Why You Should Bank On Drag & Drop Landing Page Builders?

Quick question: Do you use drag and drop landing page builders or do you use HTML pages that are designed by your designers (and I am hoping you do use landing pages for your marketing campaigns)?

In all my years of working as a digital marketing professional, I can’t even begin to count the sheer number of times I’ve had to educate clients on why they shouldn’t be using their typical HTML landing pages and why they should start using any of the drag and drop landing page builders available in the market today.

For one, designers aren’t marketers and they have no idea what the heck they are about to build. Designers and developers think that a landing page is a web page (which is technically right) and that’s it.

Build it. Ship it to the client who cares less. Launch campaigns.

That’s a completely stupid approach to building landing pages. That’s not how it’s done.

By using drag and drop landing page builders such as Unbounce, LeadPages, Instapage, Convertri, and others, you gain several advantages. Here are some of them:

Quick. Efficient. Easy

When you start building landing pages, you aren’t getting into a race. Nor is it your opportunity to shine through and win a design award for your landing pages. You don’t have to spend any more than an hour designing the landing pages you need.

Try to let designers or developers design your landing pages and you’ll not see a draft for ages.

Drag and drop landing page builders already have ready templates for you to work on and start building your landing pages right away. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even build a completely new landing page from scratch (and even this takes less than a couple of hours maximum).

You need quick, efficient, and easy ways to build a landing page. This isn’t a marathon that you have to win.

Designers aren’t marketers

You wouldn’t let your 6-year-old niece handle a surgery, would you? If that’s true, how do you let designers and developers build landing pages for marketing campaigns? Since when did designers become masters of copy, persuasion, and of marketing in general?

Designers will design landing pages just as they design websites. A slider on the hero section, maybe? A butt-ugly form somewhere?

Thank you very much. Landing pages are a marketing thing. Let marketers use drag and drop landing page builders to craft landing pages that convert (and not just look pretty). Also, no one cares if the page was developed using PHP or Ruby on rails. All that you care about — when it comes to landing pages — are conversions.

Build any number of landing pages

If your ad says 30% off, the landing page needs to convey the same message.

Giving away a free trial (as your ad says)? Your landing page needs to say the same thing.

Enticing your visitors to download a free eBook? Your landing page has to have that story.

You do know that you need message matching landing pages for every campaign. If a single ad is pointing to a message matching landing page with two variants going for that page, and if you had multiple campaigns with countless ads, just how do you think a single (or even multiple) HTML landing pages can do justice to the sheer number of ads and campaigns that you run?

Multiple ads would mean multiple landing pages X 2 (each). That’s a lot of landing pages and I can bet that your designers or even an entire IT department can’t handle that.

We haven’t even started with the multiple edits and changes needed for each landing page variant after the campaigns are live.

Drag and drop landing page builders allow you to create as many landing pages (each with as many variants as you need) as dictated by the number of campaigns you run.

Stick with that option, please?

HTML Pages Don’t Give you A/B Testing

The one thing that separates the men from the boys when it comes to digital marketing, lead generation, or landing pages is whether or not you do A/B testing for your landing pages (you’ll also do A/B testing for your campaigns, but that’s beyond the scope of this post).

Your HTML landing pages don’t give you the ability to easily test your A & B variants. The only way I know to do this is to use Optimizely or Visual website optimizer — which gets very expensive for an average small business.

All the drag and drop landing page builders provide you with in-built A/B testing functionality and solve this problem right out of the box.

If nothing, this should be your singular reason why you should opt for any of the landing page builders below (Unbounce is my favourite):

Do you use a drag and drop landing page builder? If yes, what’s that tool that you can’t live without?

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