Mouseflow Review: Be the Hawk, The Genius, The Mechanic, and The Data-Driven Marketer

While all that spam in Google Analytics isn’t helping, we already suffer information overload. As entrepreneurs and marketers, we do need data, analytics, stats, and references to base our decisions on. We need to do what we can to point exact areas of improvement on our websites to help convert better.

Websites aren’t just code that looks nice on browsers. Websites should be sales machines.

Amanda Sibley of HubSpot writes out at least 19 rock solid reasons why you should use visual content in your marketing. She points out that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.

If numbers are so important for us, and if your decisions are backed by data, why not go visual with that too?

There’s a way to do that, and it’s called Mouseflow.

Get Live Recordings Of Your Visitor Sessions

Most analytics tools only give you the numbers. Mouseflow gives you entire sets of recordings that show you exactly what your visitors do when they visit.

On, the day I signed up for mouseflow, I realized:

17% of my traffic doesn’t go beyond the home page.
The usual starting point of every visit is my blog.

Know what you didn’t know before With Session Replays

Imagine a full day of marketing, hustling, blogging, social media, and more. Is there a chance that you’d be missing out on something important that needs to be done on your site? With multiple browsers, a need for responsive design, page load speeds, and all that content, there are things you don’t know. Those unknowns are hurting your conversions.

I did a test on my supposedly non-responsive contact form (now fixed).

What I knew about my own site

Pretty soon, I figured that the previous WordPress theme we purchased was clunky and loaded too slow. We all know what happens to slow-loading websites. Although my site is configured with Cachefly, it didn’t seem to work.

So, we switched the theme.

Plus, right now, the contact form doesn’t work at all. We lost at least 16 users who did send us requests for quotes but as you can guess, we didn’t receive those memos.

How it worked for a client

I work as a digital marketing lead and consultant for and when they signed up with, we realized that 73% of their traffic comes from outside the country they operate in. has a “live chat” too. Their mobile responsive version was impossible to navigate with the live chat on. We got that rectified now.

Since is a web domain registrar and hosting provider, we could see what domains users were typing into the “domain search field”. Later, we could use this information to follow up with those users with a personalized email (along with the exact domain name they typed – talk about extreme personalization).

Those are just a few examples, from 2-3 days of working with Mouseflow.

Bird’s Eye View of Engagement, time spent, clicks and Render

Log into Mouseflow (the new beta version) and you’ll see a snapshot of your pages, engagement patterns, average time spent on your site, clicks, render ratios, size of the page downloaded, and more.

All that is before you dig in.

For example, I picked on my Contact Page, which had the worst performance (and it was supposed to be an important page).

It’s not just the live recordings that’ll give you insights. You also get heat maps, scroll analysis, movements, form fill analytics, and attention analysis.

Have you used Mouseflow for your business?

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