ending choice for Themes, plugins, frameworks, and scripts.

WordPress is good that way. For marketing, however, you’d need to look for something more specific. You’d need plugins that meet your marketing needs. You’d need plugins that pay you back.

Here are some of those WordPress Plugins for Marketing:

Unbounce for WordPress Plugin

Unbounce recently launched the much awaited Unbounce for WordPress plugin and it’s come to rule at the right time. Give the whopping number of WordPress users, landing pages stood in line asking for WordPress asylum for a long time now.

Unbounce my favorite builder for creating landing pages quickly and then integrating these landing pages into lead generation workflows and campaigns.

With the Unbounce for WordPress plugin, Unbounce has truly bought the platform to life.


Consider this: you are about to launch your business and your website is in the making. Let’s assume that it’d take you a month for the website to go live. What lives on the domain until then?

A 404 page?
No page?
Google Adsense?
Or a plain “coming soon” page with nothing else on it?

Your “coming soon” or “launching soon” or “Wait till we go online, you impatient squirrel” pages are digital real estate and they still have the potential to get you leads.

How, you ask? Use SeedProd. It’s a must have WordPress plugin that helps you put up landing page lookalike of a “coming soon” page and also helps you collect leads with something like:

“Be the first know”
“Join the beta”
“Get exclusive first access”

I don’t have to tell you more than that.

Scribe For WordPress By RainMaker Media

Get an insanely cutting edge over your competition with the popular Scribe for WordPress by RainMaker Media.

Using data from Open Calais, Moz, Bing, Google, and many other sources, Scribe is like your little content marketing expert living inside your WordPress dashboard. It helps you with content evaluations, SEO analysis, keyword research, and tons of other things you’d need when you set out to blog or create content.

See Scribe In Action With WordPress

Mouseflow for WordPress

Mouseflow is a genius of a tool that records live sessions on your website. It’s not the recording that’s the “genious” part, although it’s cool. It’s the vast volume of insights you get just by looking at a live recoridng of what your visitor does on the website.

Where does she click?
How does she scroll?
Where does her attention go?
How does she move about on the site?

Plus, you also see:

How does my website look on different browsers?
What’s that thing there?
Hey, where’s the “about” page I wrote?

You can use Mouseflow by installing a piece of code. If you don’t want to do that, use the WordPress Plugin for Mouseflow.

Watch videos of your visitors browsing the site right now. Plus, get all the action on clicks, actions, movement, scrolls and more.

Yoast for SEO WordPress Plugin

No list is complete without Yoast’s popular SEO plugin. While WordPress is already built for SEO out of the package, Yoast plugin for SEO gives your WordPress god-like powers. All you have to do is to install it for free, set it up right, and make sure every blog post is optimized while publishing.

If that little dot next to the “SEO” status doesn’t show green, you don’t publish. Period.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

No marketing is worth the dollar (or the hour) you spend on it without analytics. The fact that you can measure, analyze, and keep tab on your traffic is the very essence of digital marketing.

Google Analytics should be your starting point for analytics. For WordPress, there’s the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP, which makes it easy for you to keep tab of your traffic, visitors, and daily sessions. Of course, the real meat is inside Google analytics and not on the numbers the plugin displays on your dashboard but this is good enough a teaser to give you those numbers you need.


All that blogging, social media management, email marketing, and hustling is no good if you have a WordPress machine vulnerable to hacks, attacks, and a ton of other things that you’d have to do just to keep your WordPress website going. This part, right here, is called foundational infrastructure – that something you need to stay alive.

WPGuards – a free plugin for WordPress – allows you some peace of mind. If you use wordpress, you know how you scramble to update plugins, do automated backups, monitor your uptime, do security scans, and more?

Stop doing that. Just install WpGuards.

What are your favorite WordPress plugins? Did I miss out on any noteworthy plugins? Please let me know and I’ll update this list.

Unbounce Launches WordPress Plugin & More Awesomeness

This week has been awesome and for businesses looking to get their digital marketing right, there’s tons of news for you.

It took a while for Unbounce — the popular landing page builder — to come up with responsive pages for their customers (I am definitely one of them) and now, here’s a game changer: Unbounce now lets you use Unbounce landing pages with your WordPress sites. With the Unbounce Plugin for WordPress, things will change.

Instead of having to use Unbounce landing pages separately on a subdomain, which would look something like this:

You can now do it this way:

According to Unbounce,

“Not only would you avoid back-and-forth with your hosting provider during initial setup, but you could customize your landing page’s URL structure – helping you improve relevancy signals to search engines.”


“…your landing pages appear as a natural extention of your WordPress site.”

Go ahead and use the new Unbounce for WordPress plugin. This thing is long due.

Mouseflow Launches Beta

Mouseflow is a popular analytics application that helps you record live visits to your web properties and also allows you to pore through heat maps to see what your website visitors are up to. Where do they pay most attention at? What do they do? What are they typing into the search box? How do they scroll?

That’s genius. Now, there’s an all new beta version of Mouseflow that’s even better when it comes to ease of use, UI interface, and packed with features as usual.

See what Mouseflow beta has in store for you.

HootSuite Now Works with Instagram

HootSuite Pro has always been my favourite tool of choice for managing client accounts, as well as mine. It’s been a lifesaver (effort and timesaver too) as you’d very well imagine how painful it’d be to sing in and out of multiple accounts. HootSuite Pro helps you manage multiple social media accounts with a single dashboard.

Meanwhile, Instagram was a pain to manage without proper integration. However, HootSuite now has a brand new integration with Instagram and you can now post, schedule, and manage updates right from your hootsuite dashboard. Learn more about HootSuite + Instagram

Signup for a HootSuite Pro Free Trial

Manage Pinterest in Style

Pinterest is huge, and I’ve written about it earlier. Just that it’s hard to manage Pinterest without actually logging in and starting new boards, managing old Pinterest boards, and to pin or repin.

Say hello to TailWind App, which helps you manage your Pinterest personal account or Pinterest for Business. Read a detailed review of TailWind App, or signup for a free account.

What will you do with all this goodness?

Pressidium Review: How to Make Your WordPress Website SuperFast & Secure

Pressidium Review: How to Make Your WordPress Website SuperFast & Secure


Your WordPress website is vulnerable, subject to being dragged down by numerous images and a hundred other things you put on your site, and is also susceptible to breaking down or getting hacked.

Shared Hosting is a good start when you are just starting out but it cannot handle your website after a certain point.

That’s when you need something like Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform.

Why, you ask?

Reliability and Uptime

What do you do when Pressidium makes sure that you have no single point of failure?

Wouldn’t it be nice when your WordPress website is always up and running. By using layer duplication and redundancy, Pressidium builds farms of duplicated resources so that your site never goes down. No matter how much you’d want to scale up your WordPress environment, Pressidium handles it all.

WordPress Management Made Easy

Pressidium’s customer portal boasts of a clean, easy-to-use, and intuitive interface, which also pulls in a degree of automation and built-in intelligence.

Deploy your WordPress plugins and do other admin tasks through a one-click interface. So things like Instant Backups, usage statistics, invoicing history, cache management, and one-click deployment from staging are all possible, and only a click away.

Speed, Performance, & Awesomeness

Page speed has a direct bearing on SEO rankings, UX/UI, and customer perception. While you have the option of choosing a CDN service such as CacheFly or MaxCDN, it’s still an extra cost you could do away with by using a single, special WordPress Hosting such as Pressidum.

According to Billy Hoffman of, the back-end performance of a website directly afftects search ranking. Fast websites are easy to use, load quick, draw in more visitors, and provide for an enjoyable user experience.

To get that kind of a performance, you’d have to stay invested with enterprise-grade, mission critical hosting. Either that or use Pressidium Pinnacle Platform which puts the technology that Google and Facebook use to your website. You get access to High-performance clustered environment with scale and consistency for every plan.

Using dynamic load balancing of web and network traffic, Pressidium uses its total Traffic Management solution to optimize each server request intelligently and dispatches requests to the least busy server. Site traffic peaks don’t have to crash your website anymore.

Pressidium® also offers GeoDNS which saves up to 30% on average page load time, Multilayer adaptive caching, HA SSD storage, a CDN service to minimize packet loss, and PHP optimization to speed up server-side PHP rendering. Pressidium also offers SSL acceleration (to encrypt and decrypt heavy http traffic).

Managed Auto-updates & WordPress Fixes

If you’ve been on WordPress for any length of time, you’d know how vulnerable it could be. We run about six websites as a part of Fetchprofits and all those six have been hacked for at least 4 times in the last few years. Although a part of that vulnerability comes from WordPress itself, it’s an issue with ordinary shared hosting.

Pressidium® provides you with anti-hacking peace of mind. The support team scans, looks for, and fixes hacking attempts on your site with proactive WordPress Security updates. Your site remains up to date, secure, and will boast of a fortress like security. Every WordPress update is checked, tested, and then applied to your site.

Pressidium® also provides managed web application firewalls (WAF) as a part of their stack of services to provide end-to-end protection for your site. Application Layer scanning, Bad bots filtering, fully locked down environment, secure File Access (SFTP) with single logins and encrypted protocol communication.

See how fast your website is at PageSpeed Tools by Google. See what Pressidium® can do to Speed up your WordPress Website.

If you are an agency, a tech development company, or an affiliate, Pressidium also has an excellent affiliate marketing program you might want to be a part of.

Are you On Pinterest Yet? You Should (& One Smart App To Do It)

Are you On Pinterest Yet? You Should (& One Smart App To Do It)

Can you actually sit there and avoid more than 72.8 million users with 85% of them female (you do know they make all the buying decisions, don’t you?).

Pinterest is all visual, boasts of buyer intent, and is a fresh alternative to Facebook and Twitter. It’s as much an opportunity for you to boost impressions, bring in some traffic, and get you all the branding you need.

And some brands do it really well.

Creating on boards on Pinterest also helps you to collect, curate, and share information that’d otherwise get drowned in the order of the posts you publish on your blog.

Pinterest recently rolled on “Buy” pins feature with clear intent to send out a message: Pinterest means business and it’s business you don’t want to miss out on.

Now, I know what you are thinking: Damn, another social network to get on? Like being on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram wasn’t enough?

No, it wasn’t enough. Yes, stop wondering why you should be on Pinterest, and here’s a smart way to get there:

Say Hello to TailWind

The Tailwind App is a suite of powerful tools to help you manage your Pinterest for Business or Pinterest for yourself. It boasts of Pinterest management, analytics, and other marketing tools.

Much like HootSuite is an exhaustive app to help you manage your social media in general, the TailWind App helps you manage Pinterest specifically.

Manage & Automate Pins

Sure, the “Pin It” button on your browser is handy, but it’d still call for your active management. Social manage is best done passively (where the active part should only be responding to others and actually getting into conversations). Use TailWind to create, manage, and automate your Pinterest updates calendar.

You can instantly create a “Pin Schedule” if you like based on your audience engagement, make your boards go viral, and bring in much needed traffic. You can schedule multiple pins at once (Chrome Extension available).

Obviously, you can track pins, repins, likes, comments, traffic, and revenue (I know you are salivating now).

Monitor & Gain Insights

You don’t want to throw out pins in the dark. You’d do well when you know your audience better, monitor your performance, and create just the kind of content your audience needs.

TailWind also allows you to gain insights about your audience, helps you gather interesting content to pin, curate amazing content, discover conversations, identify influencers, and also gives you a way to monitor your brand impact on Pinterest.

Analytics & Reporting

All your effort on Pinterest shouldn’t go without those rewards. That’s why it makes sense to use analytics to help you steer yourself to success.

Tailwind App helps you track growth, measure Pinterest followers over time, benchmark virality of your content, and analyze revenue. Measure the impact of your conversations, the content you share, Pin performance, traffic, and your individual pin growth.

Testing on Pinterest, yeah.

Content marketing has changed and posting “anything” won’t do. You can, instead, filter your pins by boards, categories, keywords, or hashtags to dig deeper and see what kind of content seems to be working for you.

See which of your pins are the most successful, analyze activity using heat maps, and also determine best days and time slots for optimized Pinterest Management.

Check out TailWind today and tell me how it works for you.

If you’d like to connect with me on Pinterest, I’ll be happy you did.

5 Effective Ideas for Brushing Up your Facebook Marketing Skills

The last decade has witnessed a huge change in the way customers communicate with brands and lead their digital lives. The massive popularity of social media networking has pushed businesses to redefine their conventional roles and let customers control the brands.

Today, businesses can no longer hide beyond an impersonal facade  They have to opt for a friendly approach, interact with customers, and reveal their humane side. Scary, but true. You could get started on Facebook fan page, but the trick is that you have to do it right. As Blake Chandlee, VP, Facebook correctly puts it, “Social media is not an easiest way but if you do it right, the results can be phenomenal “.

If you want to brush up your Facebook marketing skills, here are some effective ideas.

Leverage your Marketing Campaigns with Videos

In the digital marketing industry, innovation is the key to survival. And if you encourage your customers to only ‘Like’ your posts/products/comments, I don’t call it innovation. Innovation comes in form of videos or publishing stories. Take help of the Facebook Open Graph to tell intriguing stories of your business. Or use it for selling your products.

For example, you can use Open Graph for interviewing a client who tells his experience of using your products. You can also opt for it to highlight how people can benefit from your products. The options are infinite.

Contests, Anyone?

 Contests are a great way to enhance engagement on Facebook fan page. They are fun, interesting. Also, everyone loves prizes. Another advantage of organizing a contest is that it lets you grow your mailing list. It’s a good, if not an innovative marketing strategy. The best thing is that you can promote varied types of contests, ranging from video, sweepstakes to photo contests.

If you check the Facebook page of ‘How to Market your Horse Business’, you would notice that the company has used the concept of contest innovatively in its cover and app photo. I loved the idea.

Opt for Sponsored Stories

 Try out the latest advertising tool offered by Facebook-sponsored stories. Sponsored stories are unique because they allow marketers to highlight advertisements to the friends of a fan.

David Fisher, VP, Advertising and Global Operations, the performance of sponsored stories are better, as compared to conventional Facebook advertisements. He comments, “The key reasons it works is that it is engaging, it is social, and it is reflective of what brings people to Facebook overall, which is to share and connect”. The popularity of sponsored stories is expected, since these advertisements contain real activity of a friend. Thus, it acts as a strong word of mouth marketing.

Respect the Intelligence of your Facebook Fans

It’s true that for some businesses, marketing is the driving force behind acquiring Facebook fans. However, measuring them on quantitative terms is not a good idea always. Understand that they are real human beings who crave to be part of your network. A half hearted status update posted on behalf of your company cannot satisfy their intellectual desires.

Respect their intelligence by offering them insiders’ info, interesting trivia and future marketing plans.

Further, the since the organic reach on Facebook plummeted anyway, you’d need a lot more than just updates.

Infuse your Own Personality in the FB Page

You may be using Facebook for professional purposes, but connecting with your audience on a personal level is a good idea. Pat Flynn, owner of the blog ‘Smart Passive Income’, offers professional advice to his fans on his Facebook page. However, he also offers a glimpse of his personal life in the Facebook page. This retains interest of his fans and allows them to connect with him on a deeper level.

Refine your Facebook marketing skills with these effective strategies. Reach out to a wider audience.

Here’s a better way to manage your Facebook Page using HootSuite (Free Trial)