How to Sell Online Courses With Payhip

Wondering how to sell online courses with Payhip for free?

For all of bad news around here, here’s a good one: You’ll be able to create, upload, design, host, and sell online courses absolutely free of cost [watch the video below]

Using Payhip, you can sell digital products, physical products, coaching, accept recurring payments for subscriptions, and also sell online courses (with Payhip’s new online course features). 

Most platforms out there would need you to pay money to get started with any of their premium features that online course creators need.

Some platforms, like Gumroad, do offer you these functionalities (free to use) but they have a convoluted pricing structure (read: more expensive than you thought), zero degree of freedom when it comes to designing your pages, product pages, course pages, and checkout. 

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I’ve already written about several challenges course creators face and the most important features online course creators need. 

To summarize, here are some of them: 

  • A full-fledged platform with access to everything you need (all features) to successfully upload, manage, and sell online courses. 
  • Customizable digital storefront (with a way to edit how your online course storefront looks — including individual landing pages for each online course with dedicated thank you pages and checkout pages. 
  • Ability to use different lesson types — text, video, assignments, quiz, and so on. 
  • Freedom to either use Payhip’s online video hosting service or other video hosting services (such as Vimeo, Wistia, or YouTube). 
  • Marketing features such as the ability to connect with email marketing platforms such as ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Drip, and others. 
  • Integration with other marketing apps and tools. 
  • Other awesome features such as cross selling, upselling, course student management, and online course certifications.

There are some fantastic platforms out there such as Podia and Thinkific that give you all of these features (above). It’s just that you’d have to pay to use these features. 

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How Payhip Works? 

Get an account with Payhip for free, and start using all of the course platform features — including 

  • Full-featured online course platform (create a course as a product) — upload courses, manage course lessons, create unlimited courses, and design individual course landing pages and other affiliated pages. 
  • Create a custom domain and use a completely branded online store
  • A complete online course management interface
  • Ability to embed course videos (using YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or your own Website). Alternatively, pay $9 per month and get Payhip Videos (and use Payhip Video Player that it ships with). 
  • Use Payhip features such as cross selling, Upselling, and other marketing features to grow your online course business. 

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Here’s a video on what the Payhip courses feature looks like and how to set up courses, sell courses, and more. 

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