Free WordPress Plugins That Make Money [Guaranteed]

Use WordPress for your business or use it as a blog. Here are Free WordPress Plugins That Make Money [Guaranteed] 💰 👇

You use WordPress. You have a website (or a blog, a portal, or what have you). Yet, you struggle to make money with it?

Understandable. WordPress is a powerful blogging platform with over 60 million websites. It has been estimated that WordPress powers about 20% of all the websites on the internet.

However, those numbers don’t impress anyone who’s still looking to make the famous “one-click install” worth it for themselves.

WordPress can be used for any type of website, and it’s really easy to use. That’s where the “easy” part ends.

Everything else with digital marketing takes super-human effort (if you thought it was easy, you are wrong). However, these free WordPress plugins really makes things easier for you. Read along:

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yes, I know that you know about it. You just don’t use it as much, you don’t use it right, and you have no idea just how much value the free Yoast plugin already has in store for you.

This plugin is the most popular WordPress Plugin for search engine optimization (SEO). It’s easy to use and it will make your blog or website more visible on Google, Bing, Yahoo! Search.

More traffic = more money in your pocket.Use it the right way and you have almost instant traffic coming in. Set up the plugin the right way (such as meta tags for pages and posts and others) and you are good to go.

It’s easy to use (just focus on getting the SEO basics and readability right). Also, make use of the Schema tab (most people don’t).

While you are on the topic of SEO, remember that the Yoast SEO plugin won’t just help you make bank automatically.

You’ll need a solid content marketing strategy (which is a big ass name for something as simple as publishing velocity — the speed and frequency with which you publish content).

Are you into affiliate marketing? Do you contantly publish (across the web) in several formats, starting with the bred-and-butter blog posts? You’ll need Pretty links.

This WordPress plugin is easy to use (just install it and follow the installation instructions) and gives your links a bit of style.

Say goodbye to big, bad, and unwieldy affiliate links and use nice looking links such as

This also makes it easier for you to just “say it” when you do podcasts, YouTube videos, and teach online courses.

Affiliate is a huge, multi-billion dollar industry, in case I see you frowning your eyebrows. In some cases, it’s collectively larger than the startup ecosystem in a few countries.

JetFormBuilder by Crocoblock

JetFormBuilder by Crocoblock might be free. However, the way it’s built and the functionality it provides makes it worth paying for (but that’s optional for you).

With the JetForm Builder, you can create beautiful forms (of all kinds) and that includes forms with dates and time, forms with Stripe connectivity, multi-step forms, and so much more.

You get a lot more when you go premium but even the free version is worth a lot. Use your forms properly and it’s your ticket to making money.

Interested? Read a complete review of JetFormBuilder by Crocoblock here.

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