Shopify Drip Combo: Match. Made In Heaven

The Shopify Drip combination for eCommerce email marketing workflows is a route you take for maximizing profitability. 

eCommerce is not just about Start shop; Wait for the cash to roll. 

eCommerce = big business. 

In the United States alone, eCommerce is set to step over the $1 Trillion line by the end of 2022, according to Insider Intelligence. Meanwhile, by 2023, eCommerce sales are expected to reach $6.5 trillion globally. 

Further, there are an estimated 24 million eCommerce sites worldwide. I am willing to bet that most of those sites are growing in the wild — with no lack of direction, non-optimized eCommerce site design, and several bottlenecks that’ll be devastating for them.

You don’t want to be there; you’d want to be equipped, smart, and ready-to-rumble from the word “go.”

That’s where eCommerce-specific email marketing workflows shine through. Let’s see how you’d use Shopify as the eCommerce platform and Drip as your primary tool for email marketing, SMS marketing, and for automation workflows. 

Here’s how the Shopify Drip combination works together to allow you to take advantage of smart technology, features, tools, and workflows to change the way you sell products completely. 

Shopify and Drip: The Combo Is More Potent Than You Think 

Shopify makes it easy for you to start an eCommerce store (to sell whatever, including digital products like eBooks and more). That’s just the start.

Shopify taps into endless streams of data about your customers. 

Plug Drip into the picture and the popular email marketing and SMS marketing tool does some smart things: gathering data about the entire history of the customer:

What did she browse? Pages she visited? Products she checked out? Actions she took? Links she clicked on? And more. 

Drip sorts all of this data, organizes it for you, and allows you to use these insights to create smart email marketing (and now SMS marketing campaigns). 

As an eCommerce brand, you can skip guessing and start using these insights to provide personalized experiences (along with some other cool things such as building brand loyalty and trust). 

More specifically, here’s how the two platforms are awesome by themselves and how sparks fly when they work together: 

The Big Advantage of Shopify 

Tons of information is already out there on Shopify, so I promise I won’t bore you. Here’s how Shopify helps from a purely business and marketing standpoint. 

According to Backlinko, Shopify brought in a whopping $79.5 billion in order value in 2021. 

Shopify’s revenue as of June 2021 is $2.10 billion. The Shopify App Store contains 7,000 apps. In all, Shopify merchants had a total of 457 million buyers in 2020.

The reason? Simplity, hassle-free, and Push-to-Start eCommerce

Unlike WordPress, Magento, and any of the other popular options for eCommerce. Shopify is really a “push to start” eCommerce platform. 

Shopify = Start store, select theme, and sell products. Done. 

If you ask a marketer like me to start an eCommerce business, I’d run with Shopify. It saves an incredible amount of time, removes hassles of all sorts, and allows me to focus on marketing, sales, and customer support — they make money. Nothing else does. 

Working with servers, managing hosting, dealing with updates, trying to handle multiple design tweaks, facing page speed challenges (because they affect conversions) — it’s just too much for a regular business owner to manage (on top of managing business itself). 

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Drip: Email Marketing Solution Built for eCommerce 

Mailchimp? Generic. It works this way and that way. You can make it work for “everything”. Fine and dandy. 

Convertkit is  Perfect for content creators and bloggers. Works great with specific eCommerce platforms built for content creators, bloggers, online course creators: such as Podia, Thinkific, Payhip, Gumroad, and more. 

While you can make Drip work for every kind of business, the platform is specifically an email marketing solution built for eCommerce. 

With a clean, easy-to-use, and simple interface, it makes email marketing automation easy. Drip comes loaded with features such as insights and subscriber history, lead scoring, and bulk email operations. 

Plus, it has everything you need for eCommerce email marketing success: SMS marketing, regular emails, transactional emails, email broadcasts, and a full-featured email creator or builder (with choice of regular emails or HTML emails). 

Drip also has email marketing and SMS marketing workflows for eCommerce which makes it really easy for you to implement these workflows. 

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In summary,  

Shopify for the eCommerce store

Drip for email Marketing.

Your products and/or services


Excellent customer support (hint: There several customer Support tools businesses can use)

Match. Made in heaven. Yes? 

Checkout some awesome DTC email marketing examples

See for yourself just how easy it is to start and succeed with eCommerce. Start with Shopify

While you are at it, start a free trial with Drip.  

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