How to Grow LinkedIn Business Page (Or Brand Page)

Want to quickly learn how to grow LinkedIn business page? You should. LinkedIn now has 800+ million professionals on the platform with at least half of them active on a daily basis. 

According to San Rathling, author of LinkedIn Inbound: Social Selling Strategies to Generate Leads on LinkedIn, LinkedIn can represent you (in case of personal branding) and your business (LinkedIn Business Page) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

It helps you network while you sleep.

If anything, it’s one of the best social media networks to have a presence on (both for your personal branding and for your business). 

There are several ways to grow your LinkedIn business page (and the list only grows thanks to several new features planned such as Newsletters for LinkedIn business pages, LinkedIn audio events, Live streams for LinkedIn business pages (already on, if you have access), and more.

Now commenting on others’ posts happens to be the low-hanging fruit to help grow your personal brand (and also your LinkedIn business page — which we’ll discuss here).

Commenting on LinkedIn helps boost profile views, allows you to be found on search, make meaningful (and fruitful) connections on LinkedIn, and more.

Now, you can comment as a LinkedIn brand page or LinkedIn Business page too. (more on this below).

See how to grow your LinkedIn business Page on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Business Page Setup

Comment as a Business

Embrace Videos

Post Hiring Updates

Showcase Employees, Professionals, & Thought Leadership

Create Polls

Offer Help

Do Live Streams

Promote and Cross-promote

Be sure to Complete The Brand Page Setup 

This ought to be obvious, but it’s worth mentioning (because many LinkedIn brand pages are abandoned ships, really). 

The Cover Photo: Be sure to use the LinkedIn company page cover well enough to let the world know what your business is about — in a single, well-designed, and simple cover image. 

The Call-to-action Button: Be sure to point the “button” to your website or a landing page of your choice (the one where you want your visitors and followers to see the most). 

Products: LinkedIn rolled out a “products” tab for LinkedIn business pages (some types of products like memberships and online courses are still not available yet). If you are eligible, add your products to the “products” tab. 

Choose 3 most relevant hashtags: LinkedIn company pages have an option to choose upto 3 hashtags (#whateverisrelevant) for your brand or business. Feel free to choose the top three hashtags that you think your business best relates to. 

Publish articles on your Page (using the “write an article” option): Publishing regularly on your LinkedIn page (native content, not the ones from your blog) is a great way to establish credibility, thought leadership, and to share insights. 

Do it. 

While you are at it, be sure to optimize these LinkedIn articles for lead generation (use calls to action within your articles) and publish regularly (even this needs publishing velocity). 

Then, post updates regularly on your LinkedIn business page — share your blog posts that you publish regularly, news, employee news, hiring updates, and more. 

Comment On Others’ Posts as a Company 

LinkedIn, by default, makes it easy for you to comment on other people’s posts (Just go in there and comment). 

For LinkedIn company pages, there is just one way to comment as a brand on LinkedIn — and that’s when you get a prompt urging you to comment on one of the trending posts on LinkedIn tagged with one of the hashtags that your LinkedIn company page associates itself with. 

But thanks to Ran Yosef (Director of marketing ops at Graduway) and Michelle J. Raymond (co-author of Business Gold, founder of Good Trading Co. and a leading LinkedIn company pages expert), there are two solid tips available to ensure that you can comment as a brand  and hence get more views, likes, followers, and traction for your LinkedIn Company pages. 


  1. These tips work only on Desktop, not mobile. 
  2. You have to be an admin associated with the LinkedIn company page or brand page that you’d like to comment on. 
  3. You’ll have to keep track of your comments on others’ posts since you won’t get any notifications for these. 

Here’s a video to help you follow through. 

Embrace Videos. Produce Videos. Shine with Videos [Various Formats] 

Videos aren’t just for YouTube. You’ll also be doing yourself no favors if you just do video for sales prospecting, video ads, or online courses. 

I am trying to break out of a self-imposed “overthinking” jail that I put myself into. For that reason, here’s what I am doing: 

fetchprofits youtube channel 

My first live stream on the fetchprofits LinkedIn brand page

See my two regular video updates (posted directly in this blog, for your ease)

Video is not a “thing”; it’s a content format that packs in a punch. 

It’s also what your customers are dying to see from you. In a HubSpot survey, more than 3000+ customers wanted to see more videos from the brands they follow. 

According to Tequia Burt, Editor-in-chief at LinkedIn Marketing Blog

The time to deny video’s value has passed. All the forecasting suggests that B2B marketers who invest in video will see greater and greater ROI, while those who stick to other forms of digital marketing such as email may find themselves left behind.

Your brand page will benefit immensely from Video. Here are the different ideas you can use for your videos, specific to your LinkedIn business page or LinkedIn brand pages: 

  • Comment on others’ content as a brand. 
  • Post regular video updates (what you can write out as a post can also be done with a video — short videos are absolutely fine (also recommended). 
  • Post long form videos — behind the scenes, interviews, employee talk, customer testimonials, and more. 

Post Hiring Updates 

When you post a new for a position you are hiring (using LinkedIn’s Job posting and Job management features), a new tab opens up on your LinkedIn company pages (like careers or jobs). 

This allows you more leverage to grow your LinkedIn company page and gets you automatic traction thanks to potential employees using that tab to apply. 

This is also a great way to let the world know you are growing. I am a solo-business owner, and I don’t get this opportunity (If you do, don’t miss the bus). 

Showcase Employees, Professionals, & Thought Leadership

Ieva Drazniece is a personal branding expert on LinkedIn helps businesses and professionals with Personal Brand, Employer Branding, Communications strategies, and analytics. In a recent post on LinkedIn, she mentioned several advantages of growing (and using LinkedIn company pages).

Specifically, she mentions the super powers that your LinkedIn page can get when you start showcasing your own employees, professionals who work with your business in some capacity or the other, and more.

Ieva also advocates using LinkedIn business pages to dispense information on sales, human resources, and other specifics about your business.

While you are at it, Ieva also explains how establishing thought leadership could prove to pay dividends for the time to come.

Here’s her post on LinkedIn (if you want to check it out).

Follow her LinkedIn company page now.

Create Polls On LinkedIn [Keep Your Opinions on Polls to Yourself] 

Hate them or love them, but the LinkedIn algorithm loves polls. Use the “create a poll” feature to use polls for a variety of things such as: 

  • Ask customers (and potential customers) direct feedback about your products
  • Poll your community about how well you are doing when it comes to customer support (not: For any business that sells or is involved in eCommerce, customer support is a money-making machine). 
  • Survey for brainstorming
  • Ask questions to collect information about future ideas for you to implement. 

…this list on how to use LinkedIn polls can go on. But, you get the idea. 

Here’s an example of Polls on LinkedIn business pages

Offer to help on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s new features allow you to give and give some more to the community (with your LinkedIn brand page, you are essentially building a community for your business). 

Offering help to your community in any way (that makes sense for your business niche) is a great way to get some traction for your LinkedIn brand pages. It helps you give first (before you take) — the way social media for business is supposed to be. 

Create a post, click on the three dots next to the usual options for a LinkedIn post (such as Celebrate an Occasion, create a poll, or add an image), and in the pop-up that appears, select “Offer to help”. 

Offer help on LinkedIn

Even in a regular post, you can use hashtags such as #OfferingHelp — and go be generous. 

Do live streams regularly 

I’ve briefly covered how to do LinkedIn live streams (with several ideas for live streams) earlier. I also pointed out how live streaming could be easier than regular videos recently. 

Live streaming on LinkedIn (through your LinkedIn company page or LinkedIn Brand Page) is probably the most powerful (and a fast) way to grow your business (be it direct business branding, visits to your website, or the actual traction for LinkedIn company pages). 

Here’s my first LinkedIn Live Stream (Don’t judge me).

Get a free account with Restream and go live

Read more:

Live Streaming Tips

Best Live Streaming Apps

How to Live Stream For Your Business

Promote & Cross-promote [Everything Above] 

Just like everything when it comes to digital marketing, your LinkedIn business page won’t be found automatically (unless you do everything above, regularly, on the clock). 

The key to success is in consistency, showing up everyday, and being persistent while you are at it. 

Promote your posts. Promote your LinkedIn articles. Promote your open hiring positions. Promote your content. Promote your videos. 

Then, cross-promote everything you promote: 

  • Promote your LinkedIn company page post update on your personal LinkedIn profile. 
  • Mention your LinkedIn company page (with links) and your personal profile (with the link) while you do blogging (like this one), in your LinkedIn newsletters, and even within videos (and the descriptions that you’ll add with videos). 
  • Share updates on other social media networks, like Twitter. 
  • Mention your own profile and LinkedIn company pages inside your other articles you’ll write and publish on LinkedIn (including from within your regular LinkedIn posts).. 

Oh, yes. It’s work indeed. 

Need help? Have questions? Want to share tips, insights, and your point of view? Connect with me on LinkedIn, or join me on my LinkedIn brand page. 

You can also connect on Twitter

Let’s talk.

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