Super Fast Ways To Create Landing Pages

The importance of landing pages cannot be underestimated. Landing pages help you create dedicated pages built for conversions. Whether you are generating leads or pushing for sales (which you shouldn’t), landing pages are essential for your marketing mix.

Your digital marketing efforts are not complete without using landing pages and sales funnels. Instead of pointing your visitors to regular web pages or websites (using links within your content) or when you launch paid ad campaigns, point people to landing pages.

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If you are sold on just how critical landing pages are and you do want landing pages to work for your business, you still have another issue to contend with: How do you build landing pages quickly and use them for your campaigns.

Here are the fastest ways to create landing pages (usually within 15 to 30 minutes):

Landing Pages, In Your Backyard

Most tools have evolved since we’ve known about them. There are marketing tools that were built for something else but slowly evolved to include landing pages as a part of their offerings. Convertkit, for instance, also includes landing pages as a part of their product.

MailChimp launched landing pages feature to allow you to quickly create landing pages while directly linking your pages with the respective Email Service Provider you use.

Here’s a video to help you see how to develop landing pages with Mailchimp

There are even CRM systems that include landing pages. For instance, AgileCRM has landing pages as a feature directly connecting landing pages to the CRM itself (I am not a big fan of the user interface though).

Use DIY landing page builders

If you are like most businesses that depend on designers, developers, or some Joe in the IT department, you should stop now.

There are some badass Landing page software tools available today for less than the price of a Macchiato such as Unbounce, Leadpages, and several others.

Just start using one of these easy-to-use, drag-and-drop landing page builders, connect your domain and create completely branded, relevant, and message-matching landing pages to start generating results.

Both Unbounce and Leadpages also give you other tools such as Pop-ups, Leadboxes, and sticky bars to generate leads from your website (in addition to the main landing page software).

Use Webflow for Landing Pages

Webflow was built as a tool to create websites without a line of code. It was built as the future of website design and development with features like the ability to design without code, clean code output, flexibility to design without templates (although they do have templates to give a kickstart to your projects), CMS, super fast hosting, e-commerce functionality, pagination, functional forms, and so much more.

Webflow truly changes how you design and develop websites for your business.

Webflow, however, can also be used to develop landing pages quicker than you take to read this single paragraph. All you have to do is to build a single page website and take away the footer, header, and navigation elements on the page. Webflow can also integrate with Zapier if you’d like to connect with other apps that you might use such as tools for email marketing automation, CRM, and others.

Use WordPress Builders For Landing Pages

Say you are using WordPress, you can still connect your landing pages if you use robust landing page tools like Unbounce and Leadpages.

But in case you aren’t using any of those, you have the option of using WordPress-specific builders and universal theme customizers and WordPress Page Builders such as Divi and Elementor to build dedicated landing pages built right into WordPress.

Creating landing pages with Divi or Elementor would then be like creating an individual page (minus the header and footer).

Note that tools like Elementor and Divi were originally built for you to customize any WordPress theme you might use or build completely new websites. However, you can also create stunning landing pages very quickly with WordPress builders such as Divi and Elementor.

How do you build your landing pages? What are the tools you use for landing page development?

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