How to Create ConvertKit Forms

Want to learn how to create ConvertKit forms? Don’t just look at the knowledge-base or a random YouTube video on How to Create ConvertKit forms (like I have below). Why, you ask? Anyone can learn how to create a ConvertKit form; what you really need is this: How to Create ConvertKit Forms that Really dial … Read more

Email Marketing Tips: 10 Elements You’ll Absolutely Need

Before you roll your eyes over the same old “email marketing tips” post, there’s a reason why I am writing this again: because no one ever follows good advice, it seems? Did you know that for every $1 that Shopify stores spend on email marketing (on average and for those that use email right), they … Read more

7 Steps To Do Email Marketing Right in 2023

Email marketing returns 4300% on every dollar. For that alone, you must do email marketing right. As a small business owner, you already have too much on your plate.  When it comes to digital marketing for your business, you’ll probably end up with the paradox of choice. Should you focus your efforts on SEO? Should … Read more

Drip Email Marketing Software: Sell Smart With Advanced Automation

Email marketing has an ROI of 4300% (now, it might be even more). Email marketing didn’t die. If you aren’t doing email marketing or if you are still focused on managing social media accounts or doing SEO like there’s no tomorrow, you are literally throwing money away. Email marketing is the single best thing you … Read more

How ( & Why) To Use Tags With Mailchimp

You do know how irritating it can be when you already purchased something online and you continue to get emails to buy, upgrade, or to subscribe? When businesses do this, it shows that they don’t care. They don’t respect you enough. That they didn’t bother to do certain simple things (such as using tags) or … Read more

Plain Text Vs HTML Emails: What Should You Go With?

TL; DR Quick question: When it comes to email marketing, should you use Plain text Vs HTML emails? What should you use, and why? Answer: Mostly plain text. Sometimes HTML (always optional). I no longer have the time or the patience to convince clients when they come asking as to whether or not they should … Read more

Leadpages + Drip: The Ultimate Combo For Lead Generation & Marketing Automation

You got to love LeadPages and Drip Combo. Leadpages is a landing page builder and Drip is an email marketing automation tool. Together, they form the backend of your sales funnels — and that’s something you’d absolutely need to generate leads, nurture leads, and make sales happen. But wait. Why pick Leadpages and Drip as … Read more

Email Automation: Basic Sequences You Should Run, Now

Your website should normally be the first destination to help you start generating leads. It so happens that the importance of your website — as far as generating leads is concerned — is almost always overlooked. Most business websites aren’t even designed from a marketing standpoint, let alone generate leads. Whether you get 10 visitors … Read more