Principles of Personal Branding: 5 (Harsh) Things To Know

Principles of Personal Branding

Just like principles of management and principles of personal finance, there’s principles of personal branding as well — unwritten rules that work much like the boring but incredible power of compounding. We are all different: What personal branding means to you (might not be what it means for Oprah). Further, picking off of personal branding … Read more

How to Create Brilliant B2B Marketing Campaigns

Create Brilliant B2B Marketing Campaigns

B2B marketing is boring. The rallying call to bring out brilliant B2B marketing campaigns now reflects a desperate need. Where B2C brands (DTC marketing) are colourful, fun, witty, and even exciting; B2B marketing campaigns are boring, filled with jargon, and it all feels even worse than “robotic”. Enterprise software solution companies, IT technology services, and … Read more

HubSpot Alternatives: 3 Established Options

Looking for HubSpot alternatives? You are in the right place. Although HubSpot is awesome, you’ll find reasons as to why it might not be the right fit for your business. HubSpot has long been the numero uno when it comes to Inbound marketing software. But HubSpot is not for everyone. If you are looking for … Read more

Digital Marketing Funnels On Steroids (7 Corrective Steps)

Do marketing funnels right, and you have your business growing on steroids. Seth Godin once said, “Why Waste a Sentence Saying Nothing?” I say, “Why bother running a business without a sales funnel?” Without proper marketing funnels, you are trying to “sell” and no one likes being sold to. The sooner you let that sink … Read more

8 Unbounce Tips To Make Your Landing Pages Sweat

Looking for some Unbounce tips? You are where you should be. Landing pages are an absolute must if you are trying to send people to a page where you want them to take some kind of an action. With the exception of people landing on your website or web pages directly (which is possible through … Read more

Cold Email Outreach: How It Helps

History knows this. Cold calling worked. Now, Cold Email Outreach works as well. But there’s a way to go about it. There are enough examples around to prove that sheer dedication, commitment, and a dogged pursuit almost never fails. You know how the life of an inspired, enthusiastic, and well-meaning marketer or business owner can … Read more

Short Guide On Lead Generation That Just Works

Lead generation is that little phrase that has businesses on the edge nowadays, with attention spans of their respective customers going down and the simultaneous growth in the sheer number of places that they can now hang out at. Lead generation isn’t easy, I’ll give you that. If you want to build a pipeline that … Read more

Influencer Marketing: Is It Dead Or Will You Kill it?

The only reason Influencer Marketing exists is that so-called “influencers” have a following and brands need exposure. It’s simple economics, but off late, it’s gone bad. On Instagram, for instance, there’s a big bad world of product promotion  It’s made up, superfluous, and often misleading. It’s transactional, and there’s absolutely no love for customers. I … Read more