Digital Marketing Tools: Simplify

Your digital marketing efforts are never complete with your own marketing stack — a set of chosen digital marketing tools that you’d use regularly — to achieve results.Now that there are tons of marketing tools and because there’s stiff competition among those software companies to outdo each other, it’s both good and bad for you.Good … Read more

How to Put Your Digital Marketing Game Face On

The problem with most of us is that we conveniently believe that we are always doing the best we can with respect to everything. We barely even scratch the surface of what we can really do. When it comes to digital marketing, we have a tendency to stick to what “seems” to work rather than … Read more

The Need For “Personality Layer” In Digital Marketing

Wondering what a personality layer? I’ll simplify: it’s a coat of paint you don’t have to wear. Because you already got a personality; you just don’t use it well enough. Hello, Reader Number 540,567? Feeling good? No. Ok, hang on. The web is funny, in a way. It tore down boundaries and expanded your opportunities … Read more

Focused Approach to Digital Marketing: Why Do You Need It?

I couldn’t help but read all about Oliver’s journey – all the way from letting go of clients, to focus on a single-minded (or monomaniacal?) pursuit to let go all distractions, and focus on a few effective ways to do digital marketing to help promote his membership site (among others). He calls the rest of … Read more