How to Warm Up Your Audience To Sell Better

Selling to cold audiences won’t work; sell to a warm audience. Warm audiences are those who are aware of your brand — they’ve seen you somewhere (from an ad to a Tweet on Twitter).

Leads and sales aren’t always the only objectives when you try to use paid advertising for your business.

When no one knows your brand and if you try to sell, you are trying to sell to a cold audience – the kind of audience that can be brutally nonchalant to what you are trying to sell.

Also, it only gets harder (and more expensive) to acquire customers this way compared to a situation where you try to acquire leads or sell to a rather primed up audience that already knows you.

TL: DR – You get way better results if you try to sell to an audience that’s familiar with your brand.

So, how do you achieve this? How do you build a warm audience?

The first step is to make sure you have an audience and that you have a system in place to nurture that audience. Let’s find out:

Do Brand Reach Campaigns On Facebook

Facebook just happens to a great way to reach out to completely cold audiences – people who you can carefully choose to be as close to your ideal customer persona. You’d be able to reach as many people as you’d want to (optimize campaigns for reach) or increase your brand awareness.

Or maybe you can place a broad campaign at the top of your funnel (an evergreen campaign that’s optimized for reach) while you launch another Facebook campaign targeting everyone who interacted with your previous campaigns for something more targeted – like a campaign optimized for conversions or a lead ad.

If you need help with Facebook campaigns, you can always reach out to me

Build a Warm Audience & Do Retargeting

You could use to just already free – but massive and powerful platforms such as Google’s Audiences and Facebook’s Custom Audiences to build your own audience. Once your audiences are well populated, try retargeting (it’s almost always cheaper to do this than anything else you spend on).

Now, when you do retarget this way, you can choose to actually put out an offer that they can’t refuse or warm them even further with something like a “reminder campaign” where you just introduce yourself again and let it sink into each of your visitor’s head.

You can use third-party platforms such as Adroll or Perfect Audience to build audiences too. Just saying.

Get in touch with us if you need help with retargeting now

Nurture Subscribers with Blog Digests

Almost every email service provider such as Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and Drip provides you with a way to send out your blog posts as digests to all your email subscribers.

You’d know it as RSS-to-email campaign.

It takes one-time to set it up but once it’s set up and done, an automated email goes out each week to every subscriber who’s on your email list.

And what do they get?

Nothing but more goodness that you publish on your blog. RSS-to-email campaigns are easy to setup, cost you nothing (except what you pay for your email service), and are automated. With just 2 or 3 blog posts going out within the body of the email, you aren’t even trying to sell anything.

This way, your subscribers won’t feel rushed to buy. They get access to your blog just in case they forgot to come visiting (and you’d hence get some traffic), and they’d remember you (or maybe even learn a thing or two as they open their emails and read).

Plus, you are getting your subscribers into a habit of opening and reading – now that, in the world of digital marketing, is gold.

It’s not to say that you can’t throw your funnels at cold prospects (a lot of campaigns get into the act right away).

It’s only that your results are way better when you prime up your audience and convert them into warm prospects before you start pitching.

What do you think?

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