How to Add Custom Domain On Payhip

How to Add a Custom Domain on Payhip

Get started with Payhip to sell eBooks, Coaching Programs, Membership sites, Recurring service subscriptions, online courses, other digital products (such as icons, illustrations, templates, music, art, and software). You can also use Payhip to sell physical products. Learn more about Payhip in this video: Get Payhip now — It’s is free for you to start. … Read more

Payhip Review: Sell Digital Products, For Free

Payhip review

Content creator economy is hotter than you can handle. This payhip review is a humble step in that direction, with a single motive: to help you get a platform that doesn’t burn your bank account while pushing you to get started (if you’d like to).  Katie Johnson of Applovin — who recently wrote for Forbes … Read more

Challenges Online Course Creators Face:6 Real Stories

Challenges Course Creators Face

The challenges online course creators face usually don’t have anything to do with the actual course creation process itself. Course creators, somehow, defy odds. That’s micro-entrepreneurship, in its full glory for you. We are content creators — so we’ll kick the devil in the head to the curb, overcome the imposter syndrome (if any), put … Read more

Difference Between Gumroad and Payhip [With Examples]

Difference between Gumroad and Payhip

The difference between Gumroad and Payhip can save you trouble, make marketing or branding easier, and save you cash.  This post will be updated continuously to keep it updated and fresh.  Both Payhip and Gumroad are absolutely free to use. The difference between Gumroad and Payhip is crucial because the right choice (or the wrong … Read more

Gumroad Vs Payhip Pricing: Costs, Pricing, & Plans — Explained

Gumroad Vs Payhip pricing (1)

When you first look at Gumroad Vs Payhip pricing, you’d think that both the platforms are free (except for transaction charges that PayPal and Stripe will take — true for any platform).  They are not the same. Payhip and Gumroad pricing are “fundamentally” different from each other. Prepare to do some math (with a few … Read more