Your WordPress website is vulnerable, subject to being dragged down by numerous images and a hundred other things you put on your site, and is also susceptible to breaking down or getting hacked.

Shared Hosting is a good start when you are just starting out but it cannot handle your website after a certain point.

That’s when you need something like Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform.

Why, you ask?

Reliability and Uptime

What do you do when Pressidium makes sure that you have no single point of failure?

Wouldn’t it be nice when your WordPress website is always up and running. By using layer duplication and redundancy, Pressidium builds farms of duplicated resources so that your site never goes down. No matter how much you’d want to scale up your WordPress environment, Pressidium handles it all.

WordPress Management Made Easy

Pressidium’s customer portal boasts of a clean, easy-to-use, and intuitive interface, which also pulls in a degree of automation and built-in intelligence.

Deploy your WordPress plugins and do other admin tasks through a one-click interface. So things like Instant Backups, usage statistics, invoicing history, cache management, and one-click deployment from staging are all possible, and only a click away.

Speed, Performance, & Awesomeness

Page speed has a direct bearing on SEO rankings, UX/UI, and customer perception. While you have the option of choosing a CDN service such as CacheFly or MaxCDN, it’s still an extra cost you could do away with by using a single, special WordPress Hosting such as Pressidum.

According to Billy Hoffman of, the back-end performance of a website directly afftects search ranking. Fast websites are easy to use, load quick, draw in more visitors, and provide for an enjoyable user experience.

To get that kind of a performance, you’d have to stay invested with enterprise-grade, mission critical hosting. Either that or use Pressidium Pinnacle Platform which puts the technology that Google and Facebook use to your website. You get access to High-performance clustered environment with scale and consistency for every plan.

Using dynamic load balancing of web and network traffic, Pressidium uses its total Traffic Management solution to optimize each server request intelligently and dispatches requests to the least busy server. Site traffic peaks don’t have to crash your website anymore.

Pressidium® also offers GeoDNS which saves up to 30% on average page load time, Multilayer adaptive caching, HA SSD storage, a CDN service to minimize packet loss, and PHP optimization to speed up server-side PHP rendering. Pressidium also offers SSL acceleration (to encrypt and decrypt heavy http traffic).

Managed Auto-updates & WordPress Fixes

If you’ve been on WordPress for any length of time, you’d know how vulnerable it could be. We run about six websites as a part of Fetchprofits and all those six have been hacked for at least 4 times in the last few years. Although a part of that vulnerability comes from WordPress itself, it’s an issue with ordinary shared hosting.

Pressidium® provides you with anti-hacking peace of mind. The support team scans, looks for, and fixes hacking attempts on your site with proactive WordPress Security updates. Your site remains up to date, secure, and will boast of a fortress like security. Every WordPress update is checked, tested, and then applied to your site.

Pressidium® also provides managed web application firewalls (WAF) as a part of their stack of services to provide end-to-end protection for your site. Application Layer scanning, Bad bots filtering, fully locked down environment, secure File Access (SFTP) with single logins and encrypted protocol communication.

See how fast your website is at PageSpeed Tools by Google. See what Pressidium® can do to Speed up your WordPress Website.

If you are an agency, a tech development company, or an affiliate, Pressidium also has an excellent affiliate marketing program you might want to be a part of.