7 Best Shopify Retargeting Apps

Retargeting is a powerful way to engage potential customers and encourage them to take action. See some of the best Shopify retargeting Apps to help take your eCommerce business to the next level 👇

Retargeting marketing campaigns use the power of advertising that follows your potential customers around the internet, reminding them about your brand or products by showing ads on their social media accounts, email inboxes and other websites they visit after leaving your site.

Retargeting can be used for many different purposes such as remarketing, customer engagement and lead generation.

Retargeted ads are more relevant than ever because you can create tailored messages that speak directly to each individual person’s interests based on what they have done in the past (like visiting specific pages).

If you use Shopify, using Shopify Apps (much like using WordPress plugins) is the way to power up your Shopify store.

In this blog post we will go over some of the best retargeting apps for Shopify. Use them for better marketing and customer acquisition on steroids.

  1. Shoelace
  2. RetargetApp
  3. Adroll
  4. Citreo
  5. Clever
  6. Raive
  7. ROI Hunter

Digital Marketing By ShoeLace

Shoelace increases brand visibility and improves customer loyalty with personalized, contextual marketing efforts.

Get the best out of every shopper experience with Shoelace’s turnkey solution for Customer Journey Marketing.

Leverage your business success with personalization that understands individual shoppers at different points in their journey and gives them the absolute best experience possible along every step of the way to conversion.

Deliver endless stimulation while you increase store traffic and boost sales dramatically — all from a single unified system.

With the Shoelace App, you get clear, custom, monthly reporting to easily monitor your successes and where you stand against your targets.

Further, take advantages of all everything from basic retargeting strategies all the way to advanced retargeting strategies such as sequential retargeting, for instance.

Retarget App

The RetargetApp for Shopify helps you do retargeting campaigns for Shopify store, across the board (including Facebook messenger ads, interstitial ads, and the rest of the ad types (such as Instagram feeds, Instagram stories, Facebook feed ads, and more).

Here’s where the RetargetApp stands out: Say hello to automated Facebook Ads retargeting. Just install the RetargetApp and Connect your Facebook business Page (and Instagram account).

Retarget App checks for the Facebook pixel automaticaly creates your ad assets for you along with the Catalog for Facebook eCommerce (by grabbing assets from your Shopify store).

Set your budget, and RetargetApp goes off to work.

Adroll Retargeting Platform

Adroll Retargeting Platform is a retargeting platform that runs ads for you on its own network and other third party networks.

Retargeting has proven to be very effective in converting shoppers into buyers, so it’s no surprise that retailers would want to use this type of marketing themselves.

Adroll Retargeting Platform can show your ads across platforms, devices, and more. Adroll provides a range of services, including data analytics to track key metrics, improve brand awareness, monitor campaigns across channels, email campaigns, capture emails, and more

The advantage with the Adroll platform are as follows:

  • You get a dedicated retargeting platform with precision retargeting campaigns to get maximum value out of your retargeting campaigns.
  • Use Adroll’s built-in email retargeting features to boost your sales
  • Use the underrated (but powerful) display ad campaigns across the Internet (and on mobile devices) in addition to your Facebook and/or Instagram ads.

Criteo (for Shopify Plus)

The Criteo Retargeting Ads on Facebook and Instagram (for Shopify Plus) is fast, easy to use, and has a wide variety of targeting options which means you can find the right audience for your product.

But that’s not where Citreo truly shines. With what Citreo calls as DCO+ — Dynamic Creative Optimization — it uses technology, data, and machine learning to generate real-time ads personalized for every individual shopper (while staying aligned with your brand standards).

Aided by machine learning, Citreo helps you with Dynamic retargeting:

  • Send out personalized video ads to power up your retargeting campaigns.
  • Improve campaign performance by tapping into the power of Citreo’s machine learning algorithms.
  • Personalize every element of your ads and craft experiences that convert more shoppers into buyers by using machine learning again.
  • Citreo’s pooled data of 2.5 billion shoppers helps you craft the right campaigns, ad elements, ad assets, and rll our high-performance campaigns.
  • Based on the shopping data and shopping behavior, Citreo helps predict items of interest and show shoppers things they might like (more sales power to you).

Citreo’s advanced solutions are only available for Shopify Plus merchants.

Clever by Clever eCommerce

Interested in juicing out Google Ads, Google retargeting, and Google Shopping campaigns? Clever Shopify App by Clever eCommerce ( a Google Premier partner) is a Google Ads automation tool (targeted for eCommerce platforms like Shopify).

Clever app for Shopify allows you to use the vast Google Ads network to push your product to users searching for your products, those who are “In-market” for the type of products you sell, and more.

Use Google Shopping, Search, Display & Google Remarketing campaigns effortlessly.

The Clever App will start automatically optimizing your campaigns and maximizing your budget with their automated marketing software that maximizes bids to give you the best results possible.

Raive (Dynamic Product Ads)

Want to get the best of retargeting campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping?

See what Raive can do for your Shopify business.

The Raive App helps you create audiences for your Shopify store (without you really doing much) such as interest-based audiences, lookalike audiences, etc.

You can, of course, also create specific retargeting audiences who showed interest in your brand and/or products based on shopping history, browsing behavior, and more.

Raive creates and activates the most relevant audiences for your shop at the right moment.

Then, Raive makes it easy and automates all steps that are required when promoting your products on Google Shopping such as sending your catalog to Google (and maintaining the catalog), keeping track of product errors, actually creating the ads, updating your products on a monthly basis, etc.

With the Raive App, you can save a lot of time when setting up your ads on Google Shopping.

ROI Hunter

ROI hunter is a product marketing platform (PMP) that cuts all the work you’d have to do to deploy profitable eCommerce campaigns (including retargeting). ROI Hunter has features that are designed to help advertisers create campaigns with the objective of maximizing sales.

The ROI Hunter Retargeting Campaign Builder offers various campaign types and features depending on your marketing objectives and targets, including:

  • Optimized GDN (Google Display Network) placements to help you focus on the best performing campaigns.
  • CRM data integration that allows you to connect ROI hunter with your CRM and use this data to manage updated and real-time audiences for your campaigns (and these work even better for your retargeting campaigns).
  • Launch split-testing easily (if and when you have enough data that warrants A/B testing in the first place).
  • Make use of the easy-to-use video template editor and tap into the power of using video for your campaigns. With ROI hunter’s video template editor, you can create video ads in seconds (also create videos from static images of your products).

ROI Hunter also has product-level inventory management, automated tracking, budget watcher, and an image template editor.

What are some of the best Shopify retargeting apps you know of? Do you use any of these best Shopify retargeting apps?

Tell me all about it on Twitter, LinkedIn, or my LinkedIn Brand page.

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