15 Best Podcasts For Marketers & Entrepreneurs (& Why)

Steve Jobs, back in 2005, predicted that Podcasts were the future of audio (when Podcasts were new). Little did he know that Podcasts would grow in acceptance and popularity the way they are at the time of writing this. 

According to TechCrunch,

The annual Infinite Dial survey by Edison Research tracked that the percent of Americans over age 12 who listen to a podcast in a given month grew steadily from 9 percent in 2008 to 26 percent (or 72 million people) in 2018. Fifty-four million Americans, or 17 percent of those over 12, are weekly podcast listeners with a mean weekly listening time over 6.5 hours.”

Wondering How Many Podcasts are there? 

Ross Winn of PodcastInsights also has updated Podcasting Stats, updated for 2019: There are more than 750,000 podcasts live with more than 30 million episodes as on June 2019. 

But for us small business owners and marketers, not all of those 750,000 podcasts or more than 30 million episodes make sense. We only need what we need and those are podcasts for businesses or podcasts for digital marketing, podcasts for entrepreneurship, and so on.

Here are some of the best podcasts for digital marketers and small business owners and why you should make it a point to listen: 

The Lead Generation Podcast By LeadPages

I am a huge fan of LeadPages (next only to Unbounce) as far as landing page builders are concerned. Leadpages also has an awesome Podcast called The Lead Generation Podcast hosted by Bob Sparkins. 

The best part about The Lead Generation Podcast is that it features regular small business owners, marketers, consultants, and coaches ( as against trying to feature only the top guns in the industry). 

Why should you listen? 

It’s remarkable just how insightful each of those podcast episodes is. These tips and insights come from everyday folks — the ones who are trying to do the best they can to help their own business grow. 

ConversionCast By LeadPages

ConversionCast By Leadpages has several golden nuggets of wisdom from the likes of Amy Porterfield, Tai Goodwin, Kat Von Rohr, and several others. There are, at last count, over 173 episodes or more.

Each episode digs deep into a topic that’s important for digital marketing over several aspects related to landing pages, conversions, split testing, retargeting. 

Why should you listen? 

Each of those episodes is from Leadpages insiders, experts, and those who’ve been there and done that. 

MarketingScoop By SEMrush Team

Every Podcast By the SEMrush team and esteemed guests is an opportunity for us to learn something new, something we missed, and a new way of doing things.

This Podcast is a must-listen for all topics concerned with Search Engine Marketing (includes search optimization, keyword research, backlinking, site audits, competitor research, backlink auditing, Google ads, and so much more). 

Why you should listen? 

On top of the fact that SEMrush itself is an amazing tool for entrepreneurs and search marketers, the confluence of SEMrush insiders, experts, and industry heavyweights coming together to create podcasts for our collective benefit cannot be ignored. 

The Fizzle Show

Honesty is truly underrated in this day and age of anonymity provided by the Internet. As such, the folks at Fizzle always had that “honesty” angle when it comes to trying to educate, teach, and inspire thousands of small business owners ( or those that want to wade into entrepreneurship). 

The Fizzle show is the audio version of honest advice and insights on entrepreneurship and business that Fizzle was always known for.

Why should you listen? 

Honest and passionate advice for your benefit is hard to find these days. 

MozPod By Moz

Moz has always been the “go-to” destination to ramp up your knowledge and skills on the subject of SEO. While the Moz blog is a must-have on your bookmarks for learning everything you can about SEM, the MozPod Podcast is an even better resource for listening to Podcasts on SEO. 

Hosted by the team at Moz and often visited on by search marketing experts from all over the world, MozPod is a must-listen for everything to do with Google, search marketing, and organic digital marketing (which is, by itself, a full-time job). 

Why should you listen?

What else would you listen to? Who else would you trust when it comes to knowledge and skills on SEO? 

The Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist is a Podcast hosted by Donald C. Kelly with his podcast taking a serious slant towards the topics of sales. Now, you might wonder why it’s listed here on podcasts for marketers and entrepreneurs? 

Without sales, there’s nothing left for marketers and entrepreneurs to prove. At the end of it all (the whole circus show of digital marketing jargon and fancy facade of everything else we do), sales is the moment of truth. 

Why should you listen? 

We need sales. For that reason, we need to listen to podcasts for sales. The Sales Evangelist then is a must-listen as well. 

Perpetual Traffic By DigitalMarketer

DigitalMarketer has always been a great resource for everything digital marketing Perpetual Traffic (nice name, eh?) —  hosted by Ralph Burns and Molly Pittman —  takes you into a world of interesting set of episodes that go deep into the sphere of digital marketing.

Episodes includes insights and discussions on organic marketing, email marketing, landing pages, paid advertising, and more. 

Why should you listen? 

The episodes are meaty content on all things digital marketing that you’d have ended paying a pretty dime for (if you hired consultants or digital marketing experts).

Marketing School By Neil Patel and Eric Siu

What’s the next best thing you can do when hiring either Neil Patel or Eric Siu (of SingleGrain) is beyond your budget (or maybe just unimaginable)? 

Listen to their podcast called Marketing School hosted by both Neil Patel and Eric Siu. That’s what. 

Both of the stalwarts bring their combined experience with marketing to the Marketing School Podcast and that’s the best you could ever ask for. 

Why Should You Listen? 

The episodes are rather short, focused, and to the point. 

Social Media Examiner Podcast

You probably already know much about Social Media Examiner — a leading blog about all things social media (in the context of businesses who are looking to use social media for growth, leads, and sales).

The Social Media Examiner podcast hosted by Michael Stelzner features two weekly audio podcasts, a weekly live video talk show, a weekly docu-series, and a weekly Twitter chat to help boost your marketing skills. 

Why Should You Listen? 

Michael Stelzner himself is an entrepreneur and marketer who’s killing it with the Social Media Examiner blog, shows, and podcasts which should be reason enough. 

But then, he also has an illustrious list of guests on his podcasts that brings in a layer of authority and makes his podcast even more compelling to listen to. 

Noah Kagan Presents

You cannot miss Noah Kagan Presents with his top brass entrepreneurial chops (having founded AppSumo and Sumo — both of which are million-dollar companies).

Noah’s unique take on business strategies, ideas, and insights (notwithstanding his love for Tacos) makes for a very inspiring listen. 

Why should you listen? 

It always makes for a great learning curve when you listen to people like Noah who’ve been there and done that with a little over several million in between. 

CopyBlogger FM

Coming straight from the folks who founded the ever-popular Copyblogger.com blog, Studiopress (along with the popular Genesis platform), and The Rainmaker Platform, it’s one of those podcasts that you can’t afford to miss. 

Copyblogger FM — hosted by Sonia Simone — cuts its teeth into entrepreneurship, copywriting, marketing, and Inbound Marketing — in a slightly different way. The kind of a “way” that matters. 

Why should you listen? 

Does running several businesses and succeeding enough to make millions from it all count? 

Growth Everywhere By Eric Siu

Eric Siu is that guy who started his career at an agency, then went on to buy SingleGrain (the agency he runs to this day) for $2 and turned it into a marketing powerhouse. Eric is a man who is comfortable with taking on calculated risks on top of being a pro marketer and an entrepreneur who knows how to hustle. 

In addition to his own podcast called Growth Everywhere, he also co-hosts another podcast called Marketing School (see above) with Neil Patel. 

Why should you listen? 

Apart from all the goodness of a marketing-related podcast, you shouldn’t miss Eric’s take on marketing strategies and marketing tools to help you crush your marketing efforts.  

Zero To Scale Podcast

There’s always something to learn from “rags to riches” stories or Zero to scale stories of several businesses who’ve made it happen. The Zero to Scale Podcast (which just closed shop recently) is hosted by Greg Hickman and Justin McGill. 

The Zero to Scale podcasts has everything from startups, entrepreneurship, business planning, business growth, and marketing. 

Why should you listen? 

It’s a chance for the rest of us to listen to how Greg, Justin, and several of their guests think, plan, run, and position their businesses for growth. 

Ray Edwards Show

The Ray Edwards show is a free, weekly online radio show created for small business owners, and those who want to start a business. Partly inspiring and partly informative, the show is a ray of hope for anyone who wants to start a business, manage a business, or run a business to profit from it. 

The episodes also feature several other business owners or entrepreneurs with their stories on how they got started with their respective businesses, how they surmounted their own problems, and more. 

Why should you listen? 

Apart from the advice and Interviews, because Ray Edwards is also a good man. 

The Art of Paid Traffic 

The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast is hosted by Rick Mulready (a.k.a The Iron Man of Facebook ads) and has a certain lean on “paid traffic” — running ads, managing ads, and scaling your business with paid ads on digital media. 

The episodes themselves are fun to listen to and just like the team at Fizzle, there’s a sense of relatability, honesty, and truth to each of the episodes on The Art of Paid Traffic. This is on top of just how important it is for all of us to master skills related to paid traffic, paid ads, retargeting, and more. 

Why should you listen? 

For expert Insights, for knowledge, for learning new skills, and to master paid advertising (with a grain of truth). 

What are some of your favorite podcasts? Let me know in the comments below

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