Importance of Landing Pages: Why Even Bother?

Before we get to the importance of landing pages, let’s reframe that single question and split it up into a few other questions:

  • For the effort and money you spend to get traffic to your website, would you like to maximize lead generation?
  • Do you want to waste time waiting for developers and designers to create dedicated web pages for lead generation or would you like a situation where you are in complete control of how quickly, easily, and efficiently you can develop landing pages using DIY landing page builders?
  • Are you interested in making sure that you attract high-quality leads or maybe increase the inherent value of the leads you acquire?
  • Given that it’s harder to generate leads, to convert them into long-term customers, would you not want to ensure that there’s a “flow” to your sales mechanism?
  • Would you rather trust your website to do magic or are you better off when you have a way to split-test every single page you’ll build for every offer you make?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you’d then realize the importance of landing pages for your sales funnels and for lead generation efforts in general.

Landing pages are focused, stand-alone pages (and these pages can be branded by using custom domains which go something like

Well-built landing pages normally don’t have unnecessary elements that you’d often find on websites such as navigation menus, links, social buttons, etc.

Landing pages allow you to make offers

Usually, you make offers with landing pages.

Sometimes, these offers start from a Facebook ad or a Google ad and is then continued on the landing page. You could also point to dedicated landing pages from a humble link or a social share.

Landing pages — as against a website that has way too much happening on a page — allows you to keep design and copy of the page simple enough to make the offer but compelling enough to allow people to sign up for your offer.

Talking about conversions…

Landing Pages are Designed to convert

For your business to thrive, you need high-quality leads. You ought to have a system in place such as sales funnels and complete automation to make sure your sales machine delivers.

Your sales machine starts with landing pages since they help with more conversion and to help generate leads. Landing pages allow you to make focused offers and generate leads that way.

Since landing pages are usually designed with simplicity, relevance, and focus, they make for better gateways for conversions

Landing Pages are Independent & Platform Independent

I don’t know what your website is built on. Is it HTML/CSS? Do you use WordPress? Is your website on Joomla or Drupal? Depending on how your website is built, it might or might not allow for various possibilities available to link your lead generation to your marketing automation and then to sales and revenue.

Landing pages can be built independently off of your website or the technology framework that your website depends on.

So, even if your website is built using PHP or Microsoft Azure, I could still create a stand-alone landing page that can be built and connected to your website without making any changes to your website.

Landing pages allow for integrations

Regardless of the ultimate set up of your website, the underlying technology powering your website, and how you set up your website for lead generation and sales, landing pages can be used.

But the story doesn’t just end there. Landing pages also give you the ability to integrate with the rest of your marketing stack.

For instance, You can:

  • Connect your landing pages to your email marketing service provider such as Drip or Mailchimp
  • Allow you to connect other apps such as Intercom, Livechat, and Zapier (which in turns connects with several thousand other apps) with your landing pages.
  • Have the possibility of integrating any tool within your marketing stack to any other tool in your stack to get things done, to automate your marketing, or to boost productivity.

Landing pages are not optional. It’s not like you have an option when it comes to landing pages. What you think about landing pages is immaterial.

Don’t underestimate the power and importance of landing pages. Period.

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