You Are Not Frank Kern (& You Don’t Want To Be)

You know who Frank Kern is? You might or might not have heard about him.

The trouble with digital marketing is that absolutely everyone you talk to is an expert at it. It’s alright if they don’t have a blog, they never added a line of code to their website, or that they never spent their own money on paid advertising. They never created a landing page in their life or they never launched a chatbot of their own.

It’s incredible just what the likes of forums like Warrior Forums, WickedFire, and several others along with Scammy marketers — with a syndicate and all that — have done to the average business person or the over-enthusiastic marketer.

Frank Kern is a major “Internet Marketing Guru” and sells some ridiculously high-priced products (courses and masterminds) worth thousands of dollars each.

In a single line: these marketers taught millions around the world to get greedy with shady headlines such as:

“How To make $6754.34 In One Week Flat”


“Who Else Wants To Make $250,000 in a year Without Breaking a Sweat”

Make no mistake: people like Frank Kern, Mike Fisalme, and several others who masquerade as “Internet marketing gurus” are indeed smart and know how to use a weird mix of art, science, copy, social proof, and technology to make millions for themselves.

Just a little something you missed in the whole song and dance: None of what they teach you is unique, special, or a big fat secret. If you are reading this, you already know everything they teach.

Yet, you’ll want to go and spend on Frank Kern’s “Mass Conversion” product for $2997 — that’s a lot of money and you’d want to think twice about that.

The only issue we see with all this happening online — apart from the atrocious prices they charge and how they hoodwink you — is that most people who get their primary education from content like that are learning (and doing) digital marketing the wrong way.

Here are some of the things they learn (and do) and these the exact digital marketing blunders you should avoid:

It’s all Shady Marketing to Begin with

I absolutely hate the cult-like ethos that these marketers with tall claims and the constant repetition of the fact that “You don’t need to work a single day”, “Make 9876.25 In a week” type of claims they make.

It’s all wrong, shady, egregious, misleading, and conniving to start with. See any of those long sales letters? They are revolting, to say the least, and if you fall for that, I can only feel bad for you.

I mean, slow down first. Think about that extra-long sales letter. Are you really that naive to believe that you could set up a page, write up some hustle copy, and make millions overnight?

You’ll never make it that way. You’ll have a big ass credit card bill that you’ll struggle to pay while you wonder why your “Online Marketing Thing to The How to Make Money Online” crowd isn’t working.

Frank Kern Makes Money, You Won’t

Frank Kern dips his beak into the quintessential, ancient, and almost universal need to “make money” or “grow your business” or whatever he dips his beak into. You have that hunger, and so you’ll be vulnerable to fall for it.

Frank Kern — or any of those smart gurus — don’t care that you just quit your job and took a huge risk with your entrepreneurial venture already. You are neck-deep in debt, you have that mortgage to pay, cars that’ll suck cash out of your wallet, and a family to take care of.

Those guys will make money since you join masterminds and purchase online courses.

What you should know is that you already know enough to start with and you can learn everything you want to learn from much better sources online.

Learn Marketing From Frank Kern, But Don’t Be Him

Frank Kern has a history of nefariousness behind him. Yet, he has truly mastered the art of marketing though.

So, do pick up lessons from him such as how he uses lead magnets to build his email list, how he uses smart email marketing automation to make millions of dollars on autopilot, and how well he presents himself (enough to get you to pay thousands of dollars).

Learn how he uses landing pages, email marketing, social media, social proof, and the copy he uses on his landing pages and websites.

Just don’t be him though: Don’t make promises you can’t keep, run an honest business, and treat your customers with respect.

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