8+ Best Twitter Ad Examples: What Inspires You?

I’ve been waiting to make a list of some of the Best Twitter ad examples and build an active list of Twitter ads that are working for brands (eCommerce or not, small or big, ads by individuals or ads by large businesses).

No matter how you cut it, these best Twitter ad examples can be a huge source of inspiration if you ever choose to run Twitter ads, promote tweets, or to make Twitter work for you.

Note: Some of these ads are visible on Desktop and Mobile. Some on Desktop only and others on Mobile only (It’s called Device Targeting and it’s one of the ways brands and marketers optimize ad campaigns). Some brands also have geographic filters (showing to specific users from specific countries), frequency caps (number of times an ad is shown) and also “Day parting” (ads are shown at specific times of the day).

Here are some of Twitter Ad Examples I’ve seen:

Apple [Mac & Apple Watch]

No matter how many years go by, we can always pick a thing or two from Apple’s marketing campaigns, ad campaigns, and the whole marketing might of the Cupertino giant.

At the time of writing this (Jan 2023), Apple has been pushing hard on both the Apple Watch Series 8 and Mac products. Here’s one of the ads for Mac (going a little deep with an emphasis on the ability to use Microsoft Excel on Mac).

Nothing more needs to be said about Apple’s ads — they are a visual delight, they hit the point, they have some of the simplest and the most powerful copywriting anywhere on the planet, and you are likely to check out Apple’s products anyway.


Mahindra & Mahindra is one the multi-business giant conglomerate is one of the largest businesses in India with interests in Automotive (personal and commercial), automotive components, automotive research, technology, and other industries.

Mahindra also made a mark for its heart-pulling campaigns (across categories — from auto to tech). This particular ad seems to focus more on the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) aspect of their business which they did capture well by featuring beautiful children and a strong message delivering on its CSR promise.

No Code MBA

Nocode is all the rage now-a-days (and there’s a good reason why): Nocode MBA empowers you to build apps, build websites, create full-fledged and remarkably functional MVPs for tech products, and so much. Together with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, it’s one of the best things that happened to all of us in decades.

NoCode MBA focuses on the teaching you online courses and workshops on how to build functional apps that you can get to market with quickly enough. The ad is a simple, carousel-type ad (nice!) on Twitter urging you to sign up for their courses.

Talking about NoCode, I am forever in love.

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It’s good to see a pure B2B ad campaign from a relatively B2B brand like Ericsson — which now deals primarily with 5G infrastructure business, private networks, managed services, network services, Wireless LAN, private networks, and more.

You can see its a business that’s firmly entrenched in the Telecommunications space worldwide. Having said that, the Twitter ad (and the following marketing workflow is fairly simple).

The ad focuses on a mobile report download. Simple and effective. Yeah?


Following close on the lines of Lenovo (above), ASUS goes all out featuring a content piece instead of products (I suspect they have actual ads featuring products as well. I didn’t get to notice one yet).

Following the lines of sales funnels and advertising principles I like to follow, ASUS leads the ad with a “How to Set Up a Perfect Creator Laptop Workstation”, it’s meeting the timely demand for the rise of content creators, the Work from home thingy, and the need for better workstation ideas or work from home setups.

The way this ad works is this: Click on the ad > read the blog post > Get inspired. Meanwhile, Asus will go nuts with your cookies, retarget you again with a more specific ad, and push you to buy one of their products.


Ads in a dark theme? Call me a sucker for anything “dark”.

Appwrite helps you build mobile, web, and Flutter applications fast with a bevy of other services (including their open-source backend API service).

I love the graphics that take on Appwrite’s brand colors, simple copy, and just how nice the ad looks on mobile phones (I checked on an iOS device).


Microacquire just turned into Acquire.com and that’s reason enough for Acquire to push this ad.

I’ve long been following Acquire only to witness the remarkable journey of some businesses built so good that they are ready to be purchased (allowing for juicy exits for small business owners, developers, publishers, content creators, and individuals).

I love Acquire’s on-brand ads featuring a fast-moving video with people shown front and center: another example to show that videos don’t have to be long (and rambling). Simple and short videos also make for great ads.


Did you know that has self-declared communities (sort of!)? Like, there’s Marketing Twitter, Web 3.0 Twitter, Finance Twitter and so on.

Twitter is incredibly effective for “all kinds of talk” around several niches: including marketing, business, tech, crypto, and finance.

It’s not surprising that Vested Finance ran this ad featuring ‘Alpha Screener’ — a great way to apply upto 80+ filters to find the best US stocks for investing.

I also like how Vested keeps the copy short, powerful, and straight. It’s easy to understand what the offer is (for investors, the target audience). Using words like “You” is a classic (apart from features that investors love and appreciate such as “backtesting”, “screening”, “filters”, and more.

What are some of the best Twitter ad examples you’ve seen? Share them with me.

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