Crocoblock Review: All-In-One ToolKit for WordPress Nerds

You thought you were done with your excitement with what you could achieve with Elementor or Elementor Pro? You haven’t seen nothing yet. Read this Crocoblock review and see just how you can build on top of your Elementor websites. 

Crocoblock started off just like any other third-party Elementor theme provider along with a few plugins.

But then, the team at Crocoblock went further ahead and built an all-in-one toolkit that absolutely anyone — from web designers to WordPress agencies; from developers to Entrepreneurs; from bloggers to online publications could use. 

Crocoblock comes with various products in their stable, which include: 

  • Dynamic WordPress templates: Fully-functional WordPress templates which you can use to plug-and-play. 
  • Regular WordPress themes such as Kava and Kava Pro
  • A mind-boggling array of WordPress plugins which can make even an 8th-grade child an expert on WordPress 
  • Extras such as an Interactive Pop-up library and Pop-up templates to make your WordPress site a lead generation machine. 

Crocoblock provides you with two different kinds of WordPress templates, along with plugins, extras, DevTools, and more: WordPress design templates (the usual kind) and WordPress Dynamic Templates (See below).  

Crocoblock WordPress Templates

Visually and functionally, Crocoblock’s WordPress Templates are crafted with care without the usual WordPress theme bloat. 

Crocoblock WordPress templates are built and sorted across categories such as corporate, business events, personal portfolios, digital agencies, IT courses, bitcoin trading, and so many more. 

Across the web, you do have several sources for WordPress templates. You also have specific Elementor Templates for WordPress, available inside the Elementor theme library, the basic (but still powerful Elementor Hello template, and several other sources as well). 

Crocoblock’s WordPress templates, built to work independently or on top of the Elementor Pro Plugin, are fast, well-equipped, and ready-to-go. You’d just have to pick a template you like, change the elements around, and launch your website. 

Crocoblock’s WordPress templates are ready-made, sorted, and categorized such as WordPress templates for Real estate, portfolio websites, business websites, corporate websites, and so many more. 

Crocoblock WordPress themes

For each WordPress template on offer (there are over 47+ templates for you to play with), check out the live demos to see how they really look and work on your devices (such as desktop, mobile, and tablet).

Crocoblock WordPress Dynamic Templates

Forget WordPress themes and plugins. If you wanted to launch a full-fledged business straight out of a WordPress setup, Crocoblock’s dynamic WordPress templates are the way to go. 

Featuring around 9+ dynamic templates, each of these WordPress dynamic templates come loaded with everything you need (the themes, necessary plugins, and other functionalities) that you’d need to start a rental website (like AirBnB), a WooCommerce Shop, a car rental website, an automotive dealer website, a hotel booking platform, or a doctor appointment portal. 

Just pick the kind of dynamic WordPress website you want to launch, change the elements to reflect your own business (such as the logo, the images, the copy or content, and other details), and launch your new business based on WordPress, built on top of Crocoblock and Elementor. 

Pick the kind of WordPress Dynamic template your business relates to, customize your WordPress theme (top-to-bottom), and launch your new website in minutes. 

Crocoblock Plugins

Crocoblock WordPress plugins can be used as standalone plugins or they can be used on top of whatever Elementor goodness you might already have available. Each of the Crocoblock plugins are built to do something very specific. Here are some of the WordPress plugins available with Crocoblock and what you can do with each: 

JetElements: Bring visual delight to any of your WordPress themes, including Crocoblock’s themes or other themes you might use such as StudioPress, those from 10Web, and more. 

JetEngine: Did you know that you can transform the way your website displays content based on the power of showcasing dynamic content on your pages? Use JetEngine to setup parameters to help users create or display any kind of dynamic content (calendar sync, display grids, and more). 

JetPopups: Create and have pop-ups trigger on your website based on various parameters and triggers (such as exit intent, click on link, or click on button). Customize and style your pop-ups the way you want them to be with JetPopups plugin. 

JetTricks: Bring your website to life by adding interactive visual effects to your website assets (such as content and images). Pick from tooltips, satellite effects, and more. 

JetSmartFilters: You’d not be using the full power of the CMS and Database engines that your WordPress website is powered with. Using Jet Smart Filters, you can allow your users to select, choose, sort, and filter based on several criteria (which makes sense for your business). For instance, your customers can choose to display products based on price, range, or other variables (depending on what you sell). Build filters such as search filter, checkbox filter, rating filter, visual filter, and more. 

JetBooking: Would you like your users to book rooms based on date ranges, travel packages, cars for rent, rooms on long-term vacations?Use the JetBooking plugin from Crocoblock to build the next AirBnb or 

JetAppointment: Want to easily enable your users to book appointments on your WordPress website? Use JetAppointment to allow your potential clients to book services (from an array of multiple services you provide) along with multi-step forms and customizable checkout. 

JetWooBuilder: Want to build custom product pages or custom eCommerce grids for your eCommerce store? Use Jet WooBuilder to create taxonomy lists, product grids, product carousels, and control how your products are displayed to your customers. 

Jet Product Gallery: Retain the power to display products or items on your eCommerce store the way you think is best. Use Jet Product Gallery add product display carousels, product images, reviews or ratings, and more. 

Jet CompareWishlist: Bring an Amazon-like experience to your eCommerce store by letting your users add items to a “compare” table or have them add items to a wishlist. You can enable this feature easily by using Jet Compare Wishlist. 

JetReviews: Reviews can help drive more sales on your website. It’s called the power of social proof. This is a simple strategy you can’t ever go wrong with. Use Jet Reviews plugin to add reviews to any post type (including review-type posts) along with ratings and comments. 

JetMenu: Were you ever impressed with some of those mega menus on popular websites, newspaper sites (like CNN), and other online publications? You can do that yourself with the JetMenu plugin. Create horizontal, vertical, and hamburger menus in just a few clicks. 

JetBlocks: Manage your site logo, add extra elements to your headers (such as a login icon, eCommerce cart, add registration forms or add a search field to your header) with JetBlocks. 

JetSearch: Implement fast, light, and visually enriched search experience for your WordPress website with JetSearch.

JetBlog: You don’t have to do the “same old”, “same old” with your blog layout on WordPress. Use the JetBlog plugin from Crocoblock to add dynamic content to your blog layout, style individual blog pages, and more.

JetTabs: Ever wanted to use accordion tabs or pricing table switches (to display variable pricing such as monthly or annually)? Use JetTabs to deploy tabs, price switchers, and accordions on your WordPress website? 

Jet StyleManager: Style your pages way faster with the Style Manager plugin. Make sweeping changes to how content and website assets are displayed to your users. 

Jet ThemeCore: Design, build, and manage an entire WordPress website’s site structure. Work & manage your headers, footers, archive pages, blog pages, and other such universal parts of your WordPress website

There are WordPress Plugins and there are Crocoblock’s WordPress Plugins: there’s a difference. 

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Crocoblock Pop-up Library & Pop-up Templates

Forget what you keep reading about pop-ups and the rallying cry that pop-ups are irritating or that they are bad. You are in business and you are not in the business of pleasing people. You are a business. You need leads. You need sales. Period. 

According to the folks at Sumo, the average conversion rate for a pop-up is around 3.09%? 

Will pop-ups work? Are pop-ups good? Is there a chance that Pop-ups can harm user experience? 

What if you wanted more functionality when it comes to creating and launching pop-ups (for lead generation on your WordPress) on top of the powerful Elementor Pop-ups

You’d use Crocoblock Pop-up library and Pop-up templates from Crocoblock.

Pick any template from the available pop-up templates on Crocoblock and create your Pop-ups on the fly. If you need inspiration, do check out the Interactive Pop-up library

Remember that all of these features and functionality are on top of what Elementor Pop-ups already provide (if you are using Elementor Pro along with Crocoblock that is). Even if you don’t use Elementor Pro, you can still work with Crocoblock Pop-ups or the JetPopup plugin or both. 

On top of everything else available with Crocoblock, you also get access to more than 150+ WordPress widgets. Some of these work to enhance your game with Elementor Pro. Pick from a variety of widgets such as design widgets, basic WordPress widgets, and WooCommerce widgets. 

For instance, you can use Crocoblock WordPress widgets for WooCommerce to customize your customers account login page, the thank you page for each order, and the cart page.

You can also use design widgets to add scroll navigation, parallax effects, progress charts or bars, logo showcase, or animated flipboxes. 

Take a look at various WordPress widgets available for you to use 

Crocoblock Kava Theme

If you ever looked for a perfect WordPress theme — a true match that can work with Crocoblock, Elementor Pro, you should consider using Crocoblock’s Kava Theme. With the Kava Theme itself, you get plenty of layouts to mix and match in a way that makes sense for your business. Choose from several blog display styles, and single-page layout styles (for everything else on your WordPress site). 

The Kava theme was also designed for page speed (no superfluous code) and is built for performance-oriented websites. The Kava theme is WooCommerce-ready, developer-friendly, easy enough to be used by everyone else, comes with preset styles, and is also compatible with Elementor

Note that you get access to everything above (including the Kava Theme) along with DevTools and extras for a single license of Crocoblock or a subscription to Crocoblock. 

Crocoblock pricing is available for a single website or for unlimited websites. Further, Crocoblock’s pricing also makes everything Crocoblock has to offer for a yearly subscription. There’s also a lifetime license available for you if you think you need to work with several websites (for clients) or for your own portfolio. 

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