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7 B2B Marketing Rules: Follow Like Religion

B2B marketing rules are hard to follow. I get it. B2B marketing often involves an extended sales process, is more geared towards companies (and not individuals, and the inherent complexity of B2B products and services. With B2B marketing, it’s also harder to identify the right buyers and create the complex pricing structures that it demands. … Read more

Content Marketing: 22 Companies That Grew With Content & Sweat

Ever wondered if content Marketing really works? Did you think it’s a back-breaking, nausea-inducing, back-breaking, and thankless endeavor? Maybe. Maybe not. If it wasn’t important at all, Michael Brenner of ContentMarektingInstitute would not bother cooking up a formula – and a book titled The Content Formula — for Content Marketing ROI. Content marketing, if you … Read more

11 Bloggers Show How to Increase Blog Traffic

Have business? You should blog. Want to learn how to increase blog traffic? Learn from bloggers who do it right. If you’ve ever wondered How to Increase Blog Traffic (and hence traffic to your website), you are in the right place. Most businesses think that blogging is fancy. They do want to hire someone to do SEO … Read more

Blogging for Business: Learn From Bloggers

Are you blogging for business? Great. Did you know that there are regular bloggers (solo) who do a much better job with blogging that entire businesses with fancy in-house teams? “We founded our startup last year. We are developing the prototype” “We are trying to get into YCombinator” “We have a website. A cool looking … Read more

Digital Advertising Is Distrustful

I am sorry to put it to you this way: But digital advertising (along with digital marketing as a whole) is now distrustful. We’ve always believed that there’s no more authenticity and credibility to digital advertising or marketing  if you do it the way you are inclined to do. Assuming you are not doing it … Read more