Incredible Support

We work 24 x 7 to ensure that the engine of digital marketing is on, and is working for you. Our dedicated support team is always on standby to help to configure theme, answer your questions and help to solve your issues.

The following are always Included :


Marketing is nothing without measuring. The Internet allows you to measure, so why won’t you?

For all campaigns I take up, I have standard and custom reporting for every client depending on the campaigns, platforms chosen, and duration of campaigns. Login to a single dashboard and have all your data and analytics across metrics made available to you regularly.

Stay on top of your marketing dollar.


We work as partners with our clients and not vendors. We ensure that we take charge of every clients’ business. Our support is available 24 x 7 and we respond to each query in less than 24 hours. Period.


We work for your business, and not ours. We don’t mince words, and we act like surgeons battling every piece of digital marketing there is. We turn every bolt and tighten every nut. Our recommendations don’t come from theory. They come from years of experience, passion for the digital medium, and actual spending we do on our campaigns. If we don’t do something or believe in something, we don’t ever recommend you do it.


We aren’t like other freelancers and agencies. We don’t do shady. We don’t do “quick wins”. We don’t beat around the bush. We don’t send in reports that don’t mean a thing to you. We’ll kill your abortive processes. We’ll change everything and we’ll test everything.

Of course, if you still insist on:
— Websites that are not responsive and look like they are from the 90s.
— Sticking to your own ideas of what works and what doesn’t
— Buying “Likes” on Facebook
— Sending “Any trash” traffic to your websites
— and more

We don’t mind if you decide to leave.

Our work is pure honesty showing up on digital.