How to Accept Payments On WordPress [With WPForms]

Want to accept payments on WordPress with forms?

Wouldn’t it be nice to accept payments on WordPress (with Stripe, Paypal, or other forms of payment) for various reasons such as for donations, for the services you deliver, for your online courses, or for your membership site?

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There’s an easier way to create specific forms to accept payments with Stripe or Paypal. And no, you don’t have to lose your sanity doing that or hire expensive developers to make it happen: just use WPForms

Forms on your website are the quintessential windows of opportunity for you as a business, a blogger, or an online publisher.

Granted that there are several ways for your potential customers to interact with you — such as chatbots and live chat prompts. Forms, however, are a low-friction way for your potential customers to interact with you. 

According to Lisa Gennaro, forms can help keep your site secure, reduce spam, make yourself more reachable (and hence be more trustworthy), and to generate leads. 

If you wanted to, you can also use forms for hiring, use forms for marketing, forms for surveys, and use forms to gather inputs or data. If you wanted to, you may also create conversational forms. That’s just how powerful forms are.

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That’s also the reason why some of the best landing pages in the world still use forms as a way to capture leads. Opt-in forms (including the exit-intent ones) also use forms as a way to get results (depending on what these opt-in forms, pop-ups, sticky bars, and slide-ins were set up for). 

To accept payments on WordPress with forms then, the options available to you could be bewildering, to say the least. 

There are so many ways to create forms to accept payments with WordPress (for instance), that you could just freeze and drop to the ground. 

With WPForms, you could make it easier for yourself to create forms that accept payments, help generate revenue for yourself, and make it frictionless for your potential customers to pay you. 

Lindsay Liedke of WPForms actually lists out specific reasons why creating payment forms with WPForms could be a potential money-maker for your business: 

— It costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to maintain an existing customer. By giving existing customers the option to pay you on a regular basis for products or services, you save money and make money online with ease.

— Repeat business through recurring payments helps forge better, longer-lasting relationships with your target audience.

— You can collect steady income when you accept recurring payments for things like monthly products, subscriptions, and memberships (easily build a membership site using one of the best WordPress membership plugins in the market)

— Enabling recurring payment functionality gives your business room to scale.

— Accepting recurring payments takes less effort on your part, and makes things easier on your customers too.

Now that we know why you need forms and that you can use WPForms to create forms to accept payments, let’s find out how to do it (depending on your business use case): 

Design WordPress Forms

With WPForms, you can create a regular WordPress form easily, quickly, and without breaking a sweat. Go ahead and create your WordPress form with WPForms as you’d normally do. 

After you are done creating your basic WordPress form, you’d want to accept payments on WordPress with your form. You’ll use WPForms Addons for that. 

So, be sure to use the requisite WPForms Add-ons — the Stripe Addon and the Paypal Addon for the purposes of this example here. 


How to Install & Use Paypal Addon With WPForms

How to Use The Stripe Addon For WPForms 

Now, let’s say you were creating a simple Donation form. This is how it’d look like: 

Build forms on WordPress

Or if you were just creating a barebones form to accept payments for your services or for your online courses, this is how it’d look like: 

Create payment forms on WordPress

WPForms Payment Addons: Activate & Configure

After your WPForms Addons are activated (including other things you need to do such as to choose the currency and other settings for the Paypal Addon or Stripe Addon or both), drag and drop to add (or delete) the form fields you need. 

Further, add your choices (courses or service types or consulting packages).

configure wpforms on WordPress
Use Stripe Addon WPforms

Next, go to the payments tab and configure payment providers (Stripe? Paypal? Both?) as shown below.

If you’d like to enable recurring subscriptions, you can use the options inside WPForms to do just that as well. 

Recurring Subscriptions for WordPress


How to Accept Recurring Payments On Your WordPress Forms 

To create payment forms using WPForms on WordPress, In a nutshell, you’d do the following: 

  • Install & Activate WPForms with necessary addons such as Stripe Addon and Paypal Addon. 
  • Create a WordPress form 
  • Configure your form (add or delete fields, create payment plans, set intervals for payment, etc.)
  • Enable Subscriptions for your form (If you need to)
  • Click on Save and Activate. 

Be sure to test your payment flow on your forms.

That’s all you need to do to ensure that you have a way to accept credit card payments or other payments using Stripe or Paypal on your WordPress site.

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