How to Add Custom Domain On Payhip

Time needed: 15 minutes

Learn how to add a custom domain on Payhip since you want your store to be on brand and reflect your website URL. 

Payhip is an incredible value for money (because you don’t pay any, and upgrades are optional). 

Instead of the default Payhip URL such as , for Instance, you would want something like and so on

Watch the video for the walkthrough of how to add a custom domain on Payhip

After you followed the instructions for setup. Get back to the domains tab inside Payhip. 

Add the new domain you added ( in my case to verify. 

This is how the process looks like: 

  1. Note CNAME instructions from Payhip

    Get the exact CNAME record instructions that Payhip provides: it’s usually something like — copy this. After adding your CNAME record in your DNS, you’ll have to get back to this page (as shown) and add “existing domain”

    Add Custom Domain Payhip

  2. Go to DNS Zone, Login to Your Domain Name Provider

    Go to your DNS Zone or Domain Management Zone (DNS) of your domain provider. Domain name providers like Godaddy, Namecheap, Cloudflare — all have domain management interfaces where you can add several types of domain records, such as “A” record, “CNAME’ record, and so on.
    add DNS Record Payhip Subdomains

  3. Add a new CNAME Record

    “Add a new record”. In our case here, we’ll need to add a new CNAME record. The “Name” label will be exactly what you want your new subdomain to be (like get, academy, learn, shop, etc.). The “Target” will be  domains.payhip.comAdd CNAME for Payhip Sub domains

  4. Add the record. Save it.

    If you see anything like “Proxy” or any other options, don’t use those. You don’t need to toggle on anything more. Just hit save.
    Save CNAME Payhip Sub domains

  5. Login to Payhip

    Once you are done creating and saving your CNAME record, get back to your Payhip Dashboard, click on “Store” tab, click on the tab called “domains”.Domains in payhip

  6. Type New Domain

    Type in your new domain name. The complete domain name as you wanted it to be. For example, it should be (or

    Type Custom Domain payhip

  7. Verify your domain

    The wizard within Payhip will automatically start verifying your new domain name. Assuming you got all of the previous steps right, you should see a “domain verified” statusConnect and Verify sub domains on Payhip

  8. Success Notification

    If your domain is verified — and if everything is working as it should — then you’ll get a “success notification”. Right there, on the screen. As shown…
    Subdomain Connected with Payhip

  9. Go conquer the world

    If the above is true, your domain status will show up there, under the domain tab as shown. For the actual URL or link to work, you might have to wait for the DNS settings to propagate. Once you have the link live, it’s time to change the world

    Sub domain Verification Status

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