Elementor For Marketers: Lot More Than WordPress Design

Is Elementor for Marketers? Or is it just for web design?

You’ll be surprised.

More than 8,000,000+ active sites use Elementor. A new Elementor website is born every 3 seconds. Elementor is the 4th most popular plugin in the world and has already come with 273 core releases. In the 5 years that Elementor has been in business, there’s a lot that happened. Here are some basic Elementor Stats you should know

So, you might think that Elementor is popular with the web development and web design community. But did you know that Elementor itself can give your entire marketing stack a run for the money?

Did you know that there’s a rock solid case for Elementor for marketers as well?

Here’s the premise: Elementor allows you to create and edit your website content without having any code knowledge and skills. The Elementor plugin lets marketers add customizations with ease that were not possible before, including adding video, animations, text effects, and more.

Understand how to use Elementor for Marketers so you can give your marketing business the power it needs, the room to scale and grow, and the tools needed to win clients and keep them forever.

Elementor for Marketers: All-in-one, Zero Code Platform

Marketers are not web designers or web developers. Contemporary marketing, however, demands skills that marketers need to create, design, and manage websites in a way that bring results for clients.

Ordinary websites won’t do. Websites that are pretty won’t do. Websites built by designers and developers also won’t do.

Marketing success depends on just how well websites convert. How much traffic do you manage to get to websites? How are the visitors converting into leads? How many of those leads convert into customers (once or for life)?

For designers and developers, these aspects are not in their job description. So, they don’t care.

Marketers need to care, though.

Elementor is an all-in-one platform that helps marketers design websites from a marketing standpoint.

Think minimalistic, purposeful design. Or building home pages which look and work like landing pages. Certainly, marketers also need landing pages (more below) to help bring clients the results they seek.

Elementor makes it all possible.

Build sites with Designer-Made Templates (Or Pick from the Wild)

Marketing starts with websites. It’s just that regular websites won’t do. You’ll need websites built in a way that convert.

You need websites that might or might not be pretty but they do bring in the results.

Websites must load fast, must be easy to navigate, must be optimized for search, you’ll need a well-executed marketing strategy driven by content (and no half-baked efforts, please).

But then, as marketers, we aren’t really in the business of building websites at all (it’s just one of those things we have to do).

You can’t spend years designing websites. You’ll need to design websites in days (max) and spend time and resources on digital marketing itself.

For that reason, start with designer-made templates that Elementor provides. Or use Crocoblock’s Kava theme, or pick any of the Elementor website templates available elsewhere.

Landing Pages With Elementor

Did you know that you can build complete landing pages with Elementor? Create fully-functioning (and unlimited) landing pages with Elementor’s no-code page builder. Kickstart your projects with a variety of stunning templates or design your own.

It’s another thing if you want to use other landing page builders like Unbounce, LeadPages, or Instapage.

But you don’t need to if you don’t want to.

Marketers can use Elementor to build as many landing pages as they need (for each client) and roll them out for themselves or for their clients. The landing pages are built like any other “page” on Elementor (with the headers and footers missing intentionally, of course).

Use ready-made Elementor landing page templates or build them from scratch.

Elementor For Marketers: Popups for Lead Generation

Popups just work (and it doesn’t matter if the rest of the world spends their living lives screaming, yelling, and opposing them). There’s a right way to use popups though.

As a marketer, you can build popups using the same platform and launch them in a variety of ways to start bringing in real results (like to generate leads) for your clients.

There are more popup templates that you can use within Elementor and you can create pop-ups from scratch. Or, if you use Crocoblock, you now have a completely new set of pop-up templates and Crocoblock’s own popup builder that you can use to build on top of Elementor.

The choices are many. Implementation is still rare (I can bet).

Read more about Elementor Popup Builder

Build Custom Forms with Elementor

As marketers, we’ll end up with varying needs (changing with client needs as well) when it comes to forms. Basic “contact forms” are things that just won’t fit the bill.

Marketers, more often, need custom forms to get results.

Elementor has this covered as well. You can grow your audience (or that of your clients’) with fully customizable forms. Collect data directly in Elementor or easily send it to your Marketing & CRM tools (thanks to the endless list of Elementor integrations available).

If you don’t find the requisite integration with Elementor, you can also use tools like Automate, Integromat, and Zapier.

Again, if you use Crocoblock (along with several plugins) which directly works with Elementor (and also with Gutenberg), there’s the mind-blowing JetForm Builder plugin that can cover your base and allow you to wave that magic wand whenever you want.

Email Marketing With Elementor

Traffic and Lead generation is one thing; showing your clients real money ($$$) as results is something else. That’s when you’d need to depend on email marketing strategy to show clients the money.

Elementor integrates with several email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Convertkit, Drip, Constant Contact, and others to help you execute email marketing strategy the way good marketers should:

Elementor helps you with the front-end (including landing pages and popups). The rest is done by the email marketing tool you pick.

Email marketing produces $42 for every $1 spent. If you don’t do it for clients, you aren’t doing your job.

Boosters for Elementor

Elementor itself has grown so big and popular that you have several other vendors and merchants with products such as themes, plugins, tools, solutions, managed web hosting services around Elementor (but not necessarily limited to it).

For instance, you have Astra — a popular WordPress theme — that has the flagship theme and several starter templates built for elementor.

Depending on your needs as a marketer, there could be a lot more that you’d need to do.

Maybe you’d need to create, edit, or manage WordPress dynamic template-driven WordPress business itself — such as a real estate website, a car-rental website, or the website of a major hotel chain.

Or perhaps you are a marketer turned entrepreneur and you are looking to start an affiliate website with listings, comparisons, reviews, and what not.

In any case, Elementor for marketers actually expands itself beyond Elementor itself.

By using Elementor-focused resources such as Crocoblock, for instance, you could do more than just design and manage simple websites.

Or, if you wanted to run and manage a complete WordPress-driven business (such as hosting, client site management, and more), you might want to use something like 10Web (which is tightly integrated with Elementor and even has an AI-powered website builder) or even something like the Flywheel Growth Suite (which also works for you).

Marketers don’t have to be just marketers. With Elementor for marketers, you could run and manage complete businesses as well.

What do you plan to do with Elementor for Marketers?

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