Build Subscriber Lists: Do Email Marketing & Drop Everything Else

Build subscriber lists and you’ll make more money than you thought.

Do you have a list of your customers? If I asked you right away, do you have ways to build subscriber lists?

Despite the push, many businesses don’t do it.

New. Shiny. Revolutionary. Fancy

We always want the next best thing. We watch out for trends to see if there’s something new out there that can solve the same problem you’ve had all along.

We are all like that.

But when we look at what we have, we’ll be surprised at just how much we have at our disposal.

When it comes to marketing, most people chase what they think will work: social media, SEO, guest blogging outreach, influencer marketing, paid advertising on this platform or that. You should just stop. Build a List Instead.

While it’s not to say that those things don’t work, this is just a reminder as to how much you are missing out when you don’t give email marketing the importance it deserves.

Email marketing is the only channel that’s guaranteed to make you money. If you do it right, and if you do it consistently enough, it has the potential to deliver about 4300% ROI (and it’s not a typo). No other channel comes close to that kind of an ROI. Nothing beats the efficacy of email marketing. There was nothing like it before and there’s nothing like it now.

Here are reasons why you shouldn’t ever ignore email marketing:

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The numbers don’t lie

Worldwide, there are over 4.3 billion email accounts (by the end of 2016), thanks to data from the Radicati group.

According to McKinsey, the average order value of an email is at least 3X than that of social media. Look at the general email statistics, email ROI, and more, and you can’t help but wonder why email marketing is so important for your business.

Money lies in Nurturing Leads

You can do your blogging all you want. Spend as much time on social as you’d like to. Spend any amount of money on paid advertising – none of that is going to work if you don’t nurture your leads.

Why, you ask?

No one is going to wake up on any given morning hoping to get on your pipeline. Your customers only buy when they want to buy – and if everything else is pushing them towards your direction. None of your efforts with your ads, campaigns, blogs, content marketing, SEO is going to make them buy when you want them to buy.

So, what do you do until they buy? Do email marketing, that’s what.

Emails In funnels is Cash In Bank

When you set up dedicated funnels for your advertising and marketing efforts, you are essentially creating a system to help generate leads and nurture those leads to make sales happen.

But it’s really not just the funnels that help make transactions happen; it’s the relationships. Those email sequences within your email will help build that all-too-crucial relationship with your potential (and existing) customers.

Emails of all kinds – transactional and marketing emails, RSS-to-email campaigns, and everything else you use – help make these relationships stronger, at scale.

Email marketing caters to a captive audience

Traditional marketing is predominantly “spray and pray” – you throw money at a particular media and hope that you get responses. Meanwhile, you’d spend a lot of money doing just that.

Email marketing, in a stark contrast, caters to a very specific audience. The kind of audience that already visited your website or landing page, people who are very interested in what you have to say or what you do, and those who have burning needs and are looking for solutions (might not be immediate).

Sending emails to just 100 such people gets you more in terms of ROI than buying a list of 100,000 people and hoping that you’d get something from such a wide spread of people.

Stop whatever you are doing and focus on this: Build Subscriber lists. Period.

Are you building your email list? What stops you from doing? Have you been spending too much time doing everything that’s not important?

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