Thinkific is the world’s leading online course platform, transforming the way people learn by offering a complete suite of tools to create, distribute and monetize courses. With the Thinkific App Store — a marketplace for Thinkific integrations and apps that can be used to enhance your course business — Thinkific is making the platform a lot more powerful.

I am going to introduce you to 12+ Thinkific Apps & Integrations (available in the Thinkific App Store) to transform your online course business (you can thank me later).

The Thinkific App Store is designed for you to connect and create meaningful learning experiences, nurture relationships with a community, or grow your online course business.

As an online course creator, you are doing everything you can to create courses, promote your courses, grow your audience, and sell your courses.

To succeed, you’ll need all the help you can get. The Thinkific app store is a surefooted forward step in the right direction.

Why Thinkific?

Online courses are an increasingly popular way to teach, and it’s easy for teachers/course creators to create a course with Thinkific. There is no need for them to build the interface or hosting platform from scratch.

No stitching together expensive WordPress LMS plugins and modules, no need to pay extra fees for hosting your videos, and there’s no need to do anything more than just create your courses and sell them.

Further, you can do a lot more with Thinkific now than ever (See below for some mind-blowing apps you can use, right off of the Thinkific App Store).

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But, wait.. why even bother with online courses (let alone Thinkific?).

The growth of the Online Industry

The future belongs to creators.

The growth of the online industry in the last few years has been astounding.

According to the estimates, the global online education market is projected to witness a CAGR of 9.23% during the forecast period to reach a total market size of US$319.167 billion in 2025

There are more than 360 million people working from home today with more entering this space every year; according to the World Economic Forum (WEF), by this year (2021) this number will reach 400 million.

The future belongs to creators and there are more opportunities for you than ever before.

But forget the future and forget online learning itself. Let’s think about you, as an entrepreneur:

  • If you are a freelancer, self-employed professional, artist, or possess a skill, you might want to transition into teaching what you know.
  • Teaching online has relatively lower overheads (compared to teaching offline).
  • Online courses are a huge business, by themselves.

If you have a regular business, online courses can be a great way to build an authoritative brand.

Want to see how other brands do it to not only promote themselves but also build strong communities?

Convinced? Now let’s see how the Thinkific app store helps you grow your online course business with the brand new Thinkific App store by looking into 12+ specific apps and integrations you can use

Note: Using some of the apps in the Thinkific app store might require you to have accounts with any of the apps you want to use.


LessonSpace helps provide you with a collaborative space for teaching online, along with the tools you need to help maximize the teaching experience.

For example, you can teach using video conferencing, text, images, whiteboards, document editors, and even code.

You can teach math, science, and teach others how to code (by rending code) — all within the collaborative space that LessonSpace provides without you having to know anything remotely geeky.


Intercom is a conversational relationship management, conversational marketing, and conversational support platform.

You probably already know Intercom (and you must have interacted with other brands that use Intercom already).

Guess what? You can deploy Intercom for your own online course if you use Thinkific.

Intercom is a very useful collaboration and communication tool for your online course.

Using Intercom, you can communicate with students without the need to be in front of their screens.

It’s perfect if you want to provide personalized support at any time during the day. Make it easier for them to reach out to you.

Extend support in a non-intrusive way, and more.


Motrain is a powerful (yet simple) learning engagement solution and a marketing system rolled into one.

Motrain can help you with more enrollments, keep current students engaged, and also help skyrocket course completions.

Get access to the ability to create incentive programs, reward students based on milestones or achievements, customize reward values, automatically track course completions, and more.


PlaYah! made by the team at PowerUps (By Rob & Galvin) is an app that encourages course engagement by letting your students overcome course challenges by reminding them that they “can” succeed and is always willing to give a high five no matter what their current mood. It doubles as an awesome icebreaker, too!

Get ahead of course attrition with a most excellent sidekick to power up that student experience from one who knows how to encourage them and keep them highly engaged. With PlahYeah! by your side, learners will be able to complete your course with a smile on their faces.

Be there for your students just when they get stuck with something and give them a nudge to complete their course. Remind them of important actions they need to take for course fulfillment, and celebrate their success when they complete courses.


ActiveCampaign is a fast-growing, capable, and easy-to-use email marketing platform. It’s awesome as it were, but when you use it with your Thinkific courses, it gets that much more powerful.

Use all the email marketing automation power that ActiveCampaign provides to help grow your audience, boost customer experience, keep your students engaged, and use automation to send targeted emails to get various things done.


MailChimp has evolved from a popular email marketing platform into a complete customer management & engagement platform with several features baked into the platform as it is.

Just like you’d use ActiveCampaign (above) or ConvertKit (below), you can also use the user-friendly email marketing and email marketing automation features (not to mention MailChimp’s landing pages, MailChimp PostCards, and several other features) available to you.

Note: If you use ConvertKit, you can directly Integrate Convertkit with Thinkific and unleash the power of email marketing to manage your audiences and business growth as well.


For a while now, there was no way you could do any kind of “blogging” if you just had an online course storefront (single courses or multiple courses) on Thinkific.

All that will change now, thanks to DropInBlog. Use DropInBlog to create a fully-functioning blog page on any site within minutes (you don’t need to stitch and sew random WordPress things together anymore).

DropInBlog integrates with Thinkific (via the Thinkific app store) so DropInBlog just uses JavaScript/HTML or JSON API that inherits your CSS (so, it works with Thinkific themes as well)… without any conflicts.


Want to capture leads on your Thinkific storefront, regardless of the Thinkific theme you use? Say hello to the Capture App (By Course Studio)

Use the Capture app to trigger pop-ups on exit intent, deploy pop-ups based on a timer, or on scroll.

You can control your customer journey, offer discounts, provide free courses as lead magnets (or giveaway any other lead magnet).

Rapidly test different offers and optimize your pop-up for your Thinkific site.

The pop-ups you create are mobile responsive, 100% customizable while you can brand your pop-up and make it yours.

While use Capture App to generate leads for your Online Course, the app also syncs directly with ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Zapier.


Did you ever stop to think if you can use the popular Shopify platform to sell your online courses? Like me, did you find the whole approach a little disjointed (read: a big mess?) earlier?

Whether you felt that the Thinkific themes were too basic for you or if you felt that you need more control (but with the power of everything Shopify has under the hood), you can use Shopify to sell your online courses (which will live on Thinkific).

Sold on Shopify, powered by Thinkific. Now, how cool is that?


Boring forms are so out of fashion now. You’d want a way to create customizable forms, that reflect your brand. Yet, you’d want those forms to have a life of their own.

That’s when you look at Typeform. Create forms that are easy to create (for you) and easy to fill up (for others).

With Typeform available on the Thinkific App Store, you can bring the power (and fun) of Typeform into your Thinkific course experience.

Ask questions, take feedback, launch surveys. Do it in style.


Do you know who the typical Thinkific user is? The kind of a creator and/or entrepreneur who doesn’t want to spend the remaining days of his or her life with complex integrations, code, or any sort of techno mumbo-jumbo.

But not knowing tech or the mumbo-jumbo can cost a pretty penny such as shopping cart abandonment, lost sales, lost opportunities with retargeting, and more.

With CartStack (now available on the Thinkific App Store), you can recover lost customers, deploy multi-channel cart abandonment campaigns, and use in-site retention tools — all of them built to help you shame Amazon.

CartStack help you do this with email reminders, push notifications, SMS reminders, and more.


Teaching online courses and doing webinars — they are like inseparable twin sisters born together, joined at the hip. If you do webinars, you are well-poised to do online courses. Promoting online courses? Then webinars are a great way to generate leads, build trust, and grow your course business.

Let’s admit it though: Doing webinars is hard. It demands time, preparation, and your actual presence. How about automating webinars then? Yeah! Do it once and let it run like a machine that never stops?

What can do that?

Use eWebinar –It’s an automated webinar solution, set on a schedule, which combines pre-recorded video with real-time interactions and live chat to deliver a delightfully engaging experience for your customers.

To begin with, these are the 12+ apps available with Thinkific App Store.

However, don’t forget that Thinkific natively integrates with several more apps (outside of the Thinkific App store). Further, there’s also the swiss-army knife Zapier that can expand the possibilities of the technology stack you want to work with.

Which of these apps are you going to use for your Thinkific business? If you want to get started, get a free Thinkific account and see what you can do with it.

Show off your Thinkific courses here in the comments section.

Inspire me.

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