Elementor For Marketing: How It Shames Your Marketing Stack

Elementor started as a WordPress builder — a simple plugin that was supposed to make your life easier as you start working with WordPress to build your business website (or to help create or customize WordPress themes if you were working for clients).

It started that way but quickly grew into a monster tool that can help you do wonders with WordPress. You can get a lot done with the free Elementor Plugin but the magic really happens with Elementor Pro.

Apart from all the WordPress design based goodness that comes with Elementor, you should note that Elementor also comes with absolutely everything you need to make your WordPress website a lead generation machine or a sales machine.

Thanks to all the marketing superpowers that you can build with Elementor, you can practically cut down on your marketing stack spend and just use elementor and nothing else.

Build Pixel Perfect, Fast-loading WordPress Websites

Elementor helps you create and design WordPress websites that are built for conversions, of course.

To make your WordPress websites load fast, however, you can’t depend on your shared hosting. Consider managed hosting instead.

Here are a few options:

Kinsta (built on top of Google Cloud Computing)

Flywheel (make use of staging, CDN, free SSL, and other cool features such as Local By Flywheel)

WPEngine (you also get Studiopress for free, along with tons of other features)

10Web (comes with Elementor pre-loaded along with several other premium plugins as well)

Pick one of those hosting solutions specifically built for WordPress, add the Elementor Pro plugin, and then build your site.

Options for building your website using Elementor:

Use Popups for Lead Generation

You can debate about whether or not you use should use pop-ups for lead generation.

If I were you, I’d use them.

Why? Because Popups work.

You are running a business not a social benefits program. Haters are going to hate (and they are also the ones that struggle to generate leads).

To create, design, and implement pop-ups on your site, you’d have to use OptinMonster or Sumo — and each of those tools will cost money.

If you don’t want to spend on OptinMonster, for instance, you could choose to use Elementor Pop-ups.

Elementor’s Pop-up builder is a design-first, mobile-ready, incredibly easy to use Pop-up builder with everything you need to launch exit-intent pop-ups, e-commerce specific pop-ups, page-specific (or category specific) pop-ups, and more.

Build Landing Pages With Elementor

Do-it-Yourself Landing Page Builders such as Unbounce or LeadPages give you speed, efficiency, and agility when it comes to creating landing pages.

With Unbounce and Leadpages, you get pixel-perfect landing pages while they are fast loading and AMP-ready. Both of those tools help you create landing pages in 5 minutes or less.

If you don’t have the budget for a full-fledged landing page builders, you don’t have to break a sweat.

You can just use Elementor’s drag-and-drop landing page builder to build landing pages that’ll still give you the results you seek.

You can choose to remove the headers and footers on your landing pages, choose not to show any extra links (such as the footer links or nav links), and make your landing pages super-focused, on-brand, and those that will share the same domain (since you are building pages using Elementor, right on your domain).

Plus, you can grow your email list as you can connect your landing pages with an email service provider that you use such as Mailchimp or Drip so that you can trigger autoresponders, deliver lead magnets, nurture your email subscribers, and more.

Note: Divi WordPress builder also allows you to create landing pages which you can integrate with your email service provider of your choice (you just need a workaround for this).

Invoke FOMO with Evergreen Countdown Timers

As Sharon writes on OptinMonster,

“Let’s face it, nobody likes feeling they’ve been left behind”.

There are countless instances in the past when I skipped on certain discounts and periodic offers on some of my favorite Marketing tools only to come back and see those prices go back to usual.

This either forces me to pay up the full price or maybe just give up (which is a huge opportunity cost).

More than 69% of millennials online are reactive, impulse, and “got to have this now, at this rate” kind of buyers. More than half of the 3 billion people active on social media are also sensitive to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

While those are facts, you should also realize as a business that you can’t keep making discounts or other offers throughout the year. So, as such, making time-sensitive offers is a Win-Win for you as a business and for your customers too.

That’s why it makes sense to use countdown timers when you launch offers. But you don’t have to take the “fancy javascript way” to create countdown timers.

With Elementor, countdown timers are available as widgets for you to just drag and drop wherever you want it to be.

Build Forms Visually With Elementor (On the Front end)

Your WordPress forms are the window of opportunity for your potential visitors to connect with you. More often than not, however, those windows usually don’t work. There are more forms on WordPress that don’t work than those that do.

With some exceptional WordPress form builders such as WPforms, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, and several others, you can’t sit there doing nothing when your WordPress forms don’t work.

If you don’t have access to any of these WordPress form plugins, you could make use of Elementor’s form builder which helps you create all sorts of forms from scratch (with the occasional need to use WPForms and one of its many add-ons, depending on your use cases).

With the Elementor Form Builder, the entire form-building experience is on the front-end (just like you’d design a pop-up).

Elementor Integrations Galore

Elementor is a powerhouse WordPress builder and it integrates with practically any marketing tool, app, or SaaS application that you’d find the need to integrate with.

If you don’t find a native Elementor integration in there, you can use Zapier to integrate with thousands of other apps anyway.

  • Landing page + Email Service Provider + CRM + Google Spreadsheet? Check
  • Lead sign up on Elementor Pop-up + Gmail notification to your Inbox? Check
  • Sale on Woocommerce + Drip Notification + Customer Onboarding Sequence? Check.

You get the drift?

Push & Nudge with Sticky Bars

If you wanted sticky bars on the top of your site to push and nudge your website visitors towards an impromptu sale you just launched or if you wanted to drive signups to your primary lead magnet, you’d have to run amok to find various plugins (many to choose) to get those sticky bars up. Or you’d have to use Hello Bar.

Have an Unbounce or Leadpages account? Both of those landing page builders provide you with features to create alert bars or sticky bars, of course.

But what if you don’t have Unbounce or Leadpages account and if you don’t want to upload and use another WordPress plugin just for sticky bars?

Elementor provides you with sticky bars, of course. Without using any external, third-party tools, you can create alert bars or sticky bars to help push and nudge your website visitors to take actions that mean something for your business.

If you are just starting from scratch or if you are about to design a WordPress website for your business, you are truly in a good place. Using Elementor Pro is more than enough for you to get going from a marketing standpoint. There’s no need to purchase anything else — as far as marketing is concerned —  unless you need to.

Go ahead and sign up for Elementor. Chances are that you’d not have to use much of the marketing stack you use right now.

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