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Newsletter Sponsorship Marketplaces: How to Get Sponsorships

Newsletter Sponsorship Marketplaces

Newsletter Sponsorship Marketplaces are the matchmakers you’d love (unlike other kinds of matchmakers we all love to hate).  Embrace newsletter sponsorship marketplaces —  instead of hustling, sending cold emails, hunting on social media, and sending out even more cold emails for getting newsletter sponsorships.  It takes time to:  Build your newsletter subscribers Get sponsorships for … Read more

5 Pillars Of Content Creator Success

Content Creator Success

Have audience? Brands will pay. That, in essence, is content creator success for you. Look around the world of the web and you’ll notice distinct traits: If you have an audience (no matter what kind of content you create), you have ways to monetize your audience.  That ain’t no rocket science.  What’s so hard to achieve … Read more