Why You Should Sell Online Courses?

Sell online courses not to sell; do it for establishing thought-leadership, credibility, and expertise. Are you a business owner? Creative professional? A Consultant? A freelancer? A coach? You already know that personal branding is a must for you to succeed.  To succeed, you need authority. Your potential customers must come to you (and you don’t … Read more

How Hard Is It To Sell Digital Products

How Hard Is it to Sell Digital Products

How hard is it to sell digital products, you ask? Shortest answer in the world: very hard. Matt Ragland was an early team member who helped brands like Convertkit and Podia grow. He now helps content creators monetize and sell “their expertise” along with his own line of products such as Most Productive Week Ever … Read more

9+Online Course Platform Features: Non-Negotiable

Online course platform features

Without some critical online course platform features, selling digital products is almost impossible.  Or a nightmare. Or the horror story you didn’t watch yet. Some features aren’t just features; they are crucial as “motor skills” without which we humans can’t live or function normally — from both a technical and marketing perspective.  Then, there’s a … Read more

Thinkific Performance Checkout: Sell Courses With One-page Smart Checkout

Thinkific Performance Checkout

Thinkific Performance Checkout helps deliver on a promise that every course creator wants (but might or might not have expressed it as such).  The Thinkific Performance checkout helps you convert better, reduces friction with Checkout, and helps you do more with less. Most course creators are not even aware of the losses they make just … Read more

Benefits of Online Courses: 8+ Convincing Reasons

The benefits of online courses are many. But before you ask Why sell Online Courses? Ask yourself this: Why not? You owe it yourself and your business (see below). If you ever wondered why there’s all the rage with online courses, you aren’t alone. According to GMInsights online course stats, …The market size of e-learning surpassed … Read more

Thinkific App Store: 14+ Apps To Transform Your Online Courses

Thinkific is the world’s leading online course platform, transforming the way people learn by offering a complete suite of tools to create, distribute and monetize courses. With the Thinkific App Store — a marketplace for Thinkific integrations and apps that can be used to enhance your course business — Thinkific is making the platform a … Read more

How Much Does LearnDash Cost? Like, What’s The Real Cost?

The real cost of using LearnDash is certainly not what you see on the tin. It’s slightly more and you should know about that. Note: If you are interested in self-hosted LMS tools, take a look at Podia, Payhip, and Thinkific The whole world loves WordPress. In fact, WordPress powers 60.8% of the web (that’s … Read more

Why Email Course Lead Magnets Are Outdated?

Email course lead magnets are outdated. Were you thinking of generating leads with email course lead magnets? Just think otherwise. While the whole world thinks that it’s one of the best types of lead magnets around, it really isn’t (at least not entirely). There’s a twist to creating email course lead magnets for it to … Read more

Podia Review: Best Way To Sell Online Courses, Digital Downloads, & Membership Sites

TL;DR: This Podia review will prove that Podia is a slick, inexpensive, and all-inclusive choice when it comes to a comprehensive platform for launching your online courses, digital downloads, or membership sites.  There’s nothing else like it in the market. I already did the research for several years before I wrote this Podia Review. I … Read more

Choosing Online Course Platforms: Podia Vs WordPress Vs Shopify Vs Webflow

Choosing online course platforms is no fun. So, instead of thinking about Podia Vs WordPress Vs Webflow Vs Shopify, think about how you can make use of the best of what each platform does for you. Teaching an online course is an incredibly exciting business model. Choosing online course platforms? It’s a sad job. According … Read more