How to Create WordPress Polls and Surveys[+ 5 Use Cases]

Wondering how to create WordPress polls and surveys? Want to find out at least five use cases for polls and surveys to help grow your business? Read on 💪

WordPress Polls are a great way to get your visitors engaged and feeling like they have some control over what happens on your blog.

Polls are the equivalent of a virtual vote. It’s a way for you to let your visitors and/or customers know that their opinions matter.

That leads us to two questions:

  1. How to Create WordPress Polls?
  2. How to use Surveys & Polls to Get Business Results

We’ll address both (since both of those questions need to be answered)

How to Create WordPress Polls [With WPForms]

The new WPForms Surveys and Polls Addon is a fantastic little addition by the team at WPForms. This makes it the best WordPress Surveys and Polls plugin in the market (as if all of the features and addons that WPForms already comes with wasn’t enough).

You can now use the WPForms surveys and Polls Addon to create surveys and launch polls on your WordPress website. Just like that.

Plus, there’s a lot more to it:

Turn Existing WordPress Forms Into Survey Forms

Instead of having to create brand new WordPress forms to create surveys and polls, you could just use the Smart Survey fields built right into the WPForms designer. With a click, turn any form into a survey form or a poll (or retroactively convert older forms into surveys)

wpforms survey and poll forms

Your form fields — including text field, drop downs, checkboxes, ratings, radio buttons, and also a new Likert Scale field (or Matrix questions) — turn into survey forms as shown below.

Let data shine through with Survey Reports

What’s the point of launching a survey or poll without a clear insight into the results?

With the WPForms Survey and Poll Addon, you get classy, beautiful, useful and visual reports providing you with real-time insights on your surveys and polls. See how that looks like below:

wpforms surveys

For polls on WordPress, make use of the real-time polls report (and each user can also see the results after they submit their response).

survey poll preview

The best part about asking poll questions?

You can embed your polls into blog posts, pages, or other areas of your WordPress website (like a sidebar that never vanishes while your readers devour your blog posts).

Share & Export (Why Keep It To Yourself?)

Did you just launch a gigantic survey –spanning several months — for feedback on a new product idea? Did you want to validate some sort of a new MVP? You don’t have to keep the results to yourself.

Share or export your survey results as a PDF document or even a JPG with one click.

wpforms print survey results

Use these results in your company presentations, pitch decks, online courses, or social media posts.

If you want to take this offline, WPForms surveys and Polls Addon also provides you with completely customizable print styles. Print your survey reports (including graphs and visualization styles) and go offline.

Personalize & Level Up with Powerful Survey Logic [Conditional Logic]

Ever took an online GMAT or SAT test? Noticed how the questions change based on your inputs?

While you don’t have to run tests on your WordPress site (We are just focusing on doing WordPress Surveys and WordPress polls after all), you can still do clever things with the powerful Survey logic (extended from WPForms Conditional Logic feature).

wpforms conditional logic forms

For instance, you can randomize the order of items in multiple-choice surveys or polls and eliminate choice bias from your surveys and polls.

Grab New Survey Templates, Polls Templates, & More

The new WPForms Surveys and Polls Addon also comes with brand new form templates for surveys and polls. No coding. No learning curve. No fuss.

Get to work quickly and launch a poll on your WordPress site or go nuts with a WordPress survey with two templates.

It’s never been easier to use surveys and polls on WordPress.

Talking about use cases, here’s how to effectively use Surveys and Polls On WordPress to get results for your business 👇

How to Use Surveys & Polls to Get Big results

How can you use polls to increase conversions? There are some obvious ways to use Surveys and polls to grow your business and there are some not-so-obvious ones.

The obvious one: Ask questions and get answers (the usual polls, surveys, market analysis, customer satisfaction scores, etc.)

Not so obvious ones? Read below

Here are a few ways that WordPress polls can help improve conversion rates:

Promote contests by running a poll for the best giveaway prize

Want to generate leads fast (like, real fast), launch a contest just by running a poll (for a set period of time) and choose a random winner from the poll submits.

Be sure to choose a giveaway that makes sense for your business and relates to your audience (No iPhones, iPads, and other tinkets please).

Why, you ask?

That’s because several people will take part just for the goodies and not because they care about what your business is about.

One poll. One contest. More leads than you can handle.

Ask For The Big Idea (blogs, PDFs, or even digital products).

You do know that you have incoming traffic, don’t you? People coming in and reading your blog posts all the time. Why not ask your regular visitors what they’d like from you?

You can either launch a poll (with a limited set of ideas for them to choose from) or a survey which can provide them with a lot more options.

Have them pick (or provide) an idea for your next blog post, a title for your upcoming eBook, or even ideas for improving your products (also applies to digital products, online courses, membership sites, and more).

Collect data from Polls & Surveys. Make a Downloadable & Generate Leads

If you have thousands of visitors visiting your site, you have the equivalent of people packed into several hundred football stadiums. Think about that for a moment.

Using original data is a great way to stand out from your competition. It’s also a great way to generate leads by letting your visitors download this data in exchange for an email address.

Just use WordPress forms (made with WPForms) itself or use OptinMonster. Maybe even use landing page builders like Unbounce, LeadPages, and Instapage if you want to take the full sales funnel route.

The point is that you can do your research, collect data from real people visiting your site (data from polls and surveys), export it to a PDF document, and turn it into a lead magnet.

Looking for Inspiration? Here are 34 Great Landing Page Examples You Gotta Save for Your Swipe File and 8 Genius Ebook Landing Pages That Get Readers Downloading

Launch Customer satisfaction surveys

One of the most popular ways to use surveys is for customer satisfaction scores.

With conditional Logic, the Likert scale feature (or matrix questions) that already come with your WPForms Addon, you can easily launch customer satisfaction feedback forms, baked right into any form you want (but it’s advisable to create a new form for this).

It’s your chance to show off just how good your products and services are, sell your products and services better, and to even create some social proof.

Collect Testimonials with WordPress forms

Talking about social proof, you can not only collect testimonials from your existing customers but also use polls to help point point exactly what it was about your products, online courses, memberships, or services that they really love.

Use surveys for slightly longer responses or polls for shorter, guided responses. Since you are using WPForms for collecting testimonials, you can design the forms the way you want (and maybe even have people submit video testimonials).

Either way, you get real people (your customers) to give you the insights and testimonials that you can use everywhere (including your marketing copy, landing pages, ads, and more).

Learning how to create WordPress Surveys and Polls is one thing; wondering what else you can use WPForms for? Here’s an ever-growing list:

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