JetEngine For Gutenberg Plugin: Build WordPress Business, No Code

JetEngine for Gutenberg by Crocoblock is a plugin that helps you create and manage dynamic content for WordPress sites. Crocoblock also has JetEngine for Elementor (just saying).

Without really dabbling with code or getting your hands dirty with several different plugins, JetEngine for Gutenberg Plugin is all that you need to build complete dynamic WordPress websites, without code.

For what, you ask?

  • Job listing site on WordPress
  • Marketplaces on WordPress
  • Appointment-based booking businesses on WordPress
  • Classified sites on WordPress
  • Hotel-booking, resort-booking, or even a complete AirBnB type site as a business.
JetEngine Plugin

If you’d like to see these in action, check out these awesome, fully-functional dynamic WordPress website templates (that you could base a complete business on).

You can use JetEngine for Gutenberg to create dynamic WordPress websites by using

  • Custom Post Types: Arrange the website exterior by structuring the content. Make it light on the page and visually detectable.
  • Taxonomy: Categorize both old and new post types and ensure smooth website navigation.
  • Custom Fields: Deepen the CPT content. Add as much metadata as you need for the post types to look informative.
  • Relations: Set multi-level relations between the custom post types and deliver requested information without delay.
  • Options pages: Store all the additional options for CPTs and taxonomies on a separate page and manage them freely later.

By building and using dynamic content (such as Dynamic fields, Dynamic meta, and Dynamic Images, you can pretty much run a complicated-looking, full-fledged business (think car rentals, apartment rentals, home rentals, holiday home rentals, real estate listing websites, used car sales websites, and more).

JetEngine: Using Dynamic Blocks

JetEngine Dynamic Blocks

The JetEngine Plugin For Gutenberg by Crocoblock is a great tool for building websites that need to make extensive use of custom post types.

With JetEngine, you can effectively manage an unlimited number of key-value pairs and dynamically query them on your website without affecting performance or loading time.

Using Dynamic blocks, your design pulls in the content. For instance, here are the dynamic blocks you get with JetEngine from Crocoblock:

Dynamic Field

Dynamic Image

Dynamic Repeater

Dynamic Link

Dynamic terms

Dynamic Meta

JetEngine Listing Grids

JetEngine Listing Grids

Build the dynamic listings and versatile grid layouts for your post types, User listings, and taxonomies to be displayed smartly. Embed and output all the necessary metadata and see how great they can look in the front.

Featured within listing grids, you can Inject listing items within grids while the meta-content is delivered into the layouts you build.

You can also use Maps (easily show precise locations) and calendars (useful for taking appointments, booking services, and more).

Single Base Table with CCT

JetEngine Single Table with CCT

Using Custom Content types and a single base table, Jet Engine allows you to store all of the data (custom fields meta data and others) in structured database tables. Speed up your data search (for users), optimize server resources, and even scale up projects if you need to.

Think of CCT use cases for registration forms, lead generation forms, event sign up data, or complete collections compiled into a single database.

Remember that when you use JetEngine, none of this slows your website down since JetEngine pulls data from backend using effective database queries.

Since all of the CCT data is in one single database table, it’s easier for you to view, export, edit, or collect data if you need it.

End Users Get Personalized Data Stores

Personalize Data stores

Ever wanted to build something on WordPress that sort of remembers users, welcomes them by name, and even showcases content specific to users? You can achieve that with Personalized data stores for individual WordPress site users.

For instance, if there’s a car-subscription business that you built using Jet Engine plugin, each individual user gets to see data that’s unique to that user — including the products, items, listings, and even the content users read, view, save, or like. Each of these interactions are also saved in personalized data cells.

Personalization for WordPress dynamic sites, without you lifting a finger.

Some of the available formats with JetEngine to help you personalize are bookmarks, favourites, comparision tables, recently viewed items (or content), and wishlists.

JetEngine + JetStyle Manager: Be a Styling Pro

JetStyle Manager Plugin Crocoblock

Use JetStyleManager (another plugin from Crocoblock family) and completely control the styling all of these dynamic elements.

All you have to do is to upload and activate the plugin. Using Gutenberg, style and change the way every single component looks in the front end.

One Interface = All Query Types

Сreate complex custom query lists that can be combined on the backend and used to query any data, sections, and filters on the front-end.

Select data from custom tables and combine it into one selection. Show or hide items, columns, and sections provided that the request is empty/not empty.

These are the query types available with Jet Engine plugin

  • CPT & CCT items
  • Terms
  • Users
  • Comments
  • SQL tables

JetEngine: Rest API and CCT Data Management

JetEngine REST API

Create third-party entry points that let you reach, register, and delete any Custom Content Type items you have on the website with REST API Endpoint management.

Make a query to CCT items data via a remote entry point and output them as a good old Listing Grid on any site you need REST API Listings.

JetEngine Forms can be directly integrated into any API, which allows sending the submitted form data to a particular Endpoint URL to make use of REST API Notifications.

JetEngine Integrations

JetEngine Integrations

Want to build a dynamic WordPress site with WooCommerce? Check.

Would you like to use the power of ACF and JetEngine together? Possible.

Want to rank well on search and push your dynamic WordPress site to new heights? Check.

JetEngine For Gutenberg seamlessly integrates with ACF, WooCommerce, Yoast, RankMath, JetFormBuider, and more.

Since JetEngine works with both Gutenberg and Elementor, another world of integrations and features also open up to you.

JetEngine For Gutenberg: Dig these Gutenberg Dynamic blocks

Want more functionality? Use dynamic Gutenberg blocks such as map listings, order form widgets, all of the dynamic blocks and widgets (above), listing grid widget, calendar widget, and more.

Get JetEngine on its own or get access to the complete set of Crocoblock plugins, tools, Dynamic WordPress templates, WordPress themes, and so much more. Add JetEngine with the comprehensive power and flexibility of Elementor and you have a lot more going for your business.

If you are raring to go, try the JetEngine Plugin now. Also check out several other magic plugins Crocoblock offers. Plus, check out Crocoblock itself and see what it has in store for you.

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