PPC Campaign Mistakes You Shouldn’t Do (& You Know Better)

PPC campaigns are fantastic, but PPC campaign mistakes (whatever the reason why these mistakes still happen) can be devastating. Businesses and brands all over the world take to digital paid advertising campaigns in the hope of getting all the goodness that digital campaigns can provide: Lower advertising costs Better ROI for ad spend. Flexibility when … Read more

Evergreen PPC Campaigns: Bread & Butter

Ever considered running evergreen PPC campaigns (budgets permitting, of course)? There isn’t a business that’d like leads and sales coming in only during parts of the year (even seasonal businesses wish that their business wasn’t seasonal). You want your leads and sales pouring in, every day, each month, throughout the year, forever and ever. Evergreen … Read more

Facebook Ad Campaign Setup: Here’s How You Do it Right

Whether you use Facebook ads, Google Adwords, or any other traffic sources, it’s imperative that you plan your campaigns the right way. If you don’t, you lose money. You’ll call it an experiment. You won’t get anything from it. You did hear that more than 98% of all ad spend is wasting, didn’t you? It’s … Read more