How to Integrate Unbounce and Calendly

Why should you integrate Unbounce and Calendly, you ask? The primary use case is for scheduling demos with potential customers, getting appointments for your service, or for getting on sales calls ( or for sales prospecting).

To make things happen for you as a blogger looking to monetize your efforts, as a service provider seeking to get a leg through the door, or as a coach/consultant who wants to grow your business.

Taking appointments and bookings for setting up phone calls, skype calls, or Google meetings is often the first step, on the path to high-impact sales.

If you are a coach, consultant, a service business, or even a blogger, you’d want to accept bookings and appointments on your website. Learn how to Integrate Unbounce and Calendly and bring in a level of extra personalization, real human-to-human calls, and interaction into your marketing or sales process.

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Unbounce is one of the best landing page builders out there and it’s almost a no-brainer to use Calendly to make your potential customers book calls (one-on-one or group booking), appointments, and even full-fledged coaching sessions.

You’d use a combination of Unbounce (or you also consider LeadPages or Simvoly — the process is the same regardless of which landing page builder you’d use) and Calendly to make this happen.

Watch this video to find out how to Integrate Unbounce and Calendly:

Unbounce features an ultrafast landing page builder (Preview it here), Unbounce templates, and several integrations for you to work with.

With Calenndly being the free and capable choice for your clients to book appointments or calls with you, it only makes sense to learn how Unbounce Integrates with Calendly.

While using Calendly on your Unbounce pages, you can make use of several features available with Calendly:

  • Pick from a choice of just using your Calendly meeting link, Inline embed, pop-up text, or pop-up widget.
  • Be sure to keep your “booking or appointment” Call to action in focus — such as using it on the hero section of your Unbounce landing page or even your regular web pages.
  • Integrate Calendly with PayPal or Stripe (depending on what’s available to you or your choice) to accept cash for your time (such as for one-to-one consulting or coaching sessions.

Start a free 14-day Trial with Unbounce & Get 20% off and also get started with Calendly for free.

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