How to Create WordPress Multi-Step Forms

Asking yourself the question, how to Create WordPress Multi-step forms? You are not alone. Several businesses struggle to find ways to create multi-steps forms. However, the solutions the problems are easy enough. Instead of wasting time trying find the solutions on your own, read this post 👇

Multi-step forms provide a better user experience, help in generating leads (much more than regular forms can), provide engagement, help users focus, and get you results (most important, eh?).

VentureHarbour, for instance, used multi-step forms to get a whopping 300% more conversions (than otherwise).

If you’ve ever struggled to create WordPress multi-step forms or if you paid someone else to do it, say goodbye to those days.

Here are a few ways to create multi-step forms for WordPress using a few simple WordPress plugins that’ll make your life easier.


JetFormBuilder, made by the capable folks at Crocoblock, is an enormously helpful solution to create WordPress multi-step forms for WordPress.

With features such as the ability to build Gutenberg forms visually, more than 18+ form field blocks, multi-form layouts, inline fields editing, and a free form styling plugin, you have everything you need to create sophisticated (and good looking) forms for WordPress.

Of course, you can also use more than 19 field types for forms, smart features such as conditional logic (with conditional fields and conditional actions), page breaks, form step indicators (form progress), and AJAX reload.

Further, you also get to deploy pre-filled values, enable form validation, set actions after form submission, and integrate with other marketing tools.

Build multi-step forms visually. Now, that is the way of the future.

Want to see a multi-step form in action? Here’s a demo of Multi-step form to see how it works and what it looks like.

Note: Crocoblock has several other plugins, fast themes, and even dynamic WordPress templates for you to use. The entire family of Crocoblock offers works great with Elementor as well.

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WPForms has been around for a while and the plugin hosts a comprehensive array of core features extended by add-ons. Depending on your needs and requirements, there’s a lot you can do with WPForms (please see specific functional uses and tutorials below).

Creating multi-step forms on WordPress with WPForms is just as easy as creating any form with the exception of splitting your form into different parts (to create the multi-step form), adding progress steps, setting up form notifications and confirmations, and more.

With the drag-and-drop form builder that WPForms essentially is, creating multi-step forms is easy, quick, and intuitive.

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Which of these form plugins do you use? How do you create multi-step forms?

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