Digital Marketing Tools: Simplify

Your digital marketing efforts are never complete with your own marketing stack — a set of chosen digital marketing tools that you’d use regularly — to achieve results.
Now that there are tons of marketing tools and because there’s stiff competition among those software companies to outdo each other, it’s both good and bad for you.
Good because that level of competition keeps everyone on their toes and they make their respective digital marketing tools better on an ongoing basis.

But it’s also bad because you have too many options and you might even freeze (and not take action). Plus, too many options lead to unnecessary stress, as Stuart Jefferies writes on The Guardian.

I tried to simplify your decision-making with my own experiences with a few tools.

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But then, here’s why you should stop fussing about digital marketing tools:

Most digital marketing tools are good enough

Most of the digital marketing tools that you know about (or those that you already use) are good enough. For a long time now, these tools have been made available to you so that even the smallest of the businesses can utilize these world-class tools, technology, and infrastructure.

The question isn’t whether or not that the SaaS application, the digital marketing tool or marketing software is good or not. The question is whether or not the tools in question work for your business.

It’s all about execution

Digital marketing is more about execution along with consistency and quality.
Instead of wasting time trying to choose between WordPress and Joomla, worry about how to do blogging for proper inbound marketing. Instead of stressing yourself over Mailchimp or Drip, commit yourself to do email marketing right from the start.

No one cares whether you’d use Hootsuite, Buffer or any other social media tools for social media management; all that you should focus on is to make social media work for your business

Use only what you really need

The trouble with all these digital marketing tools? You’ll soon run a recurring bill paying for all of those tools and platforms. With some platforms like Hubspot, you might even pay through your nose. Soon enough, you’ll have overheads which might hurt your returns.

Go easy on those digital marketing tools. Since most of them have monthly billing, start with free trials and only pick what you need.

The point is this: Don’t fuss over them. Don’t freeze.

Start with what you have and run with it. You can always switch, change, or stop anytime if you feel that any of the digital marketing tools you use don’t work for you.

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