How to Build Email Lists: A Simple 3-Step Guide

Learning how to build email lists is the single best thing you’ll do for your business. I know you’d have read about it countless times, but that’s because it really is the underrated digital marketing channel out there. I wrote about why you should drop everything you are doing and why you should build a … Read more

Build Subscriber Lists: Do Email Marketing & Drop Everything Else

Build subscriber lists and you’ll make more money than you thought. Do you have a list of your customers? If I asked you right away, do you have ways to build subscriber lists? Despite the push, many businesses don’t do it. New. Shiny. Revolutionary. Fancy We always want the next best thing. We watch out … Read more

Building Sales Funnels? Use these Awesome Tools

The reason why you want to spend time building sales funnels is because you need to guide your visitors towards the steps you want them to take. You won’t last a day trying to manage your digital marketing efforts — organic or paid — without the help of the right set of tools to build … Read more

Email Marketing A/B Testing: Why Bother & How It Matters?

Exactly 1 out of 143 clients in the last 3 years have bothered with email marketing A/B testing. It’s not surprising since many clients don’t even have “absolutely anything to do” with email marketing itself. I mean, who the heck bothers with the old and boring email marketing when there are really hot social media … Read more

Why Use Email Marketing?

There’s a lot of bullshit marketing advice out there and I am worried that you are spending way too much time reading that same advice and wasting away even more time before you end up working every day in a way that makes a difference to your business. Forget blogging, SEO, social media, PPC, and … Read more

MailChimp Vs Drip: Which One Helps You Automate Better?

While this is a MailChimp Vs Drip tug of war blog post, I use both. I want you to think and decide which one works for you best. MailChimp, you very well know, is an absolute gem of an email marketing software. Recently, they had let out their automation tools for everyone to use, and … Read more

Email Marketing Stats: Are You Still Doing Small Stuff?

You heard that you should grow your list. It’s repetitive, and it feels like a rallying cry Internet-wide. Marketers, Smart businesses, bloggers, and online publishers — they all swear by email marketing. Why? What’s so sexy about the “un-sexy” email? I used to tell everyone who cares to listen that email marketing is like the … Read more

13+ B2B Email Marketing Examples You’d Fall In love With

B2B Marketing emails — and the B2B marketing email examples shown here — always do a tight-rope walk: Should you be serious and sound all corporate-ish or should you dare write out personalized emails? I only have two recommendations for using an email marketing system that can help you grow your list and run a … Read more