Content Marketing Strategies: A No-brainer Guide For Entrepreneurs

Content marketing strategies, content marketing tactics, Inbound Marketing, blah..blah — they are indeed the bread-and-butter for marketers. For entrepreneurs who run businesses, however, all of this is an extra piece of work to do.  You have to write, publish, share, distribute, reshare, redistribute, and then repeat it all. Imagine just how chaotic this so-called “content … Read more

Best Business Blogging Tools [Use Or Miss The Boat]

Are you sold on the benefits of blogging for your business? That’s a good start. Along with the right business blogging tools, blogging itself lies at the foundation of inbound marketing. With business blogging, you get relevant traffic, you have a chance to make an impact, you open windows to help existing (and potential) customers … Read more

Content Marketing Mistakes: How You Destroy Yourself

Content Marketing mistakes are so common, widespread that it’s now considered mainstream. When mistakes go mainstream, it’s a recipe for disaster (circle back after 10 yrs and read this post again, just in case). Sad. But true. These content marketing mistakes hurt you. Content marketing myths, mistakes, misunderstandings, and blindly reading a Tweet or a … Read more

Boost Productivity With Descript: 5+Tips: Here’s How

Boost Productivity With Descript

Would you like to boost productivity With Descript, save time, and do more for less? You can (and you should). Imagine the ordeal of creating short 5-6 minute videos, like I do for my courses and for my YouTube Channel, and still end up spending almost 2-3 hours per video — just to remove my … Read more

Business Blogging Basics Revisited: You are Overcomplicating It

Business Blogging Basics

Another business blogging basics post? Am I out of my mind? No, I am not. But several solo business owners, content creators, businesses (all sizes), marketers, and even those that call themselves “content marketers”, “content strategists”, or “insert any fancy titles” seem to have lost their collective minds.  There’s a lot of information out there … Read more

Blog Content Strategy: How to Do It The Good, Ol’ Honest Way

What the heck is blog content strategy? Isn’t a blog already a part of content strategy? It is. But you weren’t listening. Wondering why there’s a need for another blog post on blogging tips to get results for your business? That’s because most businesses still don’t get anywhere close to implementing them.  According to Sharon … Read more

Ridiculous Small Business Blogging Mistakes [Stop This Now]

Pick any random small business and you’ll see them doing some egregious but avoidable small business blogging mistakes. Most business owners look for guidance but several marketers and agencies either don’t even do the basics or try to implement “way too much”.  Entrepreneurs won’t get anywhere blogging is overdone, when your content strategy is half-baked, … Read more

How to Create Content for Boring Industries

No one likes to write on ball bearings or household cleaning products. But all businesses need content marketing and here’s how to create content for boring industries Boring Industries seem and appear boring because content writing seems to have a shift towards working for the “exciting industries” like SaaS, technology, FinTech, finance, or Cryptocurrency. I … Read more

Shopify Marketing: 9+ Strategies You Can’t Help But Learn

Shopify Marketing strategies are exactly what I’d advise any business or brand to follow through. They do everything right, the way it should be done. God knows they’ve also been doing it for a long time (which is the time it takes for you to succeed). Shopify is unbeatable when it comes to a great … Read more