Digital Marketing Results: How to Get Smart (& Mean)

Digital marketing is no longer what it used to be. Digital marketing results are appalling, to put it bluntly. The Internet is incredibly crowded (and with that, there’s unparalleled rise in anonymity — there’s no way to tell who you can trust now, can you?).  It’s getting harder to publish and stand out. For that, … Read more

Digital Marketing Implementation: Your Grade is F. Back To School

When it comes to digital marketing implementation, your grade is a big F, so we are back to school. We are the biggest stumbling blocks to our own businesses. We tend to nurture the devil in our head. Most of us are so stymied and frozen by the lack of “flipping on the switch” inside … Read more

Digital Marketing Strategy: Don’t Screw It Up

Digital Marketing strategy isn’t easy to implement, but it’s not hard either. The mechanics of online marketing remain more or less the same. There are only so many channels you’ll work with and it doesn’t get fancy anywhere. The only variables are aspects that you’ll change depending on your business and your brand. Also, how … Read more

Focused Approach to Digital Marketing: Why Do You Need It?

I couldn’t help but read all about Oliver’s journey – all the way from letting go of clients, to focus on a single-minded (or monomaniacal?) pursuit to let go all distractions, and focus on a few effective ways to do digital marketing to help promote his membership site (among others). He calls the rest of … Read more