Drip Onsite: Smart Lead Generation On Nitro Boosters

Have you heard of Drip Onsite? It’s a brand new feature by Drip — the popular email marketing program for eCommerce (and other businesses) with its powerful list management, automation workflows, and so much more.

In case you didn’t know, Drip acquired Sleeknote a few years ago. Now, Drip is bringing in the sheer power of Sleeknote — in the form of Onsite — to work in tandem with the already powerful and Intuitive email marketing software that Drip always was.

Here are a few Drip Onsite features that’ll help you put your lead generation on steroids, grow your business in a sustainable manner, and help you crack marketing goals like a pro:

Form Builder [Not Your Average One]

Drip Form Builder

If you’ve ever used Sleeknote before, you’d remember just how easy, smart, and ridiculously addictive Sleeknote was.

Now, with Drip in the driver seat, you get the same intuitive, powerful, leagues-above-average than a regular form builder.

Your forms could be pop-ups, in-line embeddable forms, exit-intent popups, sticky bars, slide-ins, side bars, and many others.


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Drive More Purchases

Increase eCommerce Conversions
Drip Onsite To Increase eCommerce Conversions

If you have an eCommerce business, you already know just how critical it is to retain customers. Meanwhile, it’s getting harder than ever to get your first time customers as well.

Ease that pain a bit by getting the ability to drive purchases everywhere (and give your business more ways to score).

With Drip Onsite, you can increase eCommerce sales, boost eCommerce subscriptions, incentivize your first-time buyers, delight existing customers, reward loyal customers, and make well-timed (+ relevant) offers on your eCommerce store.

Drip also works with Shopify — which means that everything good you get with Shopify such as Shopify Accelerated Checkout and Shopfy Shop-in-Shop, Shopify Shop Pay, and others features also work in your favor.


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Create Smart Segments [More Data Power]

Do you create segments while managing email marketing programs? You should.

Without segmentation, you are “spraying and praying”. Spray and pray is not marketing strategy.

Smart segmentation doesn’t even have to be too much work. When you use Drip Onsite, depend on features such as quizzes and multi-step forms to collect zero-party data.

Enhance email marketing segmentation with precise buckets you can use to fine tune your email marketing strategy.

Send Powerful Automations

Drip has always been the “go to” email marketing program — more inclined towards eCommerce businesses than others.

Drip features powerful features for list building, email list management, eCommerce email designer (with the option of using simple text emails), eCommerce broadcasts, SMS marketing, and advanced email marketing automation.

Together with the advanced lead generation capabilities of Drip Onsite, plug Drip’s advanced email marketing automation features and you truly have a winner in your hands.

You can run multi-channel, evergreem email marketing strategies almost on autopilot. Build smart segments as you send emails.

Test your campaigns, get access to insights, customize workflow templates, use the powerful workflow builder to craft automationed emails, and integrate with other software to complete the picture.


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Grow Your Email List with Drip Onsite

You work hard to bring in relevant traffic for your website; you’ll then owe it yourself (and your business) to convert visitors into leads and subscribers — ultimately turning them into customers and brand loyalists over a period of time.

You can now grow your email list with all of the forms (including pop-ups, opt-in bars, slide-ins, and others) but also with targeted onsite messages. As visitors engage, automatically add them to your welcome journey (Drip Automations) and guide them along into the journey you set out for them.


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Do you use Drip for email marketing? If yes, tell me how it’s working out for you. Which of these brand new Drip Onsite features do you think will help?

Tell me all about it on Twitter, LinkedIn, or my LinkedIn Brand page.

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