Increase Ecommerce Sales (& How To Keep It That Way)

Worried about the drop in your eCommerce sales? Or Would you like to increase eCommerce sales?

After all, competition among e-commerce stores is stiff. With nearly 12M to 24M e-commerce stores in the world today, driving sales is no picnic. 

But it should not let you stop from obtaining your goals. There are ways to improve your online store. You can always learn about email marketing best practices, provide customer service into a profit center, determine where to best market your niche, or better understand your target market. 

Here are some of the best e-commerce marketing tips that can noticeably increase your sales: 

Customer Support is not Just “Support”: Time to Change This

We humans love inertia. We find comfort in “It is what it is” or “this is how it’s always been”.

Customer support (much like marketing) is thought of “something you should be doing to answer customers’ questions”.

Businesses got so lazy that they even throw up a FAQ page or a knowledgeable to “avoid” having to respond to customers.

Did you know that customer support and customer service can be a real, consistent, and a dependable revenue generator? By using a single, comprehensive, and smart solution like Gorgias, you can turn exceptional customer service into a Profit center.

Apart from find mind-blowing ways to service faster (and better), you can also serve customers even before they reach your eCommerce store. Or you could automate some aspects of customer service so that you can put focus on building real relationships.

Make your social media, live chat, email, and all other forms of communication make money for your eCommerce business.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Issues: Find & Fix

Cart abandonment mostly implies that either there are some issues with your website layout or the customer is not happy with the price. 

A study found out that 27% of shoppers abandoned carts as the checkout process was too complicated. Another study suggested that 56% of shoppers reportedly said that unexpected costs made them abandon their shopping carts.

To avoid these issues, being an authentic brand is a must. Ensure that you are upfront with the costs. All the prices on your product list, including additional fees, need to be reflected. 

Don’t force customers to create accounts for purchase. You can offer it as an option to build loyalty while giving them a reason to come back. Enforcing it will have a negative impact as they might think you will bombard them with emails.

Also, make the checkout process simple so that the users can glide through the process.

Furthermore, having too many pages, complicated information forms, and demanding unnecessary information should be avoided at all costs. 


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Drive More Sales With Upsells & Cross Sells

Paul W. Farris & Neil T says in their marketing guide that the likelihood of selling to a new customer is 5-20%, while the prospect of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%.

You have 14x more chances to sell a product to an existing customer compared to a new one. 

And this is where upselling and cross-selling comes in.

When you upsell, you try to convince a customer to either buy something of greater value. Cross-selling, on the other hand, is a sales technique that makes customers invest more by purchasing a product that’s related to something they already bought.

Upselling is a clear-cut technique, but there are some methods that you can apply for cross-selling.

Try advertising your highest-selling products while a customer checks out. You can also show comparable items at the shopping cart step. One of the best techniques is to send a follow-up email suggesting similar items.


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Retarget on Facebook

More than 90% of all your website visitors don’t do anything worthwhile on your website. They just leave. 

If and when they do, it hurts your chances of acquiring leads and making sales. 

Retargeting is highly effective as it allows your customers to see your products wherever they are. You can use any marketing tool to target your potential customers on Facebook and display the ads of your products that they recently viewed right in their feed.

Moreover, there are many other benefits to using social media to attract customers. The best part is that Facebook remarketing doesn’t demand much effort and is cheaper than other marketing tools. 


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Increase & Focus On Customer Life Cycle Value

In order to keep customers coming back again and again, you need to follow certain tricks. Selling products that expire and/or get consumed quickly is one formula. It will reap better profits if you can get your buyers on a subscription plan. Or find ways to increase customer life cycle value.

If you sell products that are used for a longer duration, offering discounts can help. Also, try to improve your interaction frequency via emails, blogs, ads, and SEO. 

For seasonal products, let the customers know the importance of buying them at the right time. Try and stay ahead of the competition by implementing sales.

For instance, if you sell shoes, you can attract customers using a winter sale and sell boots to your customers before they buy their winter shoes.

If you have returning customers, thank them by offering coupons and discounts. They will happily come back for more which automatically helps you increase eCommerce sales.


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Embrace Affiliate Marketing or Partner Marketing

It becomes easier to boost sales when semi-famous people or bloggers with some influence recommend your products to their audience. The basic idea of affiliate marketing is that you pay a fee or commission to affiliates and in return, and they tell their loyal followers why they love your product. 

But note that choosing the wrong affiliate can drag your business down, which is why it’s essential to research your affiliate thoroughly. 

Ensure that your affiliate’s loyal fans are the demographic you want. Being in your niche isn’t everything. They have to be the right age range, gender, and have the right income, and so on.


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Boosting your e-commerce sales is decidedly easy if you implement proper methods. Only when you build a solid foundation for your e-commerce marketing strategy, your business will thrive. 

A perfect blend of customer support and digital marketing strategies is enough to help you attract new customers and retain the previous ones, thereby doing what you can to increase eCommerce sales.

Moreover, you have to craft your strategy in such a way that it makes you stand out among your competition.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity for your business to grow online and to increase eCommerce sales.

You just need to implement these tricks properly, and you’ll be able to increase eCommerce sales, scale up your marketing, and attract new customers. 

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